Fabric Products,Fabric Information,Fabric Factories,Fabric Suppliers Fabric News “Improving quality, seizing opportunities, and controlling risks”, listen to Zhou Yejun talk about the countermeasures of a century-old textile enterprise

“Improving quality, seizing opportunities, and controlling risks”, listen to Zhou Yejun talk about the countermeasures of a century-old textile enterprise

“Improving quality, seizing opportunities, and controlling risks”, listen to Zhou Yejun talk about the countermeasures of a century-old textile enterprise Founded in 1919, Wuxi Yimian was once a mod…

“Improving quality, seizing opportunities, and controlling risks”, listen to Zhou Yejun talk about the countermeasures of a century-old textile enterprise

Founded in 1919, Wuxi Yimian was once a model of China’s national industry. Now it is the leader in the national cotton textile industry and the world’s largest precision spinning production enterprise. For more than 100 years since its establishment, Wuxi Yimian Textile Group Co., Ltd. has focused on only one thing – spinning good yarn and weaving good cloth. Relying on its rich operating experience in cotton textile enterprises, the company is based on professionalism, high-end, and high-quality products, and continues to provide classic and distinctive cotton products to the global market.

At the 8th enlarged executive director meeting of the 10th ChinaTextile Industry Enterprise Management Association and the Wuxi Summit of Chinese Textile Entrepreneurs held recently, Wuxi Yimian Textile Group Co., Ltd. Party Secretary and Chairman Zhou Yejun accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from China Textile Economic Information Network and expressed his views on accelerating digital transformation and integrating into the “dual circulation” pattern.

Promote the digitalization process and strengthen risk management

The textile industry is a market-oriented industry with a high degree of global competition. Wuxi Yimian began to explore the informatization transformation of traditional industries as early as the millennium. Over the years, it has been continuously advancing in the direction of intelligent and digitalization based on actual work conditions, and has Achieve certain results.

As a benchmark base for intelligent manufacturing in the national textile industry, Wuxi Yimian not only carries out digital transformation of technical facilities and equipment and taps digital value, but also elevates them to Overall control of corporate strategic planning. “At present, our Yangtze River workshop has realized intelligent production, and we will continue to promote the intelligent transformation of other workshops step by step.” Zhou Yejun said that Wuxi Yimian will use the enterprise management system,talent Dimensions such as training and security will be strengthened to integrate with networking, digitalization and intelligence, improve the level of operation and management, build a platform management and supervision system, grasp market orientation, and strengthen the company’s risk management and control capabilities.

Strengthen product innovation and deepen the domestic market

In this year’s “Two Sessions” “Government Work Report”, expanding domestic demand will be the primary task of this year’s government work, emphasizing the need to focus on expanding domestic demand, enhancing the fundamental role of consumption in economic development and the key role of investment in optimizing the supply structure. . As early as the financial crisis broke out in 2008, Wuxi Yimian began to promote internal circulation, focusing on the international market and adjusting to the domestic market.

As domestic consumption continues to upgrade, people’s purchasing needs have gradually shifted from “whether they have it” to “whether it’s good or not.” Over the years, Wuxi Yimian has been committed to deeply cultivating textiles and markets, grasping fashion trends, leading consumer trends, constantly innovating and developing, exploring, researching and developing, and producing fashionable and classic products. Products favored by customers and consumers; improve the process system from fiber raw materials to end products, with the direction of personalization and quality, and continuously improve products through progress in design innovation, advanced technology, strict standards, superior equipment, etc.Quality, it has developed natural fiber, multi-component blends, low-carbon and zero-carbon products that are differentiated and meet consumer needs, and at the same time actively develops advanced customization.

Zhou Yejun believes that the development of cotton products has shown a spiral upward process. The ultra-high-count pure cotton yarn thread and fabric home textile series products developed by Wuxi Yimian have been developed through technology , technology gives products different quality and wearing experience, with unique comfort and skin-friendliness, which has won the recognition of many domestic consumers and formed a good market atmosphere. “The difficulties caused by the three-year epidemic have exceeded everyone’s expectations. The state’s promotion of economic recovery through promotional fees is very effective and will help the majority of enterprises to enhance their development confidence.” Zhou Yejun said that my country’s 1.4 billion large market has been launched with great energy. It is huge and can quickly digest cotton inventory and yarn inventory. She suggested that manufacturing companies should actively pay attention to market trends and seize development opportunities.

Actively face the market and work together for a win-win situation

Wuxi Yimian’s direct export products have a high proportion in the European market, and now it is also facing common problems with the majority of foreign trade companies. Regarding the current situation of exports, Zhou Yejun believes that enterprises must dynamically view market changes. “We are in an era of rapid response. As a business, you must be able to withstand changes in rules. At the same time, you cannot rely on existing advantages. You must constantly strive to find new spaces and actively develop markets. From a global perspective, if it is winter here, , there will be places in summer, and there will always be market opportunities.” The reason for being so confident is that Xinjiang cotton, as a textile raw material, has many advantages. In addition, China’s textile industry has a solid foundation and has the most complete industrial chain and stable supply chain advantages in the world.

Zhou Yejun said that the global textile industry must face the future and overcome difficulties together. An Italian businessman once mentioned to her that the Italian market highly recognizes the quality of Xinjiang cotton products, such asIt would be a great pity if cooperation is limited in the future. “Some companies are worried about encountering unfavorable factors at the export level, which can be solved through communication. We must first win opportunities for cooperation, and at the same time, we must prepare for the worst, overcome unfavorable factors, and open up a broader market.” Zhou Yejun He said that trade cooperation is the result of two-way efforts and two-way efforts. While maintaining close cooperation with internationally renowned and first-line brands, Wuxi Yimian firmly grasps the “One ​​Belt and One Road” With the new opportunities brought by the initiative, we will make full use of high-quality international resources to invest in Ethiopia and realize the Silk Road global dream of one hundred years of cotton in the process of “going global“.

“As long as we work together, the prospects are still very good.” Looking to the future, Zhou Yejun is full of confidence.

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