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Characteristics imparted to fabrics by composite coating products

Characteristics given to fabrics by composite coating products Characteristics given to fabrics by composite coating products (1) Style composite coating Photosensitive coating Glossy coating, not only gives th…

Characteristics given to fabrics by composite coating products

Characteristics given to fabrics by composite coating products

(1) Style composite coating

Photosensitive coating

Glossy coating, not only gives the product a beautiful and colorful appearance, but also due to its coating processing method and the film formation of the coating agent used make this type of product At the same time, it has the properties of smooth surface, reflective and heat insulation, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, windproof and waterproof, and velvet resistance. Depending on the processing technology, it can also have the characteristics of light shielding, anti-ultraviolet and reflection of infrared rays. Metal powder is infiltrated into the resin to form a metal layer, which reflects the radiant heat of the human body, radiates far-infrared rays to the human body, improves the warmth retention of the fabric, and promotes the function of the human body’s microcirculation. The product feels soft, elastic and dimensionally stable.

Glossy coating products are mainly reflected in the visual effect. By adding various inorganic powders and metal powders to the coating agent, they are applied to the fabric in the form of coating, which increases the bright fashion elements of the fabric and makes it vibrant and vibrant when worn. The bright and fresh feeling is especially suitable for young people to wear, carry and use in stage costumes. It has a strong visual impact and glossy artistic effect.

Such products include pearlescent, copper powder, laser sheets, silver powder coating products, etc., which are mainly used for clothing processing.

In addition to being used in the field of clothing, it is also widely used in decoration and rain gear, such as parasols, blackout curtains, umbrellas, etc., which can show its unique effects.

Film coating

Matte film coating(Matte film), usually polyester Cotton or pure cotton cloth is used as the base fabric, and twill is also acceptable. It has a strong film feel and a soft and delicate feel to achieve the effect of simulated leather, doubling the value of the fabric. Can be used as high-end clothing.

Fleece-like coating, looks like a brushed suede surface, rather than a brushed process. It has a smooth velvet feel to the touch and is super soft to the touch, achieving a better imitation deerskin effect.

Oil wax coating, the coating has a visual and tactile feel of oil or wax, or both. It can be made into a film type, or the cloth pattern can be preserved, and even the exposed bottom can be colored or transparent.

High elasticity and stiff coating, using imitation spandex high elastic coating glue coating, which makes the fabric have the style characteristics of high elasticity and high elongation like spandex. It feels crisp, soft and smooth. If the finishing process after water washing or sand washing is added, the use value of low-grade fabrics can be greatly improved. Suitable for coating on pure cotton, polyester cotton, silk, rayon and linen clothing fabrics.

Milk skin film, colored rubber film, etc.

Clear Coat

The clear coating treatment mainly protects the dye fastness of the fabric itself and makes the fabric stiff; it also has waterproof and windproof functions. The transparent coating increases the brightness of the color and makes the product look bright and bright.

Transparent coating products retain the color and style of the original fabric, catering to the fashionable, novel and different tastes of modern young people. What is even more unique is that it has soft drape that goes against the requirements of conventional textiles. It has the characteristics of feeling and being silent. The product has a crisp paper feel and makes a rustling sound when worn. Therefore, it has attracted widespread attention internationally as soon as it came out and has become one of the current fashionable fabrics.

Film-free and lint-resistant coating, used as coating for polyester elastic pongee, polyester taffeta, etc. It can obtain a unique style that is extremely soft and smooth, and can obtain excellent water pressure resistance to achieve the ideal anti-drilling effect.

(2) Functional composite coating

Waterproof, breathable, windproof

Hydrophilic or microporous polymer functional materials are used to coat various base fabrics or moisture-permeable films are laminated with fabrics to achieve the unification of waterproof and moisture-permeable functions of the fabric. Waterproof and breathable products have unique functions of being waterproof, windproof and breathable, which means that people will not feel stuffy when wearing them, and they can regulate body temperature appropriately to keep the inside of the body dry and comfortable. Waterproof and breathable products are a major breakthrough in technology in the 21st century, also known as “fully functional fabrics that can breathe”. At present, domestic products can also achieve high waterproof and moisture permeability, generally withstanding water pressure of 10000-30000mm and moisture permeability of 1500-10000g/(m2.24hr).

Processing method:Direct coating, or composite film. Coating agents for direct compounding include: hydrophilic PU, polytetrafluoroethylene, microporous PU; composite films: polytetrafluoroethylene film, hydrophilic PU film

8. Pearlescent coating: By applying pearlescent coating on the surface of the fabric, the surface of the fabric has a pearl-like luster, which can be silvery white or colored. It makes a very beautiful costume. There are also PA pearlescent and PU pearlescent. PU pearlescent is smoother and brighter than PA pearlescent, has a better film feel, and is also known as “pearl film”.

9. Glossy coating. The surface is smooth and shiny after coating. It is generally suitable for tablecloths.

10. Silicone high-elastic coating, also called paper-like coating. Thin cotton fabric is very suitable for shirt fabrics. It has a plump feel, is brittle and elastic, has strong resilience and is wrinkle-resistant. For thick fabrics, it has good elasticity and fastness.

11. Film coating: By calendering and coating the surface of the fabric, a film is formed on the surface of the fabric, completely changing the style of the fabric. Generally, the leather membrane surface is made into the front of the garment, giving it the style of a leather jacket. There are two types: matte and glossy, and various colors can be added to the coating to make a colorful film, which is very beautiful.

12. Flame retardant coating, by padding or coating the fabric, the fabric has a flame retardant effect. And can be painted in color or silver on the fabric surface. Generally used for curtains, tents, clothing, etc.

13. Teflon three-proof treatment: The fabric is treated with DuPont Teflon to make the fabric waterproof, oil-proof and anti-fouling.

14. Anti-UV coating: By applying anti-UV treatment to the fabric, the fabric has anti-UV function, that is, the ability to prevent ultraviolet rays from penetrating. Generally, light colors are more difficult to achieve, while dark colors are easier to achieve.

15. Water pressure resistant coating, usually between 600-20,000, requires a combination of PA and PU multi-layer coating.

16. PVC coating, the surface is smooth and shiny after coating, and it is generally suitable for tablecloths and tablecloths.

17. Foaming coating requires a separate foaming machine to pre-prepare the slurry. It is often used in curtain fabrics and has the characteristics of soft and thick feel and light blocking.

18. There are also coatings specifically for cotton, such as: cotton scratch-off coating, paper-feel coating, washed-out coating, hidden-grain coating, oil-feel coating, wax-feel coating, color film coating, etc. .

Introduction to composite processing

Hot melt lamination, (hot melt adhesive lamination)

Cloth film, all kinds of textile fabrics are pasted with PTFE, PU, ​​TPU film (including transparent, matte, white film, added color, color film, etc.). The product has high moisture permeability and high water pressure resistance, and the PTFE membrane also has high temperature resistance. It feels comfortable and soft, windproof and cold-resistant, velvet-proof, and smooth. It can also be endowed with anti-UV and other functions. It can be made of film, matte or extra-bright style, and has a mirror effect. Suitable for mountaineering, skiing, golf and other sportswear, special workwear, casual wear, protective clothing, and medical supplies.

Cloth patching, composite of various elastic fabrics. It has a heavy feel, is windproof, warm and breathable, has a variety of styles, and feels soft and comfortable. Suitable for casual clothing, car seat cushions, decorative fabrics and home textiles.

Three-in-one, After all kinds of textile fabrics are affixed with waterproof and breathable membranes, they are then affixed with base fabrics of various specifications or other fabric meshes. The product is highly resistant to water pressure, moisture permeable, windproof and warm, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear and has excellent fastness. It can be widely used in advanced sports series, protective series, medical and outdoor products.

Glue dot lamination (water glue lamination)

Various types of textile fabrics are compounded with each other and can be divided into home textile series and clothing fabric series according to their application scope.

Home Textile Series: It feels crisp, plump, washable, anti-wrinkle, and has high yarn fastness effect. Applicable to: all kinds of sofa fabrics, art fabrics and high-end decorative materials, car seat cushions, etc.

Clothing fabric series: soft to the touch, thick, resistant to washing, dry cleaning, sand washing, good warmth retention, and anti-wrinkle. Can be used for: all kinds of winter fashion, casual wear, thermal clothing, windbreakers, etc.


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