Dyeing Oxford cloth production process

Dyeing Oxford cloth production process Production process of dyed Oxford cloth 1 Fabric specifications (2) Bleaching liquid prescription: 100% H:O: 11.59/L, stabilizer AT/Ci3 special + 13 special x 37 special; …

Dyeing Oxford cloth production process

Production process of dyed Oxford cloth
1 Fabric specifications (2) Bleaching liquid prescription: 100% H:O: 11.59/L, stabilizer AT/Ci3 special + 13 special x 37 special; 397 and 220 and 193; diameter: 29/L, penetrating agent JFe29/L, Use NaOH to adjust pH to 10.5 – polyester cotton (65:35); weft: pure cotton (100%). 11.

2. Process flow (3) Steaming temperature: 95-00℃, time 4omin. Turning seam head, singeing, desizing, scouring, chlorine and oxygen double bleaching silk (4) drop cloth wool effect 8 to 10cm/30n flying in. Finished product by light, high temperature and high pressure dyeing and stenter. 3.7 mercerized

dyed oxford cloth

Pictured: Dyeing Oxford cloth

3 process requirements

(l) Process flow: padding, alkali solution expansion, washing, steaming and washing heat
3.1 Turn over seams and wash with water. 18oom per box, needle density: 35 to 40 needles/1c0m, encrypted on both sides.
(2) Alkali rolling concentration: 200% NaOH220-2309/IJ.
3.2 Singeing (3) Flushing temperature: 6.70℃.
(1) Process flow: brushing, singeing and alkali rolling. (4) Steaming and washing box temperature: 90-95°C.
(2) Vehicle speed: 95±sm/min, one forward and one reverse, finish level 3 (5) Hot water washing temperature: 70-80℃. above. .(6) Drop cloth pH-7.
(3) Alkali padding: 100% NaOH 10 ± 29/L, penetrant JFC3.5 dyeing 29/L, alkali padding temperature 75 ± 5°C. The test shows that the color point effect of dyed cotton is not obvious, and the yarn-dyed style is not outstanding
3.3 Desizing; polyester dyeing effect is better than cotton dyeing; high temperature and high pressure dyeing is better than hot melt dyeing
(1) Process flow: (singeing and rolling alkali) steaming hot water in the crawler box is good. Therefore, we use disperse dyes at high temperature and high pressure for large-scale production. Wash with water. The cloth is cast for 1800 meters and dyed in four rolls, two rolls red and two rolls blue.
(2) Steaming temperature: 95-100℃, time 40min. (l) Process flow: white cloth is washed in hot water for 2 steps and dyeing solution is added at 60℃
(3) Hot water washing temperature: 80-90℃. The temperature is gradually raised to 90℃ with capping in the 2nd dyeing pass and the steam is closed at the end of the 3rd pass.
3.4 Cook’ to no℃, heat up to 120℃ at the end of step 4, and heat to 120°C at the end of step 5
(1) Process flow: The track box of the rolling scouring fluid is steamed and washed with hot water at 130°C, followed by 3 passes of dyeing at 130°C, 2 passes of cooling, 2 passes of exhaust steam at 95°C, and water washing. Pump, drain and open the lid, wash with 8085℃ hot water 2 times and 1 way
(2) Scouring liquid prescription: 100% NaOH20±29/L, osmotic reduction cleaning, 2 soaping, 2 water washing and 2 cloth discharging. Agent 29/L, rolling liquid temperature 75-80℃. (2) Dye prescription: 1″ red 2″ blue
(3) Steaming temperature: 95-100℃, steaming time: 4Omin. Disperse Red P4G(_-00%)25009/25oL
(4) Hot water washing temperature: 60-700C. Great Nexus Blue BGFs(200%)25009/25oL
3.5 chlorine bleaching (3) reduction cleaning: insurance powder (85%) 25 halls/250L,
(1) Process flow: hot water elution of pad bleaching solution to remove chlorine and wash. NaoH(3009/L)-oooml/2501, temperature 50-60℃.
(2) Bleaching liquid prescription: available chlorine 1.5-29/L, bleaching liquid pH.85 (4) Soaping temperature: 80-90°C. 10. Time 3min. 3.9 Soft tenter
(3) Hot water washing temperature: 5060℃. (1) Process flow: padding, finishing liquid, drying and tentering.
(4) Dechlorination (g/L), sodium soda 2.5 ± 0.5. ·(2) Finishing liquid prescription: softener CGF29/L. 3.6 Oxygen bleaching (3) Drop cloth door width: logcm.
(l) Process flow: padding bleaching solution, track box steaming and hot water washing (submission date: 1995-8-08) water washing. H2YcG4AuO


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