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Characteristics and prices of umbrella cloth fabrics

Characteristics and prices of umbrella fabrics Characteristics and prices of umbrella fabrics The types are basically polyester and nylon, and maybe polypropylene and the like They are all chemical fiber fabric…

Characteristics and prices of umbrella fabrics

Characteristics and prices of umbrella fabrics

The types are basically polyester and nylon, and maybe polypropylene and the like
They are all chemical fiber fabrics. Among chemical fiber fabrics, acrylic is the most light-resistant, followed by polyester, and then nylon. Nylon is commonly known as nylon
Is it resistant to high temperatures? Polyester can withstand high temperatures of 200 degrees. If you want to make an umbrella, polyester is better. The fabric is coated with a heat-insulating silver coating to protect against radiation and ultraviolet rays
Nylon is expensive, followed by polyester (Oxford spinning is also made of polyester)
Polyester is used to make small umbrellas, and Oxford yarn is used to make large umbrellas.
Umbrella fabric
Which umbrella fabric is better? Is it VUA? Or UVB?
Umbrella cloth: silver glue pearl cloth/pearl glue color, ding, nylon and polyester interwoven color grid impact cloth, color changing glitter cloth
:Color-changing glitter fabric hits cloth, brocade and polyester interwoven
Second: Pearlescent cloth/Pearl glue color grid
Third: Silver Glue
VUA: Generally, the number of plus signs indicates that there are three levels of +++. The more +, the better1
UVB: UVB depends on the number after SPF. The higher the number, the better. Generally it is SPF5, SPF10, SPF15. The higher the better.

Another recommended appearance:
01. Umbrella cloth fabrics, such as ultra-fine pure cotton cloth, mulberry dyed cloth, T/C burnt cloth, cooling cloth. (As long as it is thickened and high-density umbrella cloth, it has UV resistance)
02. Silver and black fabrics are common and easy to distinguish. (Both colored tape and black tape are acceptable. There are also cheap silver tapes for umbrella cloth, but the silver tape is relatively poor in texture and easy to fall off.)
: Mulberry dyed cloth, T/C burnt cloth, frost silk/cooling cloth, two-color gold silk cloth, crystal glue, colored glue, black glue, colored tape
Second: such as ultra-fine pure cotton cloth impact cloth pearl cloth/pearl glue color grid
Third: Silver Glue
Silver tape – silver (conventional anti-UV, low cost, cheap, shortcomings are easy to fade)
Colored tape – colored tape, thicker than silver tape (it is a high-end anti-UV cloth)
Black tape – black tape, (high-end anti-UV cloth)
Transparent color glue – comes in transparent packaging, mostly used for beautiful umbrella crystal glue on umbrella cloth.

How should you choose a sunscreen umbrella in summer?
I believe many female friends have experienced these problems. Bottles of expensive whitening essences have been applied over and over again, but the skin is no longer fair and translucent. In fact, this has to do with whether the beauties have done a good job in whitening and maintaining their skin. [Sun protection] has a lot to do with it.
Expert tip: Choose a good parasol. It can not only protect your skin, but also keep you cool, and even become an eye-catching fashion accessory!
Umbrella fabric
A parasol needs to be used to protect you from the sun: hold the wrong umbrella – it will change to black!
Experts point out that ultraviolet rays are very tenacious! After hitting the ground, they will bounce back like this, sun ↘ ground ↗. If you use the wrong umbrella, the ultraviolet rays will be more aggressive, like this – sun ↘ ground ↗ umbrella surface ↘ face again Injured once.
Special sun protection umbrella designed for golf
As everyone knows, not all parasols can protect against ultraviolet rays. Most of the parasols on the market claim to be sun-protective and anti-ultraviolet, but they cannot withstand ultraviolet rays in the sun. A truly sun-protective parasol, whether it is inside or outside the umbrella, There is an anti-UV coating on the outside. The price of this kind of umbrella is also better than other similar products, and it is a technological product.

“A single layer of sun protection treatment on the umbrella cloth is not enough.” A German town wrote a 155-year-old brand legend – Kobold umbrella experts pointed out that the umbrella cloth of all Kobold products is made of special quick-drying umbrella cloth (i.e. polyester Fabrics) are specially treated on both sides. The outer side of the umbrella is treated with a water-repellent surface process, and the inner side of the umbrella is treated with a water-repellent surface process. The umbrella cloth is designed and treated with a dark check pattern to reflect UV rays. Disperse and return sunlight as much as possible.
Compared with Asia, which has specialized sunshade umbrellas, German umbrellas are dual-purpose umbrellas. In addition to sunshade, they also have a waterproof function. It has enhanced waterproof penetration on the umbrella surface and will not accumulate water. The umbrella surface dries quickly by gently shaking it. .

How to choose a good umbrella
When buying a parasol, the most important thing is whether it can block the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The darker the umbrella, the better the effect of reflecting ultraviolet rays. Of course, the larger the umbrella surface, the better.
To truly choose a good parasol, it is not enough just to rely on the fabric of the umbrella!
Kobold umbrella experts explained that all umbrellas use 8 ribs as standard, which makes the canopy more rounded, expands the protection range of the entire umbrella, and well surrounds people under the umbrella to reduce the invasion of sunlight and rain. ; And the exclusive patented design of “solid center rod”, “solid nail”, “decagonal tube” and “solid tube” greatly improves the stability, durability and strength of the umbrella, making the folded umbrella smaller and avoiding the need for umbrellas. The disconnection caused by rust can prevent the umbrella frame from being damaged and deformed by the pressure during impact, which greatly enhances the service life of the umbrella.

Two examples are given. For example, from the perspective of umbrella ribs, most umbrella rib connections on the market are currently riveted with hollow nails. The nail walls are thin and the edges are irregular after being punched out.�Work under high temperature and high humidity. Nylon has a very good affinity with fiberglass. It is often used to make combs, toothbrushes, clothes hooks, fan ribs, mesh bag ropes, fruit packaging bags, etc. Non-toxic, but not in long-term contact with acids and alkalis.
It is worth noting that after adding glass fiber, the tensile strength of nylon can be increased by about 2 times, and the temperature resistance is also improved accordingly.
The shrinkage rate of nylon is 1%~2%.1K2OfCJ


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