About the use and selection of car clothing

About the use and selection of car clothing About the use and selection of car clothing I have been wanting to compile an article about the use of car jackets recently. There are so many types of car jackets on…

About the use and selection of car clothing

About the use and selection of car clothing
I have been wanting to compile an article about the use of car jackets recently. There are so many types of car jackets on the market, and there are so many brands, which makes people dazzled and don’t know how to choose. After recently buying a new car, I thought that since it is a new car, I always need to protect it. This is also a characteristic of me. I prefer to take good care of my own things, so I went to an online store called Xintu Auto Supplies Store on Taobao. I bought a special aluminum film car jacket for summer, and it feels good to use it. I also did a little research on some things about car jackets. I hope I can share it with you or discuss it together.
What is a car jacket
Car clothing is commonly known as car clothing, which is an outer cover made of ordinary cloth or other flexible and wear-resistant materials according to the overall dimensions of the car. It is a protective article for the car. It can provide better protection for car paint and window glass, especially for high-end cars. Regular use of car clothes can extend the service life of the car paint and make the car paint as bright as new.
The main function of car clothing
In addition to cleaning and sun protection, car clothing also has protective functions, which can prevent the harm to the vehicle from freezing in severe cold weather; effectively prevent damage to the vehicle from falling objects, fireworks and firecrackers and other unexpected factors; and effectively prevent the theft of vehicles and accessories. . However, the use of car covers should also be moderate. Car owners without parking spaces must be equipped with a car cover, but the car cover should not be used every day.
1. Dustproof.
2. Protect against acid rain.
3. Protection against frost and snow.
4. Resist UV damage to car paint/interior/tyres, etc.
5. A certain degree of heat insulation can prevent the temperature inside the car from being too high in summer. The effect of the aluminum film car jacket is more obvious (this is my experience after trying it).
6. Prevent pedestrians or children from scratching your car with nails or knives.
7. Prevent thieves from stealing to a certain extent and prevent items and other parts in the car from being stolen.
8. Specially treated fabrics can be flame retardant (such as treated Oxford cloth) to prevent fireworks and firecrackers from damaging the car.
Spring: Prevent wind and sand, preservative dust, pollen, tree oil, bird droppings, insects, ants and animal claws from harming the car;
Summer: Anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation, anti-acid rain, anti-exposure, prevent paint from fading, staining, whitening, and interior leather and decorations from drying and cracking;
Autumn: Protection against frost and ice and dew;
Winter: Protects against rain and snow, protects the car cooler and makes it easy to start.
As you all know, there are many different brands of car clothing on the market. With the expansion of the car clothing market, many small companies have saved a lot of procedures in the processing technology of car clothing and selected inferior fabrics for product materials in order to seize the opportunity to make huge profits. For processing, the car jackets they produce are extremely poor and substandard products. Of course, their prices will be much lower than high-quality car jackets.
It is precisely because car owners do not understand the car clothing market that some car clothing product descriptions have the same functions as the brand car clothing recommended on the list and the price is low, so they bought car clothing with an advantage in price. After using it, I found that the car jacket was loose on the car body. When the wind blows, the car jacket will flutter on the car body due to the ill-fitting wind. In addition, the car jacket is of low quality and the fabric of the car jacket has not been dry or wet wiped. Handle the experiment, in this case, the car clothes will scratch the surface of the car with the wind! Therefore, car owners must not choose low-priced car clothing because of price issues.
Car clothing material
The car clothing materials currently on the market are too complicated. You can see a lot of them on Baidu, so I won’t go into details. The ones that are probably more common in the market are PVC materials, polyester taffeta materials, Oxford cloth, aluminum film and cotton. Yes, there is also the new peva composite pp cotton material, and there are many more. Among these materials, each has its own advantages and disadvantages
1. PVC material is relatively heavy, about 3-4 kg. It can only be used on one side and has a lifespan of about 2 years. 2. Ordinary polyester taffeta materials are not waterproof, and their sun protection effect is very average. They can only protect against dust and scratches, and their lifespan is also short.
3. Oxford cloth car jackets are one of the better quality car jackets currently on the market. They have a lifespan of about 5 years. They are waterproof, anti-ultraviolet and sunscreen. If they are specially treated, they are also fireproof.
4. Then there are aluminum film and cotton velvet car jackets. This is the car jacket I bought. This car jacket is very suitable for use in summer. It has a really good sun protection and cooling effect. The lint inside looks thin, but this one is After high-pressure compression of spunlace cotton, the thickness of the cotton is reduced, but the toughness of the aluminum film is increased a lot, and it is also waterproof, so it is worth using in summer.
5. In autumn and winter, when the temperature drops and the rain increases, the car jacket needs to be protected. At this time, it needs to be waterproof and antifreeze. Peva material car jackets solve this problem very well. The outer layer is made of peva material and the inside is composite. In addition to being waterproof, dustproof, snowproof and antifreeze, the thickened pp cotton has a built-in breathable waterproof membrane that allows air to circulate inside and outside the car suit, keeping the car paint surface dry.
Some personal feelings about using car clothing
This summer I bought an aluminum film sun protection car cover from Xintu Auto Supplies Store. This store’s car cover is generally good. It is also double-stitched and the inside of the aluminum film is also made of high-pressure compressed cotton. , from a period of useThe feeling of space is still good, and the cooling effect is still very obvious. Of course, this car jacket is ideal for summer use. In winter, you will definitely need to choose a PEVA velvet thickened one. If it is not too expensive, it is also good to choose an Oxford cloth. PEVA is also mentioned above and is more suitable for use in winter.
To sum up, when we buy car clothes, we definitely still buy more online, so we need to keep our eyes open to choose a suitable car clothes. We also need to consider after-sales guarantee, customer service attitude, etc. Factors, Xintu Automotive Supplies does a pretty good job in this regard. Also be careful not to buy low-quality car covers. In this regard, car cover manufacturers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are still a good choice. YWwnX2Vz


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