fabric finishing agent

Fabric finishing agent Fabric finishing agent The invention relates to a paint, in particular to a single-component nano-antibacterial water-based wood paint and a preparation method thereof. It has stable perf…

Fabric finishing agent

Fabric finishing agent
The invention relates to a paint, in particular to a single-component nano-antibacterial water-based wood paint and a preparation method thereof. It has stable performance, good dispersion, and easy dilution in the washing and shaping process. It is suitable for dipping and padding processes. It is highly concentrated, requires less dosage, and has good effects. The finished fiber fabric has excellent breathability and is easy to wash and dry. , excellent smooth and slippery feel, good stiffness, the finished fabric has excellent drape, smooth and skin-friendly, comfortable to wear, and the skin feels similar to silk, but the final effect depends on the hand feel. This invention uses 3 different water-based polyurethanes Resin emulsion, water-based acrylic modified polyurethane resin emulsion and nano-water-based acrylic resin emulsion are mixed in different proportions as film-forming materials. While successfully reducing product costs, they also have low VOC value, anti-adhesion, scratch resistance, and durability. Contamination, yellowing resistance and good sealing properties. The composite inorganic antibacterial agent used in the present invention uses organic expanded soil prefabricated sol as a carrier and contains a variety of inorganic nanocomponents. It not only has the advantages of green environmental protection, broad-spectrum antibacterial and strong durability of antibacterial functions, but is also easy to mix and process, solving the problems of ordinary inorganic During the production and processing of antibacterial agents, there are technological difficulties such as easy sedimentation, discoloration and agglomeration. 200807090 Water-based polyurethane dispersion and coating for wood flooring/Relates to water-based flooring and wood paint, and is a decorative and protective material for solid wood floors and wood products. The water-based paint is made of water-based polyurethane, nano-reinforcement agent, water-based oil and water-based additives which are stirred according to a certain formula. 200807092 Research on water-based polyurethane-acrylate wood varnish/Zhou Jie et al.//Modern Coatings and Coatings.-2006,9(11).-7~10,14 Preparation of water-based wood varnish using polyurethane-acrylate composite emulsion as base material , studied the effects of film-forming additives, defoaming agents, wetting agents, thickeners and other additives on coatings and coating film properties, and determined the types and dosages of relevant additives. The test results show that all performance of the product meets or exceeds the relevant national standards. Automotive coating 200807093 Thin C09D175/04 title composition for automotive interior plastic parts contains water-dispersible polyurethane resin 10% to 15% (mass fraction, the same below), water-soluble chlorinated polyolefin emulsion 5% to 20%, Water-soluble polyethylene resin 20% to 25%, water-dispersible acrylic polyurethane resin 5% to 10%, chlorinated acrylic beads with an average particle size of 5 to 8 μm 5% to 7%, polysiloxane surface wetting agent 1 %~2%, polysiloxane defoamer 1%~2%, protein filler 3%~5% and inert solvent 5%~8%. The composition reduces volatile organic compounds (VOC) and has the same performance as existing water-soluble soft-touch coatings. It can protect the health of operators and reduce odors in cars as much as possible. Productivity is also improved using this composition. The composition also improves scratch resistance thereby improving film quality. Problems with cracks and corrosion of plastic parts caused by the strong solvents used in oil-based paints can also be addressed. The adhesion between polypropylene parts and coatings is improved and no pretreatment is required, so processing time can be shortened and costs can be reduced. 200807094 Water-based automotive metal flash primer: CN101029197/China: Shanghai Jiebang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (Tang Jiahua, etc.).-2007.09.05.-200610024211.4(2006.02.28); IPCC09D133/00 The present invention relates to a water-based automotive metal flash primer Paint, consisting of 10% to 20% water-based polyurethane dispersion, 20% to 30% water-based acrylic resin, 5% to 10% water-based aluminum silver paste, 1% to 5% compound thickener, and 0.1% copolymer dispersant ~1%, defoaming agent 0.1% ~ 1%, wetting agent 0.1% ~ 1%, co-solvent 2% ~ 8%, water 30% ~ 50%. The effect of the invention is safety and environmental protection. It replaces organic solvents with water and greatly improves VOC emissions from the automobile painting assembly line. Fabric finishing agent 200807095 Water-based polyurethane, organic silicon and acrylic IPCC09D175/04 The invention relates to a method for preparing waterproof, breathable, moisture-permeable and antibacterial coating glue by copolymerizing water-based polyurethane, organic silicon and acrylic acid. This method uses diisocyanate and glycol compounds, alkylhydroxysilane, methylol acrylic acid, and dimethylol propionic acid to react to produce a prepolymer with an end group of -NCO, and then expands it with 1,4-butanediol. chain, and then use amine to adjust the pH value to neutral, then add deionized water containing antibacterial agents and stir at high speed. After adding water to adjust the viscosity, a waterproof, breathable, moisture-permeable antibacterial coating glue is obtained. Coated on the surface of the fabric, it is not only waterproof, breathable and moisture-permeable, but also has a strong bactericidal effect on common bacteria and mold. 200807096 Water-based polyurethane modified acrylic resin fixing agent and production method: CN101003612/Liu Xiaobo et al.//Tianjin Chemical Industry.-2006, 20(6).-31~33 This article mainly introduces the preparation method and characteristics of water-based polyurethane, and the main factors affecting performance factors and their development direction. 200807103 N-methylpyrrolidone-free polyurethane dispersion based on dimethylol propionic acid: CN1865312/DE A water-based polyurethane dispersion that does not contain N-methylpyrrolidone and other solvents, wherein the polyurethane is A) and B) , the reaction product of C), D) and E), wherein: A) 25%~90% (mass fraction, the same below) 1-isocyanato-3,3,5-trimethyl-5-isocyanato A mixture of methyl cyclohexane (IPDI) and 10%~75% 4,4′-diisocyanatodicyclohexylmethane, B) one or more number-average relative molecular masses (Mn) of 500 ~6000 polyol, C) one or more compounds containing at least one OH or NH functional group and containing one carboxyl and/or carboxylate group, where, based on the total moles of acid introduced into the polyurethane, At least 50% (mass fraction) of the acid groups pass through dihydroxymethyl groups.Acid is introduced, D) one or more polyols and/or polyamines with a number average relative molecular mass (Mn) lower than 500, E) optional one or more monohydric alcohols and/or monoamines. The invention also relates to a method for preparing an aqueous polyurethane dispersion and the use of the aqueous polyurethane dispersion in preparing coatings or adhesives. 200807104 A water-based polyurethane composite glue and its indicators are: milky white with blue light in appearance, solid mass content of primary compound 29% to 31%, secondary compound 42% to 44%, viscosity <50mPa·s, pH value 5~7 , the amount of wet glue applied is ≤ 4.5; a method for preparing water-based polyurethane composite glue includes the following steps: adding 90 to 110 parts by mass of polyol, 90 to 110 parts of polyisocyanate and 25 to 35 parts of dihydrocarbon methyl Add methylpropionic acid into the reaction kettle, stir at room temperature under nitrogen protection; heat the above product to 80°C, dropwise add 0.1 to 0.14 parts by mass of stannous octoate solution, after the reaction, add the modifier dropwise to continue the reaction; textile finishing Agent, anti-UV absorber (sunlight fastness promoter) xz-rs09
1. Product characteristics
Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid
Ingredients: Special UV absorber
Ionicity: non-ionic
Compatibility: Can be mixed with other anionic or non-ionic substances
Stability: stable in hard water, weak acid and weak alkali
Specific gravity: about 1.1±0.1
2. Product characteristics
The treated fabric can achieve good UV blocking effect. It can reduce fading and enhance the light fastness of polyester disperse dyes. It is suitable as a sunlight fatigue enhancer for vehicle seat fabrics, decorative fabrics, etc. This product has affinity for pure cotton, wool, and polyester fibers and can be absorbed during dyeing. It has excellent emulsification stability, level dyeing properties and dye transfer properties. This product is an inorganic anti-UV agent that is non-toxic, harmless and has no side effects and will not dissolve from water. It can be widely used in coatings, glass, plastics, umbrellas, clothing, toys, daily necessities, chemical fibers, paints, ceramics, fibers, cosmetics, textiles, Adding it to textiles, cosmetics, and plastic fibers can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from harming the human body and products 5NVJQA


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