far infrared coated cloth

Far infrared coated cloth Far infrared coated cloth How to detect far infrared on fabric One has clear standards. As early as 2000, my country issued FZ/T64010-2000 “Far Infrared Textiles” to identi…

Far infrared coated cloth

Far infrared coated cloth
How to detect far infrared on fabric
One has clear standards. As early as 2000, my country issued FZ/T64010-2000 “Far Infrared Textiles” to identify this type of fabric. The testing instruments are infrared spectrometers, blackbody furnaces, etc. But in general, the current domestic market in this aspect is still relatively chaotic, and there are no corresponding standards for ready-made garments, resulting in many companies making things out of thin air, passing off small ones as big ones, and passing off inferior ones as good ones. Having said that, if you want to know whether it is true or not, you can only send it to the national authoritative testing agency for textile and clothing products for testing. Individuals basically do not own these equipment.
Rapid infrared eyebrow cloth is a garment product made by upgrading the modern textile industry. It meets the multi-functional needs of those who want to eliminate yellow in the market.
This is an “absorbent cloth” that has high efficacy and is anti-snow, rain-proof, anti-phoenix, permeable to sweat and fluorine, and contains quick-cylinder outer skin. It can collect the marrow heat of the body and store it in the body. The brows of this happy eyebrow combine with each other; the blue can absorb the general heat source from the outside, and penetrate into the fast infrared integrated surface of the cloth, and the fast infrared integrated molecular waves absorbed by the cloth surface vibrate each other. The molecular waves absorb and release, and the molecules rub against each other to form mature waves, which refract into the body’s marrow muscles and promote the microcirculation in the marrow. This is what scientists call the light source of life, which penetrates into the body. The marrow blood circle accelerates.
The blood flow rate of an average person without wearing this product is 9.6cm per second. After wearing this product, the blood flow rate is 15.7cm per second after wearing this product for 15 minutes. The blood circulation speed is increased to 15.7cm per second. Another measurement of bone marrow temperature is According to the temperature difference measured by the “instant infrared thermometer”, the average bone marrow temperature of an ordinary person without wearing this product is 27.4 degrees Celsius and 15 minutes with this product. The needle’s bone marrow temperature is 30.2 degrees Celsius, and the human bone marrow temperature has increased by 2.8 degrees Celsius. For reference, compared with ordinary thermal insulation clothing, the temperature increased by 0.7 degrees Celsius. This high-tech product made of licorice bags The scientific and technological products of “instant infrared edge and cooked clothing” and “absorbing cooked cloth” are beyond the efficacy and function of the existing infrared fabrics today: the fake products of this poisonous power have been eliminated. The original general satin spinning items have been added.
Purpose: storage
l. Solid defense: general police uniforms, jackets, jackets, vests, trousers and quilts, mattresses, field sleeping bags and snowshoe inner pads, gloves, hats, general accessories, and other general accessories Anti-snow jackets, halberd sled jackets, halberd jackets, etc.
What is infrared syndrome
l. Infrared light waves are 0.76-1000urn, 90% of which are between 8.14 microns and Kezhengjiadaitu Life Light Comprehensive.
2. Because of the light edge of the brown rays, it can induce fear of animals and plants. Accounting for 50% of the total amount of warm light
The role of human marrow and life light
The main functions of rapid infrared synthesis are:
l. Has strong penetrating and radiation power
2. It has cooked and biological effects
HeatingZ function management
Under the action of human bone marrow radiation, the HeatingZ cylinder outer fabric absorbs high-speed infrared light waves (life light waves) at the outer edge of the cylinder, and then radiates back to the human body in the form of high-speed infrared light waves, creating resonance. The energy generated by the resonance (reflected infrared comprehensive energy resonates with human marrow blood cells, rubs raw and cooked, and activates blood cells).
After sealing the human marrow on the outer edge of the vat and performing myeloplasty from the front, the human marrow showed stiffness
Promote new gaps and replace Shu, and help Xu Qiang absorb.
Keep your spirits high and avoid feeling tired.
Xiangjian has physiological horizontal energy and improves microcirculation.
Improve sewage discharge and laxative, improve vitality.
It can delay aging and eliminate the shame of youth.
Improve myeloid immunity and enrich healthy living environment.
The external breast sealing of the body has the following positive benefits
Knee pain, asthma, breast cancer, low back pain in the elderly, hemorrhoids, epilepsy, nocturnal feces syndrome, insomnia, spondylosis, constipation, chronic otitis media, anemia, high blood pressure, Hypoglycemic crab, bone and nerve traps, good diseases, skin disease, beauty teaching fruit FarinfraredFunctionHeatingWareAbsorbHotTextileHeatingZ
Hurry up to the outside and add the cooked clothes to the house.
Elementsexplain gland wants to use market f to suck mature day n ~ introduction to smashing
4. Functional principle:
Functions: (1) Stronger thermal insulation: (2) Stronger protection against phoenix and rain: (3) Anti-velvet: (4) Cell activation: (5) Fluorine permeability:
According to: The meridians (fast infrared peripheral blood stream and mature image) can protect the body from colds and activate cells. As for the properties and functions of the base ingredients such as anti-velvet, anti-phoenix, rain-proof, permeable, and fluorine-permeable. Certainly.
5. Principle of action:
Function: health care and warmth, arrow leopard energy
According to the physical theory; after the fast infrared edge molecular wave absorbs the human body, its molecules are refracted, refracted, and absorbed by the human body. The water molecules in the human body resonate and form water molecules ( (The combination of hydrogen molecules and oxygen molecules) increases the oxygen content of the body’s marrow to restore vitality to the cells, allowing water molecules to freely enter and exit the cells, and then encounter resonance and resonance, and the temperature under the skin is increased. The microliter plus the absorption and ripening of the [Absorbent Cloth] and the molecular wave friction of the raw and cooked materials are combined with the action of the mature cotton eyebrows such as resin cotton, cotton, down, mushroom cotton, etc. Warm up the body’s marrow. It can be compared with the measurement results of [general clothing and outer clothing].
What is far infrared cloth?
What is more common on the market now is one with far infrared function.��Yarn woven fabric


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