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Jiaxing’s small and medium-sized textile enterprises in “winter”

Jiaxing’s small and medium-sized textile enterprises in “winter” Small and medium-sized enterprises with developed markets and Jiaxing are experiencing a cold winter. Financing difficulties ar…

Jiaxing’s small and medium-sized textile enterprises in “winter”

Small and medium-sized enterprises with developed markets and Jiaxing are experiencing a cold winter. Financing difficulties are one of the important reasons. According to data from the Jiaxing Municipal Bureau of Statistics, in the first half of the year, there were 1,564 enterprises in Jiaxing City that suffered losses exceeding their scale, and they were basically all small and medium-sized enterprises. 25.78%. Among them, traditional textiles, clothing, and leather were most affected, with losses exceeding 500 million yuan, accounting for 42.4%. Closed companies or companies in a semi-suspended state account for 1.9% of the city’s companies, of which traditional light industry accounts for the majority.

Companies don’t dare to lend, banks don’t dare to lend

“(Financing) is indeed too difficult,” the manager of Ma Yingyuelong Jacquard Weaving Co., Ltd. Ma Yun told reporters: “How do you ask me? To survive, I can only say that we are tightening our belts.” I have been suffering from this reporter: “I have laid off one-third of my employees from last year to now. According to this situation, I will have to lay off 100 people next year.” #Nbsp;
Small and medium-sized enterprises lack funds and financial institutions are unwilling to lend. Lu Weicai, general manager of Jiaxing Hengfeng Guarantee Company, told reporters: “The situation this year is not good. We have very few guarantees for small and medium-sized enterprises. They are basically old customers. Now, although the credit line has increased, banks will not extend it to small and medium-sized enterprises. .”Support corporate loans”.#Nbsp;
“What are the benefits of loans? The problem now is that they dare not borrow money because they cannot pay.” Lu Weicai believes that in addition to capital and interest, small and medium-sized enterprise loans must also be paid. You also have to pay a guarantee rate of 2‰ to 3, so it is very difficult to pay.
New rules for increasing loan installments are of little interest to local commercial banks.
Mr. Chen, commercial manager of Jiaxing Hesheng Rural Cooperative Bank, told reporters: “At the end of June this year, we issued loans to 1,193 small and medium-sized enterprises in the city, totaling 1.3 billion yuan, of which it accounted for nearly 20% of our total loans. Your financing Demand. “#Nbsp;
It is understood that the bank’s current loan balance is approximately 250 million yuan. There are still three months left in this year. Is this amount sufficient for SMEs? Manager Chen said: “Many of our customers are now reducing the scale of production, just to protect funds, and the amount of funds required is very small.” #Nbsp;
A good policy, but it may backfire

“I think the introduction of national policies is too drastic.” Mr. Li, the financial manager of the import and export company, told reporters that since August 1, the export tax rebate rate for some textiles has been increased. On August 6, the central bank once again increased its business, and the bank credit scale was 5%. ~10%. “The policy is definitely good, but it may not solve the actual problems of small and medium-sized enterprises. “The launch is too intensive and is prone to side effects. For example, if you increase the export tax rebate rate by 2%, it will bring benefits in the short term. However, foreign customers will make corresponding adjustments to bring our earnings back to normal levels. #Nbsp;
The microfinance companies that have emerged in Jiaxing seem to give small and medium-sized enterprises hope. #Nbsp;
Unlike other counties and cities, the Jiaxing Pingren branch played a “” role in the pilot work of microfinance companies. Surprisingly, the Jiaxing Municipal Economic and Commercial Commission and the Municipal Government’s Economic and Commercial Department are also members of the pilot working group. They ignore the affairs of microfinance companies. The explanation is consistent: “It has always been a pedestrian branch of Jiaxing. In operation, we are not involved.” #Nbsp;
The reporter contacted Jiaxing Guohao Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd., which requested to establish a small loan company, but the news “has been withdrawn.” Zhu Jianfang, general manager of the company, said: “I am not the reason for quitting. It’s convenient to say.

A business owner who did not want to be named said that the organizers of the microfinance companies reported in Jiaxing City are now large companies in various counties and cities. These companies actually have loans from many major banks. Today, banks are reluctant to lend to small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, microfinance companies can become second-hand companies of banks – borrowing from banks and then lending to small and medium-sized enterprises with higher interest rates, and the situation where it is difficult to obtain real loans can continue. # Guo Tianyong, director of the China Banking Research Center at Central University of Finance and Economics, said. “There are no bank loans in the capital for microfinance companies. It’s difficult to distinguish it.” This requires regulators to strictly control early access to prevent companies from getting low-interest loans from banks and microfinance companies speculating on high-interest loans. ”


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