Fabric Products,Fabric Information,Fabric Factories,Fabric Suppliers Fabric News Enhance new product advantages and create new value in design! Jingwei master Chen Dingding visited Keqiao textile enterprises for in-depth exchanges

Enhance new product advantages and create new value in design! Jingwei master Chen Dingding visited Keqiao textile enterprises for in-depth exchanges

Enhance new product advantages and create new value in design! Jingwei master Chen Dingding visited Keqiao textile enterprises for in-depth exchanges Relying on the cluster advantage of “100 billion indus…

Enhance new product advantages and create new value in design! Jingwei master Chen Dingding visited Keqiao textile enterprises for in-depth exchanges

Relying on the cluster advantage of “100 billion industry” and the scale advantage of “the world’s largest”, Keqiao, which is “supported on cloth”, is becoming a high-end designtalentA fashionable new city where cutting-edge brands are constantly emerging. The rapid development of the fashion creative industry not only requires effective links between terminal brands and consumers, but also requires top-down innovation and creation in the industry chain, with high-level design and development as the value fusion point to give products higher added value.

“Keqiaofabrics enterprise keeps pace with the times and the speed of iterative innovation is impressive.” In Zhejiang Dashu Textile Technology Co., Ltd. and Shaoxing Yushang Textile Co., Ltd. In the product exhibition halls of three Keqiao fabric companies, Zhejiang Yisha Textile Technology Co., Ltd., the regional division of multiple themes, the orderly display of various varieties, and the scene presentation of colorful samples made A.S.E brand manager and Jingwei master Chen Dingding sigh with emotion.

On June 7, the “Design Masters Entering Fabric Enterprises Special Exchange Meeting” served as the first event and kicked off the “2023 Keqiao Daily Fashion” series of activities. Jingwei master Chen Dingding conducted full exchanges with three outstanding Keqiao fabric companies on fashion trends, fabric functions, application scenarios, quality control and other topics based on product innovation. On the one hand, it has opened up the barrier of linkage and collaboration between creative design and product development, forming a market-oriented innovation consensus; on the other hand, it has promoted the combination of design wisdom and product development practice, broadened new ideas for enterprises, and promoted the industrial chain. The integration of technology and fashion between upstream and downstream.

This event is hosted by the China Textile City Construction Management Committee of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, China Textile City Creative Industry Service Center, China Textile Information Center/National Textile Organized by the Product Development Center and China Women’s Clothing Fabric Trend Research Institute.

Design wisdom inspires corporate product creative development

Chen Dingding has many honors in the industry such as “Top Ten Fashion Designers in Jiangsu Province”, “China Intermediate Pattern Maker”, and “Senior Fashion Designer”. Talking about industry-university-research cooperation, as a doctoral candidate at Jiangnan University, she said, “I am responsible for teaching design majors at the school, and I am very optimistic about the economic and social benefits of the integration of industry, academia and research. The country has a strong textile industry foundation and a wide range of products. The complete range of auxiliary materials provides designers with rich choices, but it also leads to fierce market competition and serious corporate involution. Therefore, the integration of industry, academia and research led by textile design and textile technology is conducive to helping companies achieve differentiated product development. Reduce internal consumption within the industry.”

A.S.E, the brand headed by Chen Dingding, integrates Eastern cultural artistic conception with Western three-dimensional tailoring, interprets Eastern charm and inherits Eastern culture from a new perspective, and is committed to breaking the international fashion industry’s inherent understanding of Eastern design and creating a “new The unique style of “Chinese light luxury fashion”.

“I hope to discover potential fabric suppliers through this event and learn more about triacetic acid and its blended fabrics and jacquard fabrics, which can be used in women’s clothing, outdoor, down jackets and other fields in the future.” She pointed out that national fashion, new As a hot topic in the current fashion industry, Chinese style clothing must be generous, decent, and easy to move around to adapt to different wearing environments. It is difficult for the market to accept only retro styles. Therefore, designers need to use modern thinking and advanced technology to reproduce traditional elements, tell brand stories well, and achieve innovation.

The blend of ideas helps companies clarify their innovation direction

In the context of fierce competition in fabric supply, diversified popular styles have created new growth points in market demand and opened up a new track for product design and development. Fabric companies at the front end of the industrial chain need to keep up with market trends and achieve innovative development through creative design, product iteration, and brand upgrades.

“Our company has a complete range of acetic acid blended fabrics, and is equipped with a team of more than ten designers to self-research patterns, update new ones every week, and have obtained many design patents. The company can independently make sample garments to ensure the creativity of the design. Implemented on the ground, reducing communication costs with designers.” Guo Yi, business leader of Zhejiang Dashu Textile Technology Co., Ltd., said that the company’s theme exhibition hall will change 3-4 themes every year, and strive to do its best while gradually integrating product quality with international standards. Maintain price advantage. Chen Dingding highly recognized the innovation ability of Dashu Textile. “Dashu’s fabrics incorporate many new trend elements and technologies. The sample display format allows me to more intuitively understand the appearance, effect and application direction of the fabrics, and the style of the exhibition hall. It is also very consistent with the application scenarios of the product.”

Shaoxing Yushang Textile Co., Ltd. specializes in mid-to-high-end women’s fashion fabrics. In order to adapt to the climate in various places, the company has developed all-season fabrics. In the communication with Yushang Textile, Chen Dingding said that the sales model of e-commerce and live streaming are more suitable for Yushang’s products. Cooperation is conducive to the successful introduction of new products to the market. In addition, she emphasized that companies must pay attention to quality control and strive to maintain brand value. �Sales manager Luo Yang strongly agrees with the seriousness of the quality control process. He pointed out that informatization and brand effects are becoming increasingly important in today’s market. The rapid development of the Internet has exponentially magnified the impact of product quality on the brand. Errors in quality control will bring greater loss of reputation, and intensive cultivation of quality You will receive more praise.

“Yisha is equipped with high-end equipment for the production of machine-washable, multi-functional triacetate fabrics and cost-effective triacetate velvet blended fabrics. The products can be used in women’s clothing, outdoor, down jackets and other fields.” Zhejiang Yisha Song Jiaqi, sales manager of Textile Technology Co., Ltd., said that the company’s outdoor fabrics and sports fabrics focus on the youth trend, focus on versatile styles, break through body restrictions, and are loose, stretchy, skin-friendly, and environmentally friendly and other characteristics are close to young people. At the same time, the company also regularly carries out color trend themed exhibitions to showcase popular fabrics developed under the guidance of big data on popular colors. Chen Dingding proposed that in addition to traditional display and publicity, companies should also tell brand stories and shape brand tonality, so as to deepen consumer impressions and enhance brand loyalty with more complete planning and fuller images.

“We hope to cooperate with designers in the development of sample clothing. By integrating the ideas and resources of both parties in design, sample making, marketing, etc., we can create diverse styles with a more professional and expressive design language. Sample clothing, thereby achieving a deep integration of creative design and industrial needs.” Song Jiaqi said.

This event links the collaborative innovation and development of fashion creativity and local advantageous and characteristic industries from a deeper level of the industrial chain, and builds a bridge for two-way empowerment of design and development. When design masters enter the enterprise, they not only output wisdom and insights at the conceptual level, but also provide systematic guidance to the enterprise at the practical level, helping enterprises to enhance their new understanding of fashion trends, fashion design and technological innovation. At the same time, the two parties explored innovative models and feasible paths to enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises through in-depth exchanges and professional discussions, which injected strong impetus into promoting the transformation of technical value, fashion value, and design value into commercial value.

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