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Hanyin: Improve the sericulture industry chain to achieve high-quality development

Hanyin: Improve the sericulture industry chain to achieve high-quality development In recent years, Hanyin’s sericulture industry has taken “stabilizing quantity, improving quality, and increasing e…

Hanyin: Improve the sericulture industry chain to achieve high-quality development

In recent years, Hanyin’s sericulture industry has taken “stabilizing quantity, improving quality, and increasing efficiency” as its core, focusing on the management and maintenance of efficient densely planted mulberry orchards, the cultivation of new business entities, industrial integration development, and the creation of mulberry tea brands. work to promote the development of the sericulture industry with high efficiency, ecological diversity, healthy and sustainable development, strive to realize the production scale, regional layout, variety diversification, technology and labor-saving, and industrial diversification of the sericulture industry, and improve the quality of the entire sericulture industry chain efficiency and promote the highquality development of the sericulture industry.

First, deepen the industrial interest linkage mechanism. Continue to implement the “Three Ones” industrial benefit linkage mechanism, adhere to the requirements of “unified planning and construction of parks, unified land allocation to households, and benefiting farmers according to households”, insisting on mutual benefit and win-win, decision-making based on households, and comprehensive The principle of policy implementation is to promote professional cooperatives and the masses to form a closer community of interests through methods such as “anti-renting, subcontracting, dividend sharing, and entrustment”, and integrate the masses into the sericulture industry chain to achieve sustained and stable income growth.

The second is to effectively carry out technical guidance training. Taking high-quality farmer training as an opportunity, vigorously promote the application of labor-saving mobile silkworm beds and cardboard grids for large silkworms, and promote the use of rotary tillers, lawn mowers, strippers, mulberry cutters, electric sterilizers, and electric powder sieves. , electric mulberry branch shears, etc., to improve the technical level of sericulture farmers and achieve cost saving and efficiency improvement. Strengthen the connection with Ankang Silkworm Breeding Farm and increase tracking and guidance services for silkworm breeding technology. Throughout the year, more than 20 technical training sessions of various types were organized, training 1,000 sericulture farmers, and distributing more than 10,000 copies of technical materials.

The third is to focus on improving the quality and efficiency of the sericulture park. On the basis of consolidating and upgrading 26,500 acres of mulberry orchards, and in accordance with the principle of leaders taking responsibility and technical cadres guiding, personnel were selected to work in key parks and towns and villages to provide all-round technical guidance and improve the quality and efficiency of industrial development. In accordance with the construction standards of modern agricultural parks, we actively carry out the construction of modern agricultural parks for the sericulture industry, and newly cultivate 1 municipal-level sericulture modern agricultural park, 2 county-level sericulture parks, and 2 advanced sericulture towns to effectively improve the scale level of Hanyin’s sericulture industry.

The fourth is to extend the sericulture industry chain. Actively encourage and guide enterprises to break through the bottleneck of sericulture resource utilization, carry out research and development of comprehensive sericulture products, extend the industrial chain, and realize the transformation from a monoculture sericulture model to a comprehensive utilization model of sericulture resources. Implement intercropping and intercropping 3,000 acres of cash crops such as potatoes and soybeans in mulberry gardens; promote three-dimensional breeding and breed 10,000 mulberry leaf chickens in mulberry gardens; encourage Yongfa Cooperative, Jiamu Tianyuan Company, Jiahuiming Company, and Jinhui Buckwheat Company to add Research and development of large silk quilts and mulberry leaf tea products, and implementation of order recycling, effectively enhance the enthusiasm of the masses to develop mulberry and raise sericulture, and increase the added value of sericulture.

In the next step, Hanyin will focus on the vertical extension of the traditional sericulture cocoon silk industry, and on the other hand, use “mulberry as an industry” as a breakthrough to develop and apply sericulture resources comprehensively horizontal expansion, establish and improve the entire sericulture industry chain mechanism, achieve high-quality development of the sericulture industry, and drive rural revitalization through industrial revitalization.

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