Fabric Products,Fabric Information,Fabric Factories,Fabric Suppliers Fabric News What kind of sparks did the big names in logistics technology and supply chain companies collide with at this roundtable meeting?

What kind of sparks did the big names in logistics technology and supply chain companies collide with at this roundtable meeting?

What kind of sparks did the big names in logistics technology and supply chain companies collide with at this roundtable meeting? On April 7, the “2022 China Logistics Technology Market Data Report”…

What kind of sparks did the big names in logistics technology and supply chain companies collide with at this roundtable meeting?

On April 7, the “2022 China Logistics Technology Market Data Report” press conference and logistics supply chain roundtable meeting were held at the Wangsheng Building, the headquarters of the Net Economic Society. This press conference and round table meeting were organized by the Net Economic Society Sponsored by the E-Commerce Research Center and the Logistics Technology Station of the Internet Economic Society, and co-sponsored by the Zhejiang Provincial Supply Chain Association.

This press conference and roundtable invitedSTO, Yunda, DiSifang, Miyang Supply Chain, Morningstar International, Zhimetong, Tongchuang Guoma, Zhongheng Supply Chain, Mingyi Technology, Wangsheng Yunze Well-known logistics technology and supply chain companies such as Logistics and Hangzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone Cold Chain Management Co., Ltd. attended, as well as logistics technology experts such as Hong Huai, secretary-general of the Zhejiang Warehousing Industry Association, and Zhu Chuanbo, professor of the Intelligent Business Department of Alibaba Business School.

1. The trillion-dollar market declined for the first time in four years. Logistics technology market data report released

In the first session of this meeting, Mo Daiqing, director of the Online Retail Department and senior analyst of the e-commerce research center of the Internet Economic Society, released the “2022 China Logistics Technology Market Data Report”. The report includes industry overview, industry data The development status of logistics technology in 2022 was analyzed from five major aspects: financing data, non-listed regulatory data, and rating data.


Mo Daiqing first introduced the current logistics technology industry chain map and regional distribution. NetEconomy defines logistics technology as: a logistics ecology based on e-commerce business. , including comprehensive e-commerce logistics, cross-border logistics, real-time logistics, warehousing logistics, freight O2O, third-party express delivery, last mile, intelligent logistics service providers, bulk logistics and logistics supply chain, etc.

At present, logistics technology companies in Beijing mainly include JD Logistics, G7 Huitongtianxia, ​​Shanshuang, Didi Freight, etc.; Shanghai has Dada, Debon Express, Kuaicang, Aneng Logistics, Jitu Express, and Zhongtong Express etc.; in Zhejiang, there are Cainiao, Delivery Man, SF Express, Express Freight, Yunda, STO Express, Best Logistics, etc.; in Guangdong, there are Fengchao, Yuntong, Shunyou Logistics, Yuancang Overseas Warehouse, Ruiyun Cold Chain, SF Express, Lalamove, etc. The four regions of “Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Zhejiang” can be said to be the “first echelon” of logistics technology. In addition, it can also be seen that logistics technology companies in coastal areas are developed.


Mo Daiqing mentioned that the revenue of the express delivery industry will reach 1.28 trillion yuan in 2022, with a growth rate of 13.92%. Among them, the growth rate in 2015 was as high as 79.72%. From 2017 to 2019, the growth rate was 23.77%, 21.81%, and 15.92% respectively. The growth rate continued to decline steadily. From 2020 to 2022, the growth rate remained above 20%.

However, it is worth noting that from November 1 to 11 last year, postal express companies across the country processed a total of 4.272 billion express parcels, of which a total of 552 million express parcels were processed on November 11. In 2021, postal and express delivery companies across the country handled a total of 4.776 billion express items, and a total of 696 million express items were processed on Double 11. In 2022, there were 144 million fewer items on Double 11 alone, a decrease of 20.69%. This was the first decline in express delivery volume in 12 years.

Immediately afterwards, Mo Daiqing said that the current concept of real-time logistics is very popular and the market space is huge. The size of the just-in-time logistics market in 2022 will be approximately 200 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.15%. In 2022, my country’s instant delivery orders will exceed 40 billion, a year-on-year increase of about 30%. This is also reflected in the field of real-time retail. Nowadays, real-time retail has become the direction of increasing investment by giants. JD.com and Dada have pioneered real-time retail. Meituan has Meituan Flash Sale and Meituan Grocery. Alibaba has Hema, Taoxianda, Tianxian. Cat Supermarket, etc., Pinduoduo strives for 24-hour local distribution, and Douyin also joins the battle.


In addition, Mo Daiqing also introduced the market scale of intra-city freight, smart express lockers, cross-border e-commerce logistics, and cold chain logistics, all of which have grown to varying degrees. Among them, smart express cabinets have been integrated into people’s daily lives, and smart logistics has broad prospects for development. It is worth noting that the global e-commerce logistics market size last year was 8.2651 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 5%.

At the meeting, Mo Daiqing announced the “2022 China Logistics Technology “Top 50 List””, specifically including:

E-commerce logistics: Cainiao Network, JD Logistics, Suning Logistics;

Cross-border logistics: Zongteng Group, Sifang, Yanwen Logistics, Yunqunar, Yida International Logistics, Meitong Logistics, Jiufang Tongxun, Wanse Express, Cross-border Good luck and peace of mind;

Real-time logistics:SF Express intra-city, Dada Express, Meituan Delivery, UU Errands, Hummingbird Delivery, Flash Delivery, Juma Logistics;

Also very sensitive. Therefore, when logistics can affect the order direction of commercial enterprises, its importance is reflected. So I think today’s topic is very good, that is, logistics is becoming more and more important now, it is not something that was dispensable before.


Secondly, logistics is not as traditional as before. It is becoming more and more technological, digital and cool. So today I think the second key word may be logistics technology. It is actually called information flow, which is this kind of change in information flow.

The third keyword may be finance. Because when doing business, basically based on information flow, logistics, and capital flow, logistics companies need money, and logistics partners also need money. It is worth thinking about how to use logistics portals to do logistics finance and how to achieve a win-win situation for all parties.

 8. Hong Huai, Secretary-General of Zhejiang Warehousing Industry Association: Group standards for the guideline for the construction of smart brains in logistics parks are being compiled

Zhejiang Warehousing Association is one of the three major logistics associations at the provincial level. It currently consists of two major parts. One is warehousing and logistics enterprises, which mainly includes logistics parks. Second, logistics automotive equipment companies, including warehousing and logistics robots, are focused on development. There are also member units, mainly through two parts: one is a small and medium-sized enterprise service platform, which provides services to logistics companies and product companies; there is also a logistics technology equipment and a refund center.

Our association is currently developing a group standard, a group standard for logistics park smart brain construction guidelines, which is currently being compiled. In addition, our association is still promoting a logistics industry map, mainly to provide supporting services to prefecture-level governments.


After the meeting, representatives of various companies and industry experts had enthusiastic exchanges and explored cooperation possibilities. The “2022 China Logistics Technology Market Data Report” press conference and logistics supply chain roundtable concluded successfully.

In addition, Wangsheng Building launched the first free shared conference space in Hangzhou, providing professional and convenient conference services to associations and chambers of commerce across the country. The shared meeting space provides meeting venues of various specifications ranging from tens to hundreds of square meters. It has complete hardware facilities such as large electronic display screens, audio equipment, conference system equipment, and wireless microphones. It supports offline meetings and remote video meetings to meet the needs of training meetings. , lectures, investment fairs, promotion meetings, press conferences, seminars, forums, salons and other meeting formats. (Welcome to add WeChat modaiqing166 for cooperation consultation, please be sure to note your name + unit + position)



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