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Composting technology has brought great benefits to our lives. Let’s take a look at Teflon composting membrane manufacturer. Compost can be divided into two types: general compost and high-temperature com…

Composting technology has brought great benefits to our lives. Let’s take a look at Teflon composting membrane manufacturer. Compost can be divided into two types: general compost and high-temperature compost. The fermentation temperature of the former is lower, while the fermentation temperature of the latter is higher in the early stage, and compaction measures are generally adopted in the later stage. High-temperature composting has a very good effect on promoting the decomposition of crop stems, human and animal manure, weeds, garbage sludge and other accumulations, and killing bacteria, insect eggs and weed seeds in them. High-temperature composting can be made using semi-pit accumulation methods and ground accumulation methods. The depth of the pit in the former is about 1 m, while in the latter there is no need to set up a pit. Both require ventilation ditches to facilitate the life of aerobic microorganisms. Both need to lay a layer of crop straw, etc., then a layer of human and animal excrement, and pour some lime water (there is no need to pour lime water in areas with alkaline soil), and then cover with a layer of soil. Generally, fermentation is above 56 ℃ for 5 to 6 days, and high temperature is 50 to 60 ℃ for 10 days. If the temperature of the compost drops suddenly, water should be added in time. When the temperature of the compost drops below 40°C, most of the organic matter in the high-temperature compost will form humus.

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The core of the coating system is the functional film. The functional film has a 3-layer structure, the middle layer is the functional film layer, and the material It is an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene material (English, e-PTFE), which is produced by Teflon Compost Membrane Manufacturer. There are micron-level pores distributed on this material (the average pore diameter is about 0.2 μm). The diameter of water in different forms of liquid is hundreds to tens of thousands of times larger than the pore diameter, while the diameter of water in the gaseous state is a fraction of the pore diameter. One hundred times, so e-PTFE has good waterproof and breathable properties. The existence of this property allows the pile to be not affected by the external environment (rain, humidity) during the fermentation process, while ensuring a good water removal rate. In addition, the 0.2μm pore size also makes the entire membrane material selectively permeable to some harmful substances produced during the fermentation process, including the volatilization and emission of pathogens with larger molecular diameters, dust, aerosols, and some harmful gases. processes will be inhibited.

Teflon compost membrane manufacturerThe compost membrane has a microporous structure with staggered fibers and is produced through a biaxial stretching process. The membrane is composed of an ePTFE membrane and a base material. The composite membrane is used to seal livestock and poultry manure in a high-temperature aerobic fermentation pre-fermentation pile. It can protect against wind and rain and avoid the influence of harsh weather. It has been treated with high-temperature heat setting and has a very fine microporous structure. Stable and able to effectively intercept dust particles. Moreover, the pore size of the material is small and the distribution is concentrated, achieving surface filtration to achieve a dust removal efficiency of 99.9%~99.999%. For some extremely fine particles with a diameter of 0.1um-0.3um, it can better prevent fine dust from entering the filter material. Teflon compost membrane manufacturer The membrane can operate at a continuous operating temperature of 240°C and an instantaneous temperature of 260°C. Interested parties can enter the store for consultation and purchase! </p

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