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Clothing ptfe composite fabric is breathable and warm

Clothing ptfe composite fabricA new type of textile fabric, which is made of polymer waterproof and breathable material (PTFE membrane) plus cloth composite fabric . The main functions of waterproof and breatha…

Clothing ptfe composite fabricA new type of textile fabric, which is made of polymer waterproof and breathable material (PTFE membrane) plus cloth composite fabric .

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The main functions of waterproof and breathable fabrics are: waterproof, moisture-permeable, breathable, insulating, windproof, and warm. In terms of production technology, the technical requirements of waterproof and breathable fabrics are much higher than those of ordinary waterproof fabrics. At the same time, from a quality point of view, waterproof and breathable fabrics also have functional characteristics that other waterproof fabrics do not have. Clothing ptfe composite fabric While strengthening the air tightness and water tightness of the fabric, its special breathability can quickly discharge water vapor inside the structure, avoid mold breeding in the structure, and keep the human body always dry, perfect It solves the problems of breathability, windproof, waterproof, and warmth retention. It is a new type of fabric that is healthy and environmentally friendly. Real waterproof fabrics can withstand the pressure of water seepage and do not seep water even if they are exposed to humid climate environments for a long time. For example, if you walk outdoors in windy and rainy conditions for a long time, or kneel or sit on wet ground, there will be no water leakage.

The waterproof performance of clothing ptfe composite fabric is related to the characteristics of water. The surface of water has tension, which can be found in life. When we pour water, the water can often be a little higher than the mouth of the cup without flowing out. This is the result of the surface tension of the water. This phenomenon is mainly because water molecules only have a relatively large molecular attraction, which makes each water molecule as closely connected as possible without being separated. Water vapor is also a water molecule, but at this time each water molecule is completely independent of each other. , and therefore will not be so closely linked.

Moisture permeability refers to the function provided by the indirect breathable waterproof film, not breathability, because they are two different breathable mechanisms, although they can ultimately allow sweat The air passes through the fabric and escapes to the outside world. Moisture permeability requires that the sweat be absorbed by the hydrophilic non-porous membrane and become sweat molecules inside, and move to the outside of the film through micro-Brownian motion, affected by the humidity pressure difference between the inside and outside of the garment, and then turn into gas and be discharged through the surface fabric. So it is called indirect breathability.

PTFE has the characteristics of high strength, good durability, fire retardant, not affected by ultraviolet rays, and good self-cleaning properties, and is widely used in functional clothing. In terms of textile clothing, there is a good application – hydrophobic and breathable. A layer of microporous film is coated on the clothing fabric. The micropores are smaller than water droplet molecules and larger than gas molecules. Therefore, it can block rainwater and discharge the sweat produced by the body from the body. The characteristic of this fabric is stability. Well, it is not easy to change even at low temperatures, so it is often used in harsh environments.

Clothing ptfe composite fabric has excellent breathability, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties. According to the usage requirements, the pore diameter can be between 0.1-10um, the thickness can be between 2-100um, the porosity can reach 50%–80%, there are up to hundreds of millions of micropores per square centimeter, and the filtration grade can reach H13-U16. It can operate at a continuous operating temperature of 240°C and an instantaneous temperature of 260°C. Interested parties can enter the store to consult us.


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