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Xiao County Synthetic Leather Industrial Park: Multi-point efforts to create a “green demonstration park”

Xiao County Synthetic Leather Industrial Park: Multi-point efforts to create a “green demonstration park” Recently, reporters learned in the Xiao County Economic Development Zone that Everbright Gre…

Xiao County Synthetic Leather Industrial Park: Multi-point efforts to create a “green demonstration park”

Recently, reporters learned in the Xiao County Economic Development Zone that Everbright Green Environmental Protection Renewable Energy (Xiao County) Co., Ltd. invested 480 million yuan to build a The organic waste and agricultural and forestry biomass disposal cogeneration project can realize centralized heating in the park. The local government has invested 95 million yuan in laying heating pipelines. In the past two years, eight synthetic leather companies have invested a total of 49.86 million yuan in the renovation of environmental protection facilities…

Sealed workshop production lines, newly dug rainwater collection tanks, online monitoring systems connected to superior environmental protection departments…

“I really didn’t expect that Xiao County Synthetic Leather Park could undergo such a big change in the past two years. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as earth-shaking!” Talking about the “green transformation” road of Xiao County Synthetic Leather Park, Ji Kezhen, president of the Suzhou Synthetic Leather Chamber of Commerce and head of the Xiaoxian American Leather Industry, was overjoyed and praised the development of the park.

In the past two years, Xiaoxian Synthetic Leather Park has given full play to its unique advantages in production resources, inheritance of traditional skills, and distribution of special commodities, built a cluster with characteristics, and developed a cluster with advantages, forming a unique cluster development advantage. The park adheres to the priority of energy conservation and environmental protection, develops circular economy, improves comprehensive benefits, and actively implements centralized pollution control. Each enterprise vigorously implements the renovation and upgrading of environmental protection facilities, conducts in-depth technological innovation activities, promotes the integration of industry, academia, research and application, and achieves structural adjustment andTransformation and upgrading has effectively improved the development level of industrial clusters and the quality of the park environment Significant improvements have been made, and the results of green development have become increasingly significant.

The Xiaoxian Synthetic Leather Industrial Park, founded in the second half of 2011, is a key investment attraction project in Suzhou City. It covers an area of ​​1,800 acres and has a total investment of 3.3 billion yuan. There are currently 11 synthetic leather companies, mainly producing PU and PVC artificial leather. Synthetic leather, products are sold to domestic and foreign markets (exportexports account for 40%). Last year, the park completed a total output value of 2.26 billion yuan, achieved tax revenue of 15 million yuan, and created employment for 3,400 people.

“Take the road of green development and create a national green demonstration base.” This is a major issue raised at the plenary meeting of the Suzhou Synthetic Leather Chamber of Commerce in June 2018. To this end, the “2341” project was proposed, where “2” refers to the park’s centralized heating production and DMF wastewater centralized recycling project; “3” refers to The “three towers” (dry process, wet process, and back-stage recovery tower) upgrade and renovation project; “4” refers to the “four water management” project; “1” refers to creating a city with “ecological technology, green manufacturing; fashion brand, health “Green Synthetic Leather” Xiao County Creation Base as the main body.

Central heating project. According to the planning and design requirements, the central heating source of the synthetic leather park in Xiao County Development Zone is a general organic waste and agricultural and forestry biomass disposal cogeneration project invested and constructed by Everbright Green Renewable Energy (Xiao County) Co., Ltd. The project is located in the development zone On the east side of Tianrui Avenue, it covers an area of ​​80 acres, with a total investment of 480 million yuan. The total designed scale is to dispose of 800 tons of general combustible industrial waste per day. It will be constructed in two phases. As the first organic waste and agricultural and forestry biomass cogeneration project deployed by China Everbright Green Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. in Anhui Province, it processes approximately 133,000 tons of general organic waste and agricultural and forestry biomass annually, and generates approximately 60 million kWh of electricity annually. Annual heating supply is 640,000 tons. While generating electricity and connecting it to the grid, steam is generated to provide heat for businesses and residents. The construction of combined heat and power is in line with the revised special heating plan and combined heat and power plan of Xiao County Economic Development Zone. It was approved by the Suzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission on June 20, 2020, and was approved by the Suzhou Municipal Ecological Environment on March 31, 2021. Bureau environmental impact assessment approval.

On August 28 this year, the boiler was ignited and debugged, and the first heat supply was achieved on November 13. At present, all main units of the thermal power plant have completed engineering acceptance and can provide heat normally.

DMF centralized recycling project. Through investment promotion, Xiao County signed a “Project Investment Contract” with Xiamen Yuanda Energy Management Co., Ltd. on December 8, 2021. Xiamen Yuanda Energy Management Co., Ltd. registered and established Anhui Carbonzhihe Environmental Protection Energy Co., Ltd. in Xiao County as a ” The production and operation entity of the project of “recycling and treating 1.2 million tons of DMF wastewater annually”. The company takes “low carbon, clean, environmentally friendly and harmonious” as its corporate purpose, and adopts the world’s most advanced heat pump recovery technology to achieve the business goals of low emissions, low energy consumption and high efficiency. After the project is completed, the company will obtain the DMF wastewater treatment franchise right and realize 100% centralized recycling and treatment of DMF wastewater from enterprises in the synthetic leather park. The total investment of the project is 180 million yuan (including 150 million yuan for production equipment and facilities), and it will be completed in three phases and two years. At present, the company has completed the land purchase and is undergoing factory renovation.

“Three towers” (dry process, wet process, and back-stage recovery tower) upgrade and reconstruction project. Due to the low waste gas recovery rate of synthetic leather enterprises, the decades-old process has not changed. It is the expectation of experts in the entire industry to upgrade and transform. The park organized technical backbones. After half a year of research and development, the first negative pressure separation multi-stage sprayer was built. The birth of the recycling tower in Anhui Meige Leather Industry Co., Ltd. is a landmark initiative for the synthetic leather industry. This new process tower solves the problem of low waste gas recovery rate and�It can stably meet the emission standards, long-term leakage of positive pressure collection pipes in the workshop, and environmental issues related to clean production. This move provides basic conditions for the creation of a “green workshop” and contributes the wisdom of Xiao County to the entire industry.

Eleven synthetic leather companies carried out boiler transformation in 2019, from coal-fired boilers to biomass boilers using clean energy. The exhaust gas treatment facilities were simultaneously transformed, and all were upgraded to double alkali cyclone plate water film dust collectors. It was transformed into an SNCR denitrification + high-efficiency bag dust collector. The environmental protection completion acceptance was completed in 2020. A total investment of 6.26 million yuan was invested, and online monitoring equipment was installed. The equipment acceptance was completed in September 2021. The online daily average historical data of various synthetic leather companies in 2022 shows that the exhaust gas can stably meet the emission standards.

“Four Waters Co-governance” project. The company mainly focuses on “four water management”, energy conservation and beautification of the environment, greening the factory area, and building a park-style factory. By centrally treating domestic sewage (primary water) and collecting initial rainwater (second water) (the above two waters are first processed by the enterprise’s sewage treatment station, and then are included in Xiao County Qingyuan sewage treatment after meeting the standards factory centralized processing). When each enterprise builds open channels and ditches, the planning institute will complete the ditch layout design in a unified manner, and the construction will be carried out in strict accordance with the drawings. After three months of hard work, the park has built 11 rainwater collection tanks (500m³) and 27.5 kilometers of ditches (each company has built ten horizontal and four vertical open ditches), with a total investment of more than 30 million yuan. On this basis, in order to do a good job in “water saving”, each company added a 2,000-ton water storage tank to collect and use later rainwater to achieve the “water saving” goal (three water). The centralized wastewater treatment project has started construction. The project uses the most advanced low-temperature heating pump technology in China and will be completed and put into production by the end of 2023.

Green energy projects. In order to further achieve “green” and “energy saving”, enterprises in the park have promoted the use of distributed photovoltaic energy on a large scale. Currently, five enterprises in the base have invested in new photovoltaic energy technologies and used factory roofs to build distributed photovoltaic power stations to achieve corporate energy conservation.

Six modernization improvement projects. Since last year, the development zone has actively implemented the “hardening, greening, lighting, sequencing, purification, and culture” improvement actions in various parks. In the synthetic leather park, a total of 8 million yuan was invested to build a 9km water supply pipe network and 980,000 yuan was invested to build a new sewage pipe network. The pipeline network is 1.5km, and nearly one million yuan has been invested to renovate a public toilet, build an amusement park, green and upgrade three factory roads, and renovate fire protection facilities in public rental housing. The infrastructure of the synthetic leather park has been improved, supporting capabilities have been further enhanced, and the image of the park is getting better day by day.

“Facing the high requirements of national industrial transformation and upgrading and high-quality development, the synthetic leather industry, as a traditional industry, must adhere to the green synthetic leather ecological technology as the basis, actively promote the green synthetic leather industrial base to scale and level; with vigorous efforts Promote the development of fashion brands and health brands of green synthetic leather in Xiao County as the core, cultivate new landmarks of industrial bases; improve the quality of development through clean production, low-carbon and environmental protection measures, and promote traditional advantageous industries from the low-end value chain to the mid-to-high end Value chain development.” Ji Kezhen said, “We must be brave in innovation, dare to break through, be good at leveraging, rely on high-quality products to create high-quality brands, and truly achieve quality and efficiency improvement, transformation and development, and leapfrog development.”

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