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Keqiao printing and dyeing enterprise received the first “big gift package” of the new year

Keqiao printing and dyeing enterprise received the first “big gift package” of the new year In order to help enterprises win the “open door steadily and open well”, Keqiao District, Shao…

Keqiao printing and dyeing enterprise received the first “big gift package” of the new year

In order to help enterprises win the “open door steadily and open well”, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province has actively carried out the activities of “big visits, big research, big services and big problem solving” in recent days, and the research and service team went deep into the textile industryPrinting and dyeing enterprises‘s frontline production, inspects production safety issues, listens to development needs, interprets corporate-friendly policies, and solves practical problems.

A few days ago, the main leaders of Keqiao District Economic and Information Bureau and Development and Reform Bureau led teams to visit a number of textile printing and dyeing enterprises. At Zhejiang Yichuan Textile Technology Co., Ltd., all production lines are operating at full capacity to rush to make orders. The person in charge of the company, Ye Xingyun, said happily: “Orders have picked up during this period, and the production lines are also open.”

“Is the pressure on electricity bills still high? Have you received the latest “electricity consumption coupon”?” the research service team asked. “We have received it two days ago. This time we have received a subsidy of nearly 400,000 yuan, which has helped us reduce a lot of burden.” Ye Xingyun said that due to the increase in production intensity, the electricity consumption of enterprises has reached a small peak recently, “It is very important for us. For the company, the cost of electricity has always been a big expense, but now that the government has given considerable subsidies, we are more confident.”

At the beginning of the new year, many companies in Keqiao received an electricity subsidy based on production data settled at the end of last year. The person in charge of the company happily called it “the first big gift package of the new year.” “We have encouraged companies to increase production in the form of ‘rebate coupons’ for three consecutive years. The more electricity they use, the more rewards they will receive. This year’s intensity will be even greater.” According to reports, in the first quarter, Keqiao will increase tax sales compared with the same period last year. Industrial enterprises above designated size with an increase of more than 15% will be given a 30% subsidy for the year-on-year increase in electricity bills in the current quarter.

At present, Keqiao textile printing and dyeing enterprises, especially some small, medium and micro enterprises, are still in a special period of difficulty. In order to help enterprises get a head start, Keqiao, based on early visits and surveys, based on characteristic industries, launched a set of cost-saving and fee-reduction measures to reduce the cost of production factors. In addition to providing subsidies for electricity consumption, it also provided subsidies for sewage treatment costs and Environmental protection indicators will be carried forward to provide protection.

In Zhejiang Huagang Dyeing and Weaving Group Co., Ltd., the person in charge of the company, Gu Jieping, introduced the current development status of the company to the research service team. She said that in the past month, the overseas orders received by the company have increased by more than 15% compared with the same period last year.

“For our printing and dyeing enterprises, the pressure on environmental protection from energy consumption indicators, pollution emission indicators and other aspects has always been considerable.” Gu Jieping said that in order to ensure the next production work, the company has recently invested nearly 10 million yuan Environmentally friendly transformation of production equipment is carried out in order to achieve greener and more efficient production.

The latest enterprise assistance policies brought by the research service team undoubtedly gave Gu Jieping a “reassurance”: in order to further reduce the pressure on enterprises, in terms of sewage charges, Keqiao has simultaneously postponed the second step of price adjustment for multi-factor project charging standards for industrial enterprises. to the end of June. At the same time, for enterprises that maintain continuous production during the Spring Festival, environmental protection indicators can be carried forward if they meet the conditions.

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