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Supply chain uncertainty is the most difficult question! The linen textile industry is concentrating on tempering its internal strength to cope with the epidemic test

“At first, no one cared about this disaster, until it became closely related to everyone.” This line from the movie “The Wandering Earth” has become a true portrayal of current life. At …

“At first, no one cared about this disaster, until it became closely related to everyone.” This line from the movie “The Wandering Earth” has become a true portrayal of current life. At the beginning of 2020, the spread of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic caused many industries to face the “coldest winter.” Linen textile companies are focusing on preventing and controlling the epidemic while resuming work and production, especially dealing with the uncertainty of the supply chain. Faced with a complex and ever-changing situation, companies are working hard to move forward under pressure.

Responsible in the college entrance examination

Faced with the adverse impact of the epidemic, a group of linen textile enterprises have demonstrated their social responsibility and sense of responsibility, actively donated money and materials, and delivered “cannonballs” to the front line to defeat the epidemic. Zhejiang Golden Eagle Co., Ltd. donated 1 million yuan to the Zhoushan Charity Federation for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic in Zhoushan; Jinda Holdings Co., Ltd. donated 1 million yuan to the Haiyan County Charity Federation of Zhejiang Province to support the nationwide new coronavirus epidemic Medical treatment and prevention and control of pneumonia; Wei Aimin, chairman of Shunchang Linen Company, donated 200,000 yuan to Chaohu City, Anhui Province for local COVID-19 prevention work; Younger Hemp Family learned that Shanghai Longhua Hospital wanted to purchase When a batch of duvets rushed to help medical staff at Leishenshan in Wuhan, they immediately decided to donate them free of charge. So 30 duvets worth 400,000 yuan were sent from Ningbo that day and were delivered to Shanghai Longhua Hospital as soon as possible. There was a saying that “send goose feathers thousands of miles away. The story of “The gift is light and the quilt is warm and I look forward to your return”…

There are also some linen textile companies that have shown energy and responsibility in fighting the epidemic and are resuming work and production. Serve as a vanguard and become a new force in this epidemic prevention and control war. After Jiangxi Endama Century Technology Co., Ltd. received the changed business license and Class I medical device registration certificate as soon as possible, Chairman Qiu Xinhai immediately mobilized manpower to purchase equipment, raw and auxiliary materials, and contacted relevant departments to solve the problem of transportation vehicles. In order to solve transportation problems, we convened employee training and made every effort to promote the production of isolation gowns for epidemic prevention materials.

Shanxi Oasis Hemp Textile Co., Ltd. focused on prevention and control with one hand and production with the other. It completed the production of hemp cloth worth 7.5 million yuan and successfully sold it to Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions, achieving a good start after resuming work. . At present, 948 employees of Oasis Company have returned to the factory, accounting for 85% of the total number of workers, and the production of hemp yarn, cloth and other products has returned to about 95% of the pre-holiday level.

In order to allow workers to produce with peace of mind, Hubei Jingjing Textile Group has established an epidemic prevention headquarters to strictly implement various epidemic prevention measures; in order to reduce the possibility of cross-infection among personnel, the company has implemented closed management. “Based on the existing manpower and material resources, we are doing our best to contact upstream and downstream enterprises, and do our best to organize efforts to increase production, and strive to catch up with the losses in the first quarter.” said Hu Zhenhua, general manager of Hubei Jingjing Textile Group.

Shunchang Linen has established an anti-epidemic resumption leading group headed by Chairman Wei Aimin, and is doing everything possible to mobilize protective supplies to ensure sufficient supplies. At the same time, a series of relevant prevention and control systems are formulated to ensure a clear division of labor and assigned responsibilities to each person. We conducted a survey of employees in various locations, and based on the distribution of the epidemic across the country, we formulated plans for employees to return to the factory batch by batch, and arranged for employees to return to the factory for production. At present, the company’s epidemic prevention and production work is in order.

Changes in demand must be adjusted to respond

Under the epidemic, all parts of the country Measures have also been introduced to reduce the burden on enterprises during the epidemic prevention and control period. Some people in the linen textile industry said that during the current epidemic, linen textile companies have been affected to varying degrees in terms of raw materials, orders, and capital chains. The measures introduced by the local government are very timely and necessary. As small and medium-sized enterprises, they hope to introduce tax concessions during the epidemic. policies to reduce tax standards; it is also recommended to introduce bank loan support policies, such as reducing interest or deferring payments; it is recommended to set up special support funds to encourage and promote linen textile enterprises to resume production and operations as soon as possible.

The person in charge of the linen textile enterprise said frankly that as the current epidemic spreads around the world, the market situation faced has undergone new changes. From the perspective of foreign demand, countries affected by the epidemic will strengthen strict supervision on the movement of people based on their control needs, which will lead to a decline in domestic demand and an overall decline in imports; from the perspective of foreign supply, although China It occupies an important position in the global industrial chain, but based on the requirements of specialized division of labor, China still inevitably has to import raw materials or semi-finished products from other countries. The development of the global epidemic will have an impact on the linen textile supply chain system and further affect production. For example, China’s flax raw materials are basically dependent on imports. The rapid spread of the epidemic will affect the procurement and transportation of related companies, which will push up the price of raw materials. and the risk of price increases and supply interruptions of finished products.

For many linen textile companies, the uncertainty of the supply chain is a current problem. “The plan of the previous few months may have completely changed now. Everyone will have to resume work and operation for a period of time to eliminate this uncertainty.” A linen textile enterpriseThe person in charge said.

“In the face of new changes, linen textile enterprises must prepare for rainy days and make plans. Enterprises should adopt multi-faceted response strategies to minimize potential risks.” Industry insiders analyzed: “First of all, we must do a good job The reduction in finished product exports caused by the decline in demand from major exporting countries and the risk preparation for increased inventory can be appropriately transferred to the domestic market. Since China has better control of the epidemic, corporate production and household demand have recovered quickly, and domestic demand has increased significantly, so companies can Shift some products for external demand to the domestic market, use domestic demand to offset the decline in external demand, and try to reduce the impact of a sharp drop in external demand on enterprises. At the same time, strengthen communication with upstream and downstream partners in the supply chain, coordinate production, and avoid problems caused by poor information and transportation. Supply chain disruption caused by blockage, lack of personnel, interruption of raw materials, etc.”

Turning crises into opportunities and finding new breakthroughs

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has brought crises to companies in the linen textile industry, but it also breeds more opportunities. Only those companies that correctly understand the crisis, take advantage of the situation, and make timely adjustments can turn crises into opportunities. Be the winner in this fight against the epidemic.

Industry analysts pointed out: “At present, the overall epidemic control in the country has shown a good trend, and most regions have successively lowered the corresponding prevention measures in different levels. At the control level, national and local policies and measures to support and encourage the resumption of work and production have been intensively introduced. Linen textile enterprises need to seize the window period of preferential policies in a timely manner, carefully study and actively strive for policy support, and accelerate the resumption of work and resumption on the basis of ensuring that epidemic prevention and control are in place. production, increase the production rate as soon as possible, prepare for the rebound growth caused by consumer demand that has been suppressed or delayed by early control measures, and also lay the foundation and create conditions for transformation and upgrading. At the same time, the market during the anti-epidemic war should also be analyzed and studied in a timely manner The new characteristics and trends of change are promoting product structure adjustment and business transformation. The epidemic has created new market opportunities, almost all of which are related to Internet+. Therefore, linen textile companies should actively seize this rare opportunity to connect and integrate into the industry. The Internet promotes intelligent and digital transformation.”

In this unprecedented battle against the epidemic, the China Hemp Textile Industry Association is also sparing no effort to promote the resumption of work and production of enterprises. The China Flax Textile Industry Association has an in-depth understanding of the epidemic prevention and control and production dynamics of member companies, actively reports corporate difficulties and policy demands to relevant national departments, and strives to coordinate the smooth connection of all links in the industry chain: In response to the previous hot event of flax staple fiber imports, Carry out timely communication and coordination with the General Administration of Customs, local customs, and enterprises involved to implement services for member enterprises; use the network platform to provide production, processing and procurement information of epidemic prevention materials to member enterprises and industrial cluster governments in various places, and coordinate and organize Exchange of masks and other items. While making connections and providing consultation and services, the China Linen Textile Industry Association has launched an initiative to the entire industry, calling on the entire industry to strengthen confidence, overcome difficulties, and create brilliance together. The China Hemp Textile Industry Association wrote in an open letter to the hemp textile industry: Under the nest, there are still eggs, and the impact of the epidemic will affect the entire industry. Therefore, it is even more important for the entire industry to unite and develop together to carry out production and business activities during this special period. No matter how small an enterprise is, it is an integral part of the industry. No matter how large an enterprise is, it is difficult to support the entire industry. In times of crisis, it is even more important for all colleagues in the linen textile industry to unite and rely on the overall strength of the industry to break through the difficulties. In the face of the epidemic, we must implement scientific policies and respond cautiously, believe in science, and carry out epidemic prevention and control work with a positive attitude, cautious means, reasonable methods, and correct measures. All enterprises should carry out production and operation activities as soon as possible under the premise that risks are controllable, resume production, stabilize the market, and reduce losses. After the initiative was issued, it received high recognition and positive response from enterprises in the industry. </p

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