Fabric Products,Fabric Information,Fabric Factories,Fabric Suppliers Fabric News 6 businesses have been closed down and 3 have been moved out! Jiaxing Haining launches the “most ruthless” textile finishing!

6 businesses have been closed down and 3 have been moved out! Jiaxing Haining launches the “most ruthless” textile finishing!

Jiaxing Haining launched the “most ruthless” textile finishing! Recently, Haining Xucun Town launched a special rectification of the textile finishing industry in conjunction with the “Two Pro…

Jiaxing Haining launched the “most ruthless” textile finishing! Recently, Haining Xucun Town launched a special rectification of the textile finishing industry in conjunction with the “Two Prosperities Action”. The textile finishing industry is the pillar industry of Xucun Town. Lamination, hot stamping, coating, printing, etc. are important links in the textile finishing industry chain.

Some textile finishing companies produce illegally in order to maximize profits, producing a large amount of harmful gases during the production process and polluting the environment. In this regard, Haining Xucun Town and Jiaxing Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau Haining Branch took this special rectification action as a starting point and followed the idea of ​​”shut down a group, rectify a group, and upgrade a group” to improve policy guidance and governance in accordance with the law. All textile finishing enterprises carry out centralized rectification and improvement.

This industry rectification will last from the beginning of May to the end of March 2021, and the targets of the rectification are all textiles in Xucun Town, Haining The post-finishing enterprises (workshops) are divided into eight areas including Xucun, Xuxiang, and Shenshi, involving industries such as lamination, coating, shaping, printing, and flocking. By carrying out comprehensive rectification of textile finishing enterprises (workshops), resolutely shut down (stop) enterprises (workshops) that engage in illegal activities such as building before approval, building small and large after approval, and realizing the standardization of the textile finishing industry.

Xucun Town Joint Inspection Team conducted an on-site inspection of Shen Shipian Textile Finishing Enterprise

During the operation, the joint inspection team visited textile finishing companies within the jurisdiction and explained in detail the goals of the “two-pronged action” to the person in charge of the company and requirements, according to the “Xucun Town Textile Finishing Industry Remediation Operation Steps” formulated in the early stage, understand the actual production situation of the company, fill in the “Xucun Textile Finishing Industry Renovation and Improvement On-site Inspection Record Form”, and focus on checking whether the waste gas collection facilities comply with relevant requirements Installation requires companies to ensure the normal operation of the facilities.

At the same time, companies are also required to check pipeline facilities regularly to prevent pipeline gas leakage. Textile finishing companies will produce solid waste such as slurry and slurry barrels during the production process. The inspection team requires companies to build solid waste storage warehouses and stack solid waste in a unified manner. Provide warning education to enterprises that have not established solid waste storage warehouses and require them to construct them as soon as possible as required.

As of May 18, the first round of inspections by Shen Shipian had been completed, and a total of 99 law enforcement officers were dispatched to inspect the company. 33 companies (of which 26 have been approved and 7 have not been approved), 6 have been shut down (of which 2 have been approved and 4 have not been approved), and “Decision Letters Ordering to Correct Illegal Behaviors” have been issued to 23 approved companies. Three unapproved companies were ordered to move out within five days, and one company was investigated and punished, with a proposed fine of 397,000 yuan.

Haining Xucun Town will also further improve the entry threshold for textile finishing enterprises and strictly implement relevant industry access opinions. Enterprises (workshops) with industrial advantages and development potential will be upgraded with the help of park agglomeration and investment in technological transformation.

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In order to accelerate the development of a strong industrial city towards high quality , to promote the agglomeration of the modern textile finishing industry (printing and dyeing industry) to improve high-quality development, and further form new advantages in the quality and intelligent manufacturing of the modern textile industry. On April 26, the Zhejiang Haining Municipal Economic and Information Bureau organized a conference on the city’s modern textile finishing industry (printing and dyeing industry) ) gather to improve high-quality development symposium.

In 2020, Haining City, in accordance with the “Several Policy Opinions of Haining City to Support an Industrial City” (Hai Zheng Fa [2019] No. 42) and “On Accelerating the Promotion of 100 Billion Fashion In the spirit of relevant policies such as “Several Measures for the Construction of Industrial Clusters” (Haining Banfa [2019] No. 107), in order to promote the intelligent transformation of enterprises and promote the transformation and upgrading of the fashion industry, the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau commissioned a professional organization to carry out the “Haining Fashion Industry The preparation of the “Intelligent Manufacturing” Key Encouraged Equipment Catalog (referred to as the “Encouraged Catalog”). The “Encouragement Catalog” focuses on the key weak links of Haining’s fashion industry manufacturing and mainly reflects the advanced, focused, guiding and intelligent nature of the equipment. It has compiled 21 “intelligent manufacturing” key encouraged equipment catalogs, including industry-specific equipment. 13 items, 8 items of shared equipment. Enterprises purchasing equipment in the “Encouragement Catalog” will be provided with financial policy support.


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