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How to remove the odor from wool quilts. Characteristics of wool quilts

Quilts are an indispensable part of bedding. The best performance is what we expect, and wool quilts are rich in water absorption and breathability because of their good performance. Elasticity stands out among…

Quilts are an indispensable part of bedding. The best performance is what we expect, and wool quilts are rich in water absorption and breathability because of their good performance. Elasticity stands out among many types of quilts and is loved by people of all ages. However, some consumers find that the wool quilts they just bought have a peculiar smell. Next, the editor will introduce to you How to remove the peculiar smell of wool quilts and Characteristics of wool quilts . Users in need can come and find out briefly!

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1. How to remove the odor from wool quilts

Wool quilt is a good thing for sleeping, especially in winter, and its warmth-keeping properties are favored by many elderly people and rheumatism patients. However, some people think that wool quilts always have a peculiar smell. The editor below will introduce to you how to remove the peculiar smell from wool quilts:

1 If you find that the wool quilt you just bought has a slight odor, you can open the package and put it outside to dry and ventilate, and the smell will evaporate quickly. If there is a mutton smell, you can use the following tips:

Spray an appropriate amount of alcohol evenly on the wool, and then Sprinkle a small amount of yellow rice and gently beat it or use a soft brush to brush it along the wool once or twice. Remember to be gentle. After the wool is dry, shake off the yellow rice stuck to the wool, and then remove the wool. After being rolled up and put in mothballs, and left to suffocate for a period of time (about two months), the mutton smell will evaporate along with the alcohol and mothballs.

2. In daily use, wool quilts should be dried regularly to prevent the wool from getting damp, which is prone to insects. There is an odor. If conditions permit, we can send it to a dry cleaner for cleaning and tell the dry cleaner how to dry clean it.

3. Wool should be stored in a special bag, put in a few insect repellents, and placed in a ventilated and dry place , to prevent the wool from getting damp.

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2. Characteristics of wool quilts

Wool fiber is one of the earliest natural fibers used by humans. The main raw material of wool quilts is wool fiber. Wool fiber is soft and elastic, and can be used to make shoes, hats, clothes and other daily necessities and industrial textiles. Wool products have the characteristics of good hand feel, excellent thermal insulation performance and comfortable wearing, and are deeply loved by people.

Wool fiber has excellent curling properties, so the thermal insulation effect of wool is extremely excellent. Wool has good drape and good fit. In addition, wool quilts also have the following characteristics:

1. Increase deep sleep: According to relevant research, cashmere quilts can make people sleep more deeply. Increase sleep time by more than 25%, keep heart rate slow and steady, and be skin-friendly.

2. Moisture-absorbing and drying, warm in winter and cool in summer: The human body eliminates a large amount of water during sleep. The unique molecular structure of cashmere can By drawing water vapor into its hollow structure, cashmere can absorb some of the water without making you feel wet, and quickly eliminates the water vapor, so it has excellent thermal insulation properties when it’s cold and stays cool when it’s hot.

3. Fluffy and soft, not stiff: Cashmere has very good elasticity and can recover more than 90% of its original thickness after deformation. This keeps it fluffy, soft and non-sticky.

4. Naturally flame-retardant, safe and reliable: cashmere is not flammable and produces a small amount of heat when burned, does not produce open flames, and does not melt. , and can resist violent burning, so it is very safe.

5. Dust-proof and electrically resistant, antibacterial and mite-proof: Cashmere has strong hygroscopicity and is not easy to generate static electricity. Dust and dirt are not easy to absorb, which reduces The life cycle of insect mites in quilts makes cashmere quilts very suitable for babies, asthmatic rheumatism patients and the elderly.

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3. How to judge the authenticity of wool quilts

Wool quilts are favored by consumers and have become a pearl in the quilt market. At present, there are many types of wool quilts on the market, and there are also many genuine and fake ones, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish between genuine and fake ones. The editor below will introduce to you how to distinguish between genuine and fake wool quilts.

1. First, look at the quilt label.

The only pure wool products on the market have trademarks.A quality certificate, a *mark and an opening that can test the purity of the wool. If the above characteristics are present, a truly high-quality wool quilt will be considered a truly high-quality wool quilt. On the contrary, if these marks are missing on the wool quilt, especially if there is no opening that can test the purity of the wool, then This wool quilt may be fake.

2. Smell with your nose.

After a real high-quality wool quilt has undergone multiple processing procedures, there is no sheep mutton smell on the wool quilt, only a faint wool-specific smell. The smell will evaporate after opening the package for a while; while fake wool quilts will have a strong smell of mutton, which is a trick used by unscrupulous merchants to deceive customers.

3. Touch with your hands.

Pure high-quality wool quilt is very soft to the touch and skin-friendly. If a wool quilt feels hard or brittle when you touch it, it is likely that other materials have been added to the quilt and it is a fake wool quilt.

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