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Simmons mattress classification Simmons mattress specifications

We should be very familiar with the Simmons brand. After entering our Chinese market, it has developed rapidly and has even become a household name. Simmons is more famous for its mattresses. With the developme…

We should be very familiar with the Simmons brand. After entering our Chinese market, it has developed rapidly and has even become a household name. Simmons is more famous for its mattresses. With the development of technology, the types of mattresses are not limited to spring beds, and they also have more choices. Let’s take a look atSimmons mattress classification? Simmons mattress specifications?

Simmons mattress classification

1. Simmons mattress classification

1. Simmons latex mattress

This kind of mattress is taken from the rubber tree Juice, each rubber tree can only produce 30cc of latex juice per day. It takes at least * to * half of the time to complete the production. It is then formed by evaporation molding. It has countless pores and is very breathable. The scent of latex juice keeps many mosquitoes away. The use of latex mattresses can evenly distribute the weight of the human body, correct bad sleeping postures, and have sterilizing effects. In addition, latex mattresses are noise-free and vibration-free, which greatly improves sleep quality. But the breathability of this mattress is not very good.

2. Simmons Coconut Palm Mattress

The raw material of coconut palm mattress comes from the fruit of coconut tree, and the brown fiber wrapped around it is coconut palm. The three-dimensional network structure formed by the bent and shaped coconut palm filaments of the coconut palm mattress can facilitate ventilation inside the mattress and reduce the moisture content of the mattress. This kind of mattress itself is made of natural materials, which is good for your health. It is safe and environmentally friendly to use, stable and not easy to deform. After being treated with a special strengthening process, the mattress has good moisture-proof, mildew-proof, mite-proof and anti-bacterial characteristics.

3. Simmons 3D mattress

The material used in the 3D mattress is 3D core material. It mainly uses 10 layers of 3D material, which are piled up to a thickness of 16 cm. Then a sandwich mesh is used as the outer cover, and then the 3D material is used to quilt the zipper. The 3D mattress is made of 100% polyester material, which is non-toxic and odorless. It can be decomposed after use and has very high environmental performance. The 3D mattress also has a mesh structure, which has better air permeability and heat permeability, and will not easily get damp, moldy or breed bacteria.

Simmons mattress specifications

2. Simmons mattress specifications

1. Single Simmons mattresses are mostly used by single people or children. It is recommended to measure the length and width of your own bed when purchasing to avoid having different sizes after buying it back and making returns more troublesome. General single mattress sizes: 900*1900mm; 900*2000mm; 1200*1900mm; 1200*2000mm; 1500*1900; 1500*2000mm.

2. Double Simmons mattresses are mostly used on large beds. They have a gentle and comfortable touch and are fashionable and elegant in appearance. If you buy a bed The size of the pad is inappropriate. If it is too large, the lever principle will occur; if it is small, it will be crowded when two people sleep. Therefore, when choosing, you should buy carefully according to the size of your bed. Generally, the sizes of double mattresses are: 1500*2000mm; 1800*2000mm.

3. Is Simmons mattress good?

1. The Simmons brand can be said to be the first, founded in 1870 by Axlmon Gilber Simmons. Since its development, Simmons has become synonymous with top-grade spring beds. Its products are sold all over the world. In Asia, they are favored by suppliers of five-star hotels such as Shangri-La, Peninsula, and Mandarin Oriental.

2. Simmons mattresses are characterized by classic style design, noble and gorgeous appearance, sophisticated manufacturing technology, and health and environmental protection. It can be said that the Simmons brand leads the development trend of the mattress industry. Letting consumers sleep healthily and comfortably has always been what Simmons strives to do.

3. In the eyes of many people, Simmons is the symbol of American life. When we were still sleeping on hard wooden beds, Americans His life has since entered the “lathe age”. Americans in Hollywood movies are either in the car or in bed. It is really a happy thing to “open your eyes and drive a car, close your eyes and sleep beautifully on a Simmons bed.”

Is Simmons mattress good?

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