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Dangers of Simmons mattresses Simmons mattress size specifications

Simmons mattresses have become quite popular since they entered the domestic market. Many families choose to use this brand of mattresses. With the development of technology, there are more and more types of ma…

Simmons mattresses have become quite popular since they entered the domestic market. Many families choose to use this brand of mattresses. With the development of technology, there are more and more types of mattresses, and consumers have more choices. Everything has pros and cons, and Simmons mattresses are no exception. Let’s take a look at the dangers ofSimmons mattresses? Simmons mattress dimensions?

The dangers of Simmons mattresses

1. Dangers of Simmons mattresses

1. When designing Simmons mattresses, they increase the number of spring coils beyond the standard (some increase one or even two coils). We look at the mattress from the surface. It is much thicker, but because the springs are beyond the standard, the service life of the mattress is also greatly reduced. After the spring has undergone 80,000 durability tests, the elastic compression amount cannot meet the standard (more than 70mm), and consumers will also suffer certain losses as a result.

2. Simmons mattresses are often filled with low-density foam that exceeds specifications. According to the standard density of filled foam, it cannot Less than 22kg per cubic meter, the use of low-density foam will cause the mattress to collapse rapidly in a short period of time after use, and may even cause the spring steel wires to penetrate the mattress surface and injure people.

3. Simmons mattresses are filled with a large amount of waste materials during production, which also makes the mattress not only technically unable to meet the standards, but also Also, if the mattress is too hard or too soft, sleeping on it for a long time will deform the spine and lead to diseases.

4. The filling amount of Simmons mattress is too thick and excessive, which results in poor air permeability of the mattress and is easy to breed Germs, and skin diseases due to lack of oxygen in the skin.

Note: The above content comes from the Internet and is for reference only! As the first brand, Simmons mattress still has certain advantages.

Simmons mattress dimensions

2. Simmons mattress size specifications

The standard sizes of Simmons mattresses on the market now include: 1900*900mm, 1000*1900mm, 1200*1900mm, 1800*1200mm, 1800*2000mm, 1500*1800mm, etc. If you don’t have the size you want, you can also It is very convenient to choose customization.

Students basically use single beds. There are many types of single beds, which are divided into middle school students and children’s beds. The size of middle school student beds is generally 2000*1200mm, and the standard size of middle school student mattresses should also be 2000*1200mm. However, the height of the mattress is different from that of a double bed. Since middle school students are in the developmental stage, the mattress should not be too thick. Generally, half the height of the standard size of a double bed mattress is enough, and it should not be too soft.

The size of children’s beds is generally 1800*1200mm, the standard size of children’s mattresses is 1800*1200mm, and the thickness of the mattress is also It should be half the size of a double mattress. The editor would like to remind all parents that mattresses cannot be used when the body is still in the stage of physical development, as it will have an impact on the child’s skeletal development.

3. Simmons mattress weight

Round Simmons mattresses are not classified into single or double mattresses. Since there are fewer users, the sizes are relatively smaller, and the adaptability range of this mattress is also narrower. If used for children, it can be used not only as a bed but also as an entertainment place. It is soft and not afraid of bumps. Its size: diameter 1800mm; diameter 2000mm, weight is about 50kg.

Double Simmons mattress has a gentle and comfortable touch, as well as a stylish and beautiful appearance. It is generally used in couples’ rooms. Size: 1500*2000mm; 1800*2000mm, its weight is about 62kg.

Simmons mattress weight

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