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Is it necessary to buy an expensive toilet? What is the difference between a good toilet and a bad toilet?

Toilet is a household product that will definitely be used in family life, so when purchasing a toilet, generally owners will choose to buy better toilets and use them in this way The time can be longer. Howeve…

Toilet is a household product that will definitely be used in family life, so when purchasing a toilet, generally owners will choose to buy better toilets and use them in this way The time can be longer. However, some owners think that as long as the toilet for home use can be used normally, there is no need to buy a good one. So is it necessary to buy an expensive toilet for home use? What is the difference between a good toilet and a bad toilet? Many owners don’t understand this. The editor will briefly introduce these issues below.

Is it necessary to buy an expensive toilet?

1. Is it necessary to buy an expensive toilet?

In fact, when we buy a toilet, we only need to buy a good quality toilet. It does not have to be an expensive toilet, but the quality of cheap toilets is not guaranteed.

1. The cheap ones are definitely low-temperature ceramics, so they will become stinky after being used for a period of time; and then there are the materials used. There are relatively few (including porcelain body and glaze), which are prone to cracks and are not strong; cheap ones often have trachoma in the water tank, which leaks for a long time without knowing it; needless to say, water tank accessories are generally made of poor PVC. The good ones are usually ABS; the seat ring is also thinner, more fragile, and easy to break!

2. Generally, Chaozhou products are the cheapest in the market now. Of course, there are also some publicity that the brand is actually relatively poor. , including Shanggao (high-temperature goods), Wrigley (not high-temperature ceramics), Anhua (not high-temperature ceramics), Faenza (not high-temperature ceramics), Huameijia (not high-temperature ceramics), Douglas (just rely on blowing) and so on!

2. The difference between good toilets and bad toilets

Good toilets and  The difference between poor toilets

1. Weight

The heavier the toilet, the better. Usually the toilet weighs about 50 kilograms, and a good quality toilet weighs about 100 kilograms. The greater the weight, the greater the density, and the better the quality. You can hold the water tank cover with both hands to weigh the weight.

2. Number of water outlets

It is better to have one drain hole at the bottom of the toilet. This is because more drain holes will affect the momentum. Generally, the water outlets in ordinary bathrooms are divided into down drainage and horizontal drainage. You can measure the distance from the center of the drain outlet to the wall behind the water tank, and purchase the same model for use, otherwise it will not be installed.

3. Glazed surface

The glaze of a good-quality toilet appears smooth, without bubbling, and the surface looks saturated. You can also touch the toilet drain with your hands. If it is rough and used for a long time, it may cause damage.

4. Look at the caliber

Large-diameter sewage pipes and smooth glazed insides are less likely to catch dirt, and the sewage discharge is faster and more powerful, which can prevent clogging.

5. Check the water tank

You can check whether there is water leakage by dropping blue or different colors of ink into the toilet water tank. After stirring it evenly, you can observe whether there is any colored water flowing out of the toilet water outlet. If there is, there is a leak.

6. Waterware

Water parts determine the service life. There is a big difference in the quality of water fittings between good toilets and poor toilets. The best way to check is to listen to the crisp sound of the button.

7. Flush

A toilet is only good if it is flushed thoroughly. Flushing is divided into: rotating siphon type, direct flushing type, jet siphon type, and vortex siphon type. Choose different drainage types: (press the water type, which can be divided into flush type, siphon vortex type and siphon flush type, etc.). The flush-down type and siphon flush-down type have a water injection volume of about 6 liters and have good sewage discharge capabilities, but the sound is loud when flushing, while the whirlpool type uses a large amount of water at a time, but has a good quiet effect.

3. Which brand of household toilet is good?

What brand of household toilet is good

1. Jiu Mu

JOMOO is a large-scale group enterprise specializing in kitchen and bathroom furniture, sanitary ceramics, integrated bathroom and other home and kitchen fields. It always insists on using high-quality products to create truly safe, healthy and reassuring kitchen and bathroom solutions for consumers, thus Reduce consumers’ home life worries.

2. Kohler

Kohler It is a large-scale American brand enterprise that produces toilets, toilets, bathtubs, faucets and other bathroom products. It is committed to providing global consumers with a more comfortable and elegant home life enjoyment service. The smart toilets it designs and produces have been recognized by the international market many times and are well received.


TOTO It is one of the leading brands of smart toilets in the industry, and is also a world-renowned smart sanitary ware brand. It has great influence in the market and aims to provide consumers with a healthy and safe home life. Its sanitary ware products are not only designed to Beautiful and has a long service life.

4. Hengjie

Hengjie has the world’s leading production line equipment and professional production technology, which can provide consumers with quality-assured ceramic bathroom products. The Double Q series smart toilets it launched have a high reputation in the market and have a good reputation. practical performance.

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