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Which is better, spring mattress or coconut palm mattress? What kind of spring mattress is better?

The mattress is related to a person’s sleep and affects his mental state the next day. Therefore, when choosing a mattress, the choice of material is very important. . At present, spring and coconut mattr…

The mattress is related to a person’s sleep and affects his mental state the next day. Therefore, when choosing a mattress, the choice of material is very important. . At present, spring and coconut mattress materials are more popular among the public, and consumers will compare the two when purchasing. So which one is better? Spring mattress or coconut palm mattress? The following is an introduction to spring mattresses and coconut palm mattresses to show you how coconut palm mattresses are and what kind of spring mattresses are good.

1. Which is better, spring mattress or coconut palm mattress?

1. Spring mattress

Advantages: Spring bed The advantage of the protruding pad* is that it is made of independent spring barrels, which effectively prevents the springs from making noise due to mutual friction and shaking. At the same time, the three-stage partitioned independent spring design effectively supports every part of the body and makes the body’s load-bearing more even.

Disadvantages: *Spring mattresses with spring arrangements can cause cervical and lumbar muscles to be in a state of tension, resulting in neck and shoulder stiffness and Soreness in lower back. For mattresses with independent spring arrangements, the springs are easily deformed after long-term use.

2. Coconut palm mattress

Advantages: Coconut palm mattresses are relatively environmentally friendly. No PU foam is used in the production process, and they are non-toxic and safe. Moreover, the supporting force of coconut palm is between that of a plank bed and a spring mattress, which plays a certain role in protecting the spine and evenly supporting it.

Disadvantages: Coconut palm mattresses are prone to mold and bugs when they become damp, and are prone to collapse, deformation, and are not durable.

Summary: Spring mattresses and coconut palm mattresses each have their own advantages and disadvantages. As for which mattress material is better? The choice should be based on personal sleep and actual conditions. In short, the mattress that suits you is the best.

What kind of spring mattress is good

2. What kind of spring mattress is good

1. From the perspective of coil types

Spring mattresses have many coil types, and different types of coils The quality is also different. The commonly used coil is the Bonnell coil, which has relatively soft elasticity and the best durability among all springs. It can be used for about 3-5 years. The other is the continuous coil spring, which is made of continuous steel wire and is very comfortable to use. However, the coils interfere with each other greatly during use; there is also an independent spring, which has the best comfort and very good support.

2. Viewed from the support point

The more support points you choose for a spring mattress, the better, because the support is delicate and can relax your waist. In other words, choose a mattress with denser springs, and the quality and effect of such a mattress will be better.

3. From the thickness of the coil

The thickness of the coils in a spring mattress determines its service life and also determines the support of the mattress. Generally, the larger the spring thickness parameter, the better the support, but the comfort will decrease. On the contrary, the smaller the thickness, the higher the comfort, but the service life will decrease. For example, people who are heavier are suitable for mattresses made of high-thickness springs. In short, you should choose according to your needs when choosing.

Spring mattress price

3. Spring mattress price

The price of spring mattresses varies from high to low depending on different brands and materials. There is currently no fixed and unified reference price, which generally ranges from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. Generally, the prices of popular brands are more economical and more affordable, and the prices of well-known brands are also higher. Shared below are quotations for spring mattresses of individual brands:

1. Aishu Mattress famous spring mattress, reference price: 1,300.00 yuan ;

2. Aishu Mattress Jinya Spring Mattress, reference price: 1600.00 yuan;

3. Yupin Craftsman Spring Mattress, reference price: 1,480.00 yuan;

4. Lanke spring mattress special price, reference price: 788.00 yuan;

5. Dana Silk independent spring mattress, reference price: 2996.00 yuan;

6. Lin’s Wood Spring Mattress, reference price: 1,070 yuan;

7. Quanyou Spring Mattress, reference price: 1149 yuan.

Note: The above prices are from the Internet for reference only. Please consult your local dealer for details!

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