YC type air jet loom

YC type air jet loom YC425 air-jet loom is a new type of air-jet loom independently developed and produced by Qingdao Yinchun Machinery Co., Ltd. according to national conditions. This loom adopts the weft inse…

YC type air jet loom

YC425 air-jet loom is a new type of air-jet loom independently developed and produced by Qingdao Yinchun Machinery Co., Ltd. according to national conditions.
This loom adopts the weft insertion method of fixed main nozzle + swing main nozzle + auxiliary nozzle + extension nozzle + double weft finder, stable and reliable bilateral four-link beating mechanism, active cam opening system, expanded The range of weaving varieties of this loom includes electronic let-off device, electronic weft insertion, and electronic take-up. It adopts a variable frequency slow-speed inching system, has an automatic weft search function, and is operated by buttons on both sides.
Suitable weaving varieties YC425 air jet loom is suitable for weaving all kinds of natural cotton, medium and light denim and other fabrics. Because of its relatively advanced structure, it effectively solves the common problems of fabrics such as parking stalls, mechanical stalls, missing wefts and The phenomenon of amenorrhea.
Main rotation The main motor power is 2.7kW, 3.7kW, electromagnetic braking, with large super starting torque and accurate braking positioning, which can solve the parking gear.
Warp let-off system adopts servo let-off system. Through the tension sensor, the change of warp tension is accurately detected. After the signal is processed, the AC servo motor is driven by the servo manipulator to control the amount of warp let-off. The electronic control system also compensates for the change of the diameter of the weaving beam, and the warp let-off accuracy is high. Warp tension is constant.
Coiling adopts mechanical continuous coiling. By changing the weft density gear, different weft densities can be obtained. Using electronic coiling, changes in weft density can be input at will, which is both accurate and convenient.
The opening system adopts a cam opening multi-arm opening device. Suitable for plain, twill and satin fabrics. The cam box parts are lubricated by an oil bath and are not easily damaged.
The beat-up system adopts a double-sided four-link beat-up mechanism adapted to high speed, which has high strength, good rigidity, powerful beat-up and durability.
Weft storage system adopts Italian ROJ company weft feeder or Weinan Textile Machinery weft feeder (single or double color).
The weft insertion system consists of an air filter, a pressure regulating system, a gas path, main and auxiliary nozzles, a special-shaped reed feeder, a weft frame and a solenoid valve that controls the action of the main and auxiliary nozzles. The opening and closing time of the solenoid valve is completely controlled by the electronic control system. The user can input the weft insertion system arbitrarily according to the yarn characteristics and fabrics. Corresponding to different main jets, the pressure weft insertion parameters are also different.
The control system has frequency conversion slow-speed electric and automatic weft seeking functions. For the convenience of operation, it is equipped with two parking positions, which can easily extract the broken weft in the weaving hole. In addition, it is equipped with a slow weft insertion function, which is helpful for checking the weft insertion status of the loom. Electronic weft storage, electronic weft insertion, electronic take-up, electronic let-off, and human-machine interface are all controlled by 32-bit CPU, with powerful functions and fast computing speed.
Transmission mode adopts super starting motor, electromagnetic brake, double-sided four-link oil bath, electronic let-off, electronic take-up, etc. to make the transmission line short, the mechanical structure is reasonable, and it is durable. At the same time, the electronic let-off and electronic take-up work closely together to effectively remove driving marks.
Use and maintenance YC425 air-jet loom, the key parts are all oil-bathed, and the remaining parts adopt a centralized lubrication system. The user needs to refuel and perform maintenance according to the specified date and period.
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