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Functional fiber | Antimony-free polyester fiber, green cycle of life cycle

A few days ago, good news came from the pilot base of the National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center. Antimony polyester fiber technology has been industrialized in enterprises such as Guowang Hi-Tech…

A few days ago, good news came from the pilot base of the National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center. Antimony polyester fiber technology has been industrialized in enterprises such as Guowang Hi-Tech, Xinfengming Group, and Hengyi Group. According to reports, the quality of semi-dull polyester filament products produced using this technology is stable, reaching the domestic leading level, and has obvious economic and social benefits.
As China proposes the “double carbon” goal and continues to promote the construction of ecological civilization, its environmental protection requirements are gradually upgraded, and the environmental protection standards of the manufacturing industry are increasing day by day. At present, it has become the consensus of the domestic polyester industry to limit or reduce the use of antimony-based catalysts, develop and produce antimony-free polyester fibers, and achieve a green cycle in the textile life cycle.

“Traditional polyester fiber production generally uses antimony-based catalysts, which are harmful to the environment. The use of new catalysts, such as titanium-based or other system catalysts, is environmentally friendly and is a general trend to replace antimony-based catalysts. “Xu Song, general manager of the pilot base of the National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center, introduced that to this end, the National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center is committed to achieving engineering integration and demonstration application of antimony-free polyester fiber preparation technology, and further promoting environmentally friendly catalyst polymerization in the entire industry. The application of esters has been popularized.
The National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center integrates the technical resources of shareholder units Donghua University, Guowang Hi-Tech, Xinfengming Group, Hengyi Group and other technical resources to form “titanium catalyst preparation and antimony-free polyester melt direct spinning filament The R&D team of the “Complete Set of Technologies” project continues to conduct research on cutting-edge technologies and key common technologies.
Recently, the R&D team has overcome the problem of “antimony-free polyester fiber preparation technology” and developed and promoted the use of a new environmentally friendly catalyst system, avoiding pollution problems caused by the use of antimony-based catalysts and realizing a green textile life cycle. circulation, greatly improving efficiency and shortening the research and development cycle of antimony-free polyester fiber.
Mei Feng, chairman of Jiangsu New Vision Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center, said that today, when we actively advocate “carbon peak and carbon neutrality”, environmental protection is not only a requirement, but also a responsibility. For the polyester industry, although various new environmentally friendly titanium-based catalysts have been introduced that can solve the technical problems of antimony-free fiber preparation, new titanium-based catalysts that can be used on a large scale in industrial devices are almost monopolized by foreign companies. Not only are their prices Expensive, and the related application technology is not yet mature. “my country’s polyester production capacity ranks first in the world, and it is urgent to break foreign monopoly and develop titanium catalysts for polyester that can be used for large-scale industrial production, so as to develop environmentally friendly polyester products.” Mei Feng said, in the “double In the context of “carbon”, it is of great significance to solve the technical bottleneck of green development of the industry, ensure the green development of the polyester fiber industry, and improve the competitiveness of my country’s polyester industry.
Through the development of environmentally friendly catalysts, the National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center has continuously conquered key technologies and achieved efficient and stable catalytic effects for polyester esterification and polycondensation. The environmentally friendly titanium catalyst developed by the innovation center can not only fill the domestic gap and replace imported products, but also solve the pollution and health problems caused by the heavy metal antimony in polyester fiber from the source, contribute to the green manufacturing of polyester products and improve the ecological environment. Significant.
It is reported that the project technology has passed the production verification of large-capacity direct spinning device, and achieve mass production, which helps downstream companies reduce dyeing costs and environmental pollution. Taking 100 million tons of antimony-free polyester products as an example, it can reduce the amount of antimony used by about 2 tons, which has good economic and social benefits. This technology has independent intellectual property rights, has been authorized 2 invention patents, and has passed the new technology and new product appraisal of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and the science and technology guidance project appraisal of the China Textile and Apparel Industry Federation.

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