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Popular Science | Application of polyester fiber in technical textiles: medical and health use

The term technical textiles first appeared in Europe in the 1980s. It refers to textile materials and products designed and manufactured with technical characteristics and functionality. In our country, they ar…

The term technical textiles first appeared in Europe in the 1980s. It refers to textile materials and products designed and manufactured with technical characteristics and functionality. In our country, they are generally called industrial textiles, and according to The application fields are divided into 16 statistical sub-items such as medical and health, filtration and separation, and geotechnical engineering. Polyester fibers play an extremely important role in the field of technical textiles due to their excellent comprehensive properties. The following mainly introduces the application progress of polyester fiber in medical and health textiles.

Medical and sanitary textiles can be divided into two categories: wearable and non-wearable. Typical products of the former include masks, disposable pads (including baby diapers, women’s sanitary napkins, adult incontinence pants), patient uniforms, doctor uniforms, nurse uniforms, protective clothing, etc.; the latter includes wipes, bandages (including plastic surgery nets) ), gauze, sutures, flexible stents, artificial body organs, etc. According to statistics, the application proportion of polyester fiber in this field is as high as 75%, involving textiles of various structures.

Medical elastic bandages can be interwoven with polyester and cotton threads, and then undergo moist heat finishing to obtain both elasticity and moisture absorption. The best fabric has been used in clinical applications such as orthopedic surgery and thoracic surgery. The effect is equivalent to similar imported products and the cost is lower. In addition, polyester zippers were used as temporary closure materials for abdominal wall incisions.Bed application verification also has good results.

Adopt the meridional middle branch The stain-resistant elastic backing fabric made of cotton double-strand yarn and weft PBT fine count yarn has a moisture absorption performance of not less than 7% and a breathability of up to 300 L/(m2·s), used as a “Band-Aid” backing The rubber lining is not only soft to the touch, but has an elastic elongation rate of up to 45% to 50%. It can also be used for medical bandaging of falls, bruises, and sprains, and is also suitable for knee pads, wrist pads, etc.

Based on the specific viscosity of 0.64 dL/g, semi-dull PET and TiO2‘s quality The matting masterbatch with a fraction of 50% is used as raw material, and the sheath-core composite spinning method is used to prepare anti-see-through PET fiber, which can meet the requirements of lightness and concealment of medical protective clothing. In early product development, a variety of processing methods have been explored, including the use of full-dull direct spinning of filaments and short fibers.

The American company NatureWorks has developed PLA nonwoven fabrics that can be used in baby diapers, adult incontinence and feminine hygiene products, which helps to produce thinner and more comfortable hygiene products and reduce the incidence of rashes. After surface treatment, it can be used. Reduces the amount of super absorbent polymer (SAP) or paper pulp by 30%, making it thinner, more comfortable and less expensive than traditional polypropylene products.

Multiple yarns mainly made of PET fiber are processed into warp knitted fabrics for cardiac mesh support , also called cardiac support device (CSD). Its shape is similar to the heart, with high strength, flexibility, tear resistance and biocompatibility. It slides easily on the surface of the heart and can adjust the most appropriate supporting force to help reshape the spherical heart of patients with heart failure into a healthy oval. shape.

Extracorporeal circulation system (ECC system or OPB system) is important to maintain life Device, MEDIFAB processed from PET monofilament by Swiss Sefar Company !important”>®filter has precise mesh size, high pass rate, excellent particle retention rate, good biocompatibility, etc., and is highly safe for clinical use. In hemodialysis, tunneled catheters with polyester sheaths can help achieve the expected hemodialysis effect, and can also effectively control the occurrence of complications and improve the quality of prognosis, which is of great significance in promoting patients’ physical recovery and improving their quality of life.

Using polyester monofilament to make implantable artificial Hair, there are currently more than 110,000 cases worldwide. γ-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane/polypyrrole film/polyester (silane coupling agent KH-550/PPy/PET) monofilament composite material is used as implantable artificial hair, which is biocompatible.��Good, no obvious cytotoxicity.

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