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The future development market of carbon fiber high-strength fireproof cloth fiber cloth

The future development market of carbon fiber high-strength fireproof cloth fiber cloth According to the analysis of Duan Xiaohua, an associate researcher at the Institute of Industrial Science and Technology D…

The future development market of carbon fiber high-strength fireproof cloth fiber cloth

According to the analysis of Duan Xiaohua, an associate researcher at the Institute of Industrial Science and Technology Development of the China Academy of Science and Technology Development Strategies, the large initial R&D investments of foreign carbon fiber raw silk production companies have obtained huge returns in global market sales. After entering the period of product upgrading, the products that are about to be eliminated will Specification products are sold to China at low prices to curb the technological progress of Chinese companies. This is one of the problems faced by my country’s carbon fiber industry. Currently, 95% of the global carbon fiber market has been occupied by large foreign companies.

At present, the carbon fiber industry has been included in the important development direction of strategic emerging industries. However, in the current critical period of improving industrial technology and expanding market scale, the development of my country’s carbon fiber industry faces many obstacles. Compared with foreign countries, the domestic carbon fiber industry is still in its “infancy”. There are no more than 6 domestic raw silk production companies, and none of them has reached scale. 90% of raw silk still needs to be imported, and domestically produced carbon fibers are mostly concentrated in general, basic and low-grade varieties. Duan Xiaohua believes that based on China’s current research and development level, the production cost of carbon fiber is at least 200 yuan/kg, while the market price of carbon fiber from Japanese companies is 160~170 yuan/kg. Not long ago, Turkish companies produced more carbon fiber in the short term. It was sold to the Chinese market at a selling price of 110 yuan/kg, which had a great impact on domestic companies.

“Foreign companies adopting this low-price competitive approach based on the characteristics of the Chinese market will force domestic downstream carbon fiber products companies to continue to import large quantities, which will make it more difficult for domestic raw fiber production companies with low technical levels to gain access to market development. Technical learning opportunities.” Duan Xiaohua said. In addition, under good market expectations, domestic carbon fiber companies still have a large number of low-level repeated investments. Dalian Xingke Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. alone has built four carbon fiber bases with an annual output of 10,000 tons in Dalian, Baotou, Sanhe, and Baoding.

Duan Xiaohua said that the carbon fiber fireproof cloth industry involves a long industrial chain, and scientific research institutions and related enterprises should form a certain reasonable division of labor. However, when the market prospects are promising, carbon fiber production companies are particularly closed to each other due to market competition needs, which further delays the process of industrial technology upgrading. “At present, a large number of companies have invested heavily in the product stage to expand production scale, but some basic research is relatively lacking. For example, no one in China has developed oil products to enhance the strength of carbon fibers.

In addition to private enterprises, large state-owned enterprises such as China National Petroleum Corporation, Sinopec, China Chemical, China Steel, China Building Materials, China Hengtian, and Shougang International have also intervened in a “large way”. The production capacity formed by the investment of these enterprises greatly exceeds the actual demand, and they will also face a situation where it is difficult to get off.

Simple homemade fireproof cloth is useful for home fire protection
Xinhuanet, Hangzhou, April 6 (Reporter Yue Deliang) Firefighting experts remind that in the event of a fire, wrapping a fire escape blanket around the body can provide great help in quickly escaping from the fire scene. In addition, residents can also make their own fire-proof cloth in their family life. Home-made fire-proof cloth is not only economical and practical, but also can be widely used in other aspects.

The reporter learned from the Jiaxing City Fire Detachment in Zhejiang Province on the 6th that during the process of escaping from a fire, in addition to keeping breathing safe and smooth, it is also very important to avoid catching fire on the body. When there is no way to escape and you have to rush out of the sea of ​​​​fire to find a way out, the traditional tools to protect the body are soaked blankets, bedding, clothes, etc. However, in actual situations, on the one hand, there is not much time and energy to prepare for soaking, and on the other hand, the soaked blankets, beddings, clothes, etc. are too heavy, which may cause physical exhaustion due to tension, poor breathing, etc. It is also a huge test for escapees, so homemade fire escape blankets may be a good choice.

Fire prevention experts from the fire brigade pointed out that the main tool for making homemade fire-proof cloth is alum, which can usually be purchased in grocery stores or pharmacies. The principle of fire prevention is to chemically treat the fabric with alum to form an infusible film that covers the clothes and isolates oxygen during combustion, thus improving the fire resistance of the fabric.

The expert reminded that when making fire-proof cloth, first prepare an alum solution, take cold or warm water, and make an alum solution at a ratio of approximately 11 liters of water to 1 kilogram of alum powder; secondly, completely soak the prepared cloth in the solution , the soaking time is about 5 minutes; finally, take out the fabric and let it dry naturally.

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