Fabric Products,Fabric Information,Fabric Factories,Fabric Suppliers Fabric News Fulfilling responsibilities with green and carrying ingenuity with technology – Xinlianhe Group·Liu Wei’s “Stars” release show will be unveiled at the 2022 Spring and Summer China International Fashion Week

Fulfilling responsibilities with green and carrying ingenuity with technology – Xinlianhe Group·Liu Wei’s “Stars” release show will be unveiled at the 2022 Spring and Summer China International Fashion Week

Fulfilling responsibilities with green and carrying ingenuity with technology – Xinlianhe Group·Liu Wei’s “Stars” release show will be unveiled at the 2022 Spring and Summer China Intern…

Fulfilling responsibilities with green and carrying ingenuity with technology – Xinlianhe Group·Liu Wei’s “Stars” release show will be unveiled at the 2022 Spring and Summer China International Fashion Week

Use hard-core technology to light up green life, and use fashion design to pay tribute to the beauty of intangible cultural heritage – at the 2022ss China International Fashion Week, Xin Lianhe Group, which has been deeply involved in the textile industry for more than 30 years and is oriented towards natural harmony, joined hands with the famous fashion Artist and China Fashion “Golden Summit Award” designer Liu Wei will present a joint release with the theme of “Stars” to present a visual feast where technology empowers sustainable fashion and classic inheritance.


 The unity of nature and man Green original intention

“I wish to be the stars/given up to a summer night/I wish to be thousands of rivers/flowing to the only ocean/I wish to be the moon/for you again Perfect.” – This release uses “Stars” as the theme, interpreting the concept of “technology, comfort, return”, combining soft lace fabrics and comfortable knitted fabrics, and through elegant simplicity and vibrant colors, it will The independent, confident, feminine and free style of women is perfectly presented.


The stars are twinkling, looming, and the starry sky is vast , the vastness arouses people’s infinite awe of nature, and also reveals the deeper intention of this release. In recent years, “sustainable development” has increasingly become a hot topic that has attracted much attention in the global fashion industry. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, under the background of the world experiencing major changes unseen in a century and my country’s construction of a new “dual cycle” development pattern, under the guidance of the national carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, the textile industry promotes green and low-carbon cycle development , Promoting the comprehensive green transformation of the industry is regarded as a general trend and an important strategy.


As it started in China in the 1990s Hong Kong is a comprehensive group that integrates R&D, production, testing, trade and trend research. It owns four major brands: Lianfeng Dyeing and Finishing, Hengyi Lace, Lianfeng Knitting and Lianfeng Testing. Xin Lianhe Group insists on recycling resources. Use as a key research and development direction. According to Mr. Chen Xiaoyuan, the general manager, the word “harmony” in the company name means “harmony between man and nature, and harmonious coexistence” from the perspective of nature. The company conducts product design and development with the purpose of new technologies, new materials, new functions, and green environmental protection, and advocates the concept of people-oriented sustainable development. This release starts from the source of fabric organization to develop new technological and environmentally friendly materials, and uses Xin Lianhe Group’s diversified lace and knitted fabrics to create new designs. At the same time, it releases multiple categories of skin-friendly and pleasant design works, showing its unremitting exploration in the protection and innovation of environmentally friendly plant dyes.


This release fully demonstrates Xinlianhe Group’s professional, dedicated and focused design capabilities. According to Mr. Chen Xiaoyuan, the company currently has R&D and textile bases, testing and dyeing and finishing bases in Fuzhou Binhai Industrial Zone, Fujian Province. It has a strong design team and has reached R&D agreements with major research institutes and famous textile schools such as Donghua University and Changzhou University. cooperate. The company’s technical personnel have provided strong support for the smooth production of recycled material technology products. In this context, the company has passed the “Global Recycling Standard for Textile and Apparel (GRS)” certification.


 The flow of ingenuity of Wenda Trend

Textile intangible cultural heritage not only represents a kind of craftsmanship, but also reflects the traditional way of life. It is the most sufficient and comprehensive carrier of Chinese civilization, embodying excellent traditional culture and carrying Rich historical accumulation. This release will incorporate elements of traditional Chinese Miao embroidery and tin embroidery techniques that are on the verge of being lost, and combine them with modern lace knitted fabrics to renew the value of classic traditional techniques. As a well-known fashion designer, Liu Wei is also the China Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage Promotion Ambassador. She has long been focused on promoting the revitalization of intangible cultural heritage with fashion design. This release is not the first to join hands with Xin Lianhe Group, which is also committed to the inheritance and innovation of intangible cultural heritage. This is a tacit understanding, and the agreement between the two parties’ concepts has a long history.


Since 20Since 2020, under the initiative of President Ms. Xie Bizhen, Xinlianhe Group has begun to promote a project called “Weaving Pavilion” and became the first brand sponsor of the project. The “Textile Pattern Museum” is committed to the research and development of textile fabric technology, promoting the marketization of “textile intangible cultural heritage”, the branding of fabrics and patterns, and the platforming of professional talents, becoming a platform for Xin Lianhe Group to “link” the entire industry and “cross-border” An important channel for innovation in the industry. Through the “Textile Hall”, Xinlianhe Group has launched a series of projects such as textile intangible cultural heritage collection, school-enterprise cooperation, textile peripheral development, and creative exhibition halls, encouraging more textile companies, independent brands and creative designers to participate and develop more Multi-disciplinary joint cooperation. From last year to this year, using the “Textile Pavilion” as a bridge, Xin Lianhe Group has continuously cooperated with Liu Wei to launch the Xin Lianhe Group Liu Wei fashion trend conference at China International Fashion Week, through fashion designers and High-quality fabric suppliers jointly develop to combine design with industry, tradition with modernity in a more fashionable way, thereby digging into intangible cultural heritage treasures and making them trendy.

When technology joins hands with green, and when fashion pays homage to intangible cultural heritage, there will surely be moving fireworks full of hope and blessings for better things. On the stage of the 2022ss China International Fashion Week, through the Xinlianhe Group Liu Wei “Stars” release show, you will be able to capture this bouquet of fireworks and feel them like stars, lighting up the future.

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