Textile insists on technological innovation

Textile insists on technological innovation Textile insists on technological innovation As soon as the textile industry adjustment and revitalization plan was released, Jiangsu Yueda Textile Group, which is loc…

Textile insists on technological innovation

Textile insists on technological innovation
As soon as the textile industry adjustment and revitalization plan was released, Jiangsu Yueda Textile Group, which is located in the northern Jiangsu region and has developed rapidly in recent years, immediately started discussions to deepen its understanding of the national adjustment and revitalization plan, compare it with its own situation, and combine it with this year’s corporate plan to actively explore Adjust the next development ideas.
Zhu Ruhua, general manager of Yueda Textile Group, said that this meeting reaffirmed the role of the textile industry in my country’s national economy and made it clear that the textile industry is a traditional pillar industry and an important people’s livelihood industry. It is an industry with obvious international competitive advantages. In a prosperous market, It plays an important role in expanding exports, attracting jobs, increasing farmers’ income, and promoting urbanization development. This gives us “reassurance”. The original intention of establishing Jiangsu Yueda Textile Group was to improve the overall textile industry level in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province and contribute to the further development of Yancheng’s economy. Now the country has affirmed our role and has repeatedly introduced relevant policies aimed at accelerating the revitalization of the textile industry. We will focus on independent innovation and optimized layout, accelerate structural adjustment and brand building, and consolidate Yueda Textile’s advantageous position in the industry.
According to reports, last year, Yueda Textile focused on the activities of “grasping profits and increasing scale” and “Management Efficiency Year”, focusing on the construction of key projects and the operation of 200,000 spindles, and centered on the three industrial chains of home textiles, knitted clothing, and automotive fabrics. United as one, we have achieved certain results in various tasks, and have successively ranked among the advanced units in the construction of harmonious textile enterprises in China and the top 500 companies in China’s textile and garment industry. Especially in terms of technology development and marketing, independent innovation has outstanding performance.
Yueda Textile uses new raw materials such as Tencel, ramie, jute, etc. to develop new vortex spinning products such as Tencel/cotton blended vortex spinning, jute/cotton blended vortex spinning, ramie/cotton blended vortex spinning, etc., and cooperates with Japan’s Mitsubishi Rayon The company jointly develops new yarns such as acetate filament/polyester filament cross-combination and acetate filament/cotton cross-joint yarn. The company gave full play to the advantages of compact spinning and vortex spinning to develop corresponding yarns, and then extended the development of 38 varieties of vortex spinning bedding fabrics. In 2008, the company spun and produced more than 700 varieties, and organized process design in a timely and rapid manner according to the quality requirements of the varieties, and tracked the process launch and process effects. While ensuring the stable quality of the production varieties, it also carried out various forms of technology In research and process test activities, nearly 200 batches of process tests have been organized. According to the raw materials, varieties and quality conditions, the corresponding processes have been adjusted in a timely manner many times, the process parameters have been optimized, and the process combination has been optimized to make the process more reasonable. .
In terms of marketing, while enhancing market adaptability, Yueda Textile further adjusts its product structure and adjusts yarn count according to customer needs. The company cooperates with internationally renowned companies to develop more than 60 new types of yarns such as open-end spinning, vortex spinning, polyester-cotton blended spinning, viscose, and modal, to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets with differentiated products. In terms of management, we implement the marketing responsibility system and strengthen after-sales service. While consolidating the original sales channels, we will accelerate the development of new customers and dynamically assess the credibility of customers. The company’s main leaders personally take charge, visit customers, maintain customer relationships, and expand potential markets. They have set up offices in Shanghai, Wujiang, Shenzhen and other national regional distribution markets to further improve the sales network. Its home textile companies and clothing companies are actively looking for markets and achieving full capacity production. Aiwende Company, which produces automotive textiles, has also been recognized by well-known automotive customers.
Faced with the difficulties that exist this year, Zhu Ruhua said that he will face the difficulties and seize the opportunities, and the fundamentals of development will remain unchanged. He revealed that the general idea of ​​Yueda Textile’s work in 2009 is: carry out an activity, focus on two key points, improve three contribution rates, and achieve four goals. Carry out an activity, that is, organize the “Technological Innovation Year” activity to establish innovative concepts among employees, organize scientific and technological research, introduce scientific and technological achievements, achieve technological upgrades, and build innovative enterprises. Focus on two key points, one is to adjust development ideas, adjust industrial structure, and adjust implementation projects; the second is to focus on development, adhere to the development strategy of “differentiation, scale,” and make every effort to organize production and operations to maintain the momentum of sustainable development of the enterprise. To improve the three contribution rates, the first is to implement independent innovation, organize 20 key scientific and technological research projects, and transform scientific research results into productivity in a timely manner; the second is to implement the famous brand strategy, continue to carry out brand creation work, and expand the effect of the Yueda Textile brand; the third is to increase the impact of the Yueda Textile brand Strengthen marketing efforts, innovate market operation models, reform marketing management systems, expand product market share and contribution rate of marketing work. Achieve four goals, maintain normal production and operations, and achieve balanced and rapid economic growth; improve the construction of three industrial chains and maintain healthy industry development; further improve management, consolidate the results of the 2008 Management Effectiveness Year activities, and further improve management levels; benefits have improved Improve, promote cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and achieve substantial improvement in efficiency. pNThe6w


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