Fabric Products,Fabric Information,Fabric Factories,Fabric Suppliers Fabric News A new starting point creates new glory – China International Industrial Textiles and Nonwovens Exhibition (CINTE16) is about to open grandly

A new starting point creates new glory – China International Industrial Textiles and Nonwovens Exhibition (CINTE16) is about to open grandly

A new starting point creates new glory – China International Industrial Textiles and Nonwovens Exhibition (CINTE16) is about to open grandly From being mostly used in national defense and military product…

A new starting point creates new glory – China International Industrial Textiles and Nonwovens Exhibition (CINTE16) is about to open grandly

From being mostly used in national defense and military products in the early days to gradually becoming an integral part of national strategic emerging industries and a diversified high-tech industry spanning many fields, practitioners in the industrial fabrics industry have always maintained a high level of confidence in progress. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, my country’s industrial fabrics industry continued to grow in scale, with remarkable results in improving quality and efficiency; major breakthroughs were made in key technologies, and innovation capabilities continued to improve; rapid progress was made in key areas, and the breadth and depth of the market Advance together. However, in the process of development, my country’s industrial fabrics industry is still facing low industrial concentration, resulting in insufficient original innovation capabilities, and weak industrial supporting capabilities, resulting in incomplete connection between production and demand. Improving quality, creating brands, and making up for shortcomings are still a challenge. Issues such as the need to accelerate progress. This year is the first year of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, and it is also a critical stage for my country’s industrial fabrics to enter the deep water zone of development. The demand for industrial fabrics is diverse and small-volume. It is necessary to break down market segmentation barriers with downstream application industries to form a new value chain that integrates functional design, product development, marketing and engineering services, and to create collaborative innovation and production across the entire industry chain. An industrial technology innovation alliance that combines learning, research and application. Based on this, in order to further strengthen the cooperation between domestic and foreign industrial fabrics industry enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of the domestic industrial fabrics industry, and assist different enterprises in technological innovation, product performance and application promotion, etc. For in-depth exchanges in the field, the “2016 China International Industrial Fabrics and Nonwovens Exhibition (CINTE)” was co-sponsored by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Fabric Industry Branch, China Industrial Fabrics Industry Association, and Messe Frankfurt (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. )” will be grandly opened at Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center from October 12th to 14th. The scale of CINTE16 reaches 35,000 square meters. Nearly 500 exhibitors from 26 countries and regions participated in this exhibition. It is estimated that the number of professional visitors will reach about 15,000.
“Popular”: Big names in the industry all appeared
Differentiation is very demanding and requires close cooperation between the industry and the raw material and equipment manufacturing industries to coordinate the development and production of differentiated products. Therefore, CINTE16 has appropriately expanded its scope in the selection of exhibitors from upstream and downstream related industries. According to the organizer, the products exhibited at CINTE16 include special industrial equipment and accessories, special raw materials and chemicals, nonwoven fabrics and products, other industrial fabrics, rolls and products, functional fabrics and protective workwear, and R&D, consulting, media and other related industries, product applications include medical and health, transportation, filtration and separation, safety and protection, geotechnical and construction, structural reinforcement fabrics, aerospace, agriculture/forestry/ Fishing, ropes/belts/cables, packaging, isolation and insulation and more than a dozen fields. CINTE16 used three exhibition halls E5, E6 and E7 of the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The E5 exhibition hall is an exchange area for professional equipment and accessories, professional raw materials and chemicals, industrial fabrics, rolls and products, and technical areas. Raw materials and equipment are key factors that determine the performance of the final product. With the robust growth of domestic industrial fabric technology, “Made in China” raw materials and equipment have taken a step forward in the international market. In the E5 exhibition hall, China Fabric Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Heying Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., Qingdao Fabric Machinery Co., Ltd., Changshu Zhentai Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd. Tiandingfeng Nonwoven Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hailide New Materials Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Guxiandao New Materials Co., Ltd. will make a concentrated appearance. The E6 exhibition hall is a display area for nonwoven fabrics and products, and innovative products. With the application of various functional fibers, non-woven rolled products, especially non-woven fabrics used in various high-performance industrial fabrics, have greatly improved their performance and have different appearance colors and diversified roll characteristics. gradually appear. In the E6 exhibition hall, Shanghai Fabric (Group) Co., Ltd., Beijing Wanhua Fabric (Group) Co., Ltd. and other large fabric groups, as well as “China’s famous environmental filter material industry town” Funing County, Jiangsu Province, and “China’s famous filter cloth city” Zhejiang Province Important industrial clusters for industrial fabrics such as Tiantai County will also make their debut. It is worth mentioning that the Rope Netting Branch and Interlining Fabric Branch of the China Association of Manufacturers will also organize “rope netting” and “interlining fabric” professional companies to participate in the exhibition. In addition, in the nonwovens exhibition area of ​​the E6 exhibition hall, Shanghai Jingfa Co., Ltd., Shandong Yongxin Nonwoven Materials Co., Ltd., Foshan Nanhai Bidefu Nonwovens Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Jinsanfa Nonwovens Co., Ltd. will Bring your own new products. The E7 exhibition hall is the overseas exhibition group and functional fabric display area. Learning international advanced production technology and management will play a decisive role in the development of domestic industrial fabrics companies. In the E7 exhibition hall, Germany�It will focus on topics such as the innovation of the sanitary nonwovens industry chain, the current status of the disposable sanitary products industry and the requirements for nonwovens; the technological innovation and application expansion of durable nonwovens sub-forum will focus on the bag dust removal market progress and technology Innovation, high-performance geotextile technology innovation and application and other topics. In addition, the “China Industrial Fabrics ‘Twelfth Five-Year Plan’ Innovative Products/Technology Exhibition Area” located in the E6 exhibition hall will also focus on recommending three parts. The first is the “12th Five-Year Plan” innovative product/technology display for China’s industrial fabrics. At that time, more than 30 companies will display medical and sanitary products, transportation products, filtration and separation products, safety and protection products, and geotechnical and construction products. New achievements in key areas such as fabrics and structurally reinforced fabrics. The second is the display of the winning works of the “Golden Sanfa” Cup College Student Nonwoven Product Design and Application Competition. The third is daily protection-PM2.5 mask promotion area. Generally speaking, my country’s industrial fabrics industry has embarked on the fast track of strategic development. The demand for high-end industrial fabrics such as medical and health care, structural reinforcement, and safety protection in developed countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, and Japan, as well as the progress of the Chinese market itself, will provide broad prospects for enterprises in the industrial fabrics industry in my country. space. The China International Industrial Fabrics and Nonwovens Exhibition (CINTE16) will closely integrate the current situation and further seek to improve the value of the platform in terms of exhibit content and promotion of business exchanges, striving to bring new opportunities and expectations to the industry, and assist domestic Industrial fabric companies have seized their right to speak in the industrial value chain in their respective fields.



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