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Introduction to composting by ptfe compost film manufacturers

Pollution from breeding has become a major problem affecting the rural ecological environment. Pollution from livestock and poultry breeding has become an important source of agricultural non-point source pollu…

Pollution from breeding has become a major problem affecting the rural ecological environment. Pollution from livestock and poultry breeding has become an important source of agricultural non-point source pollution, and it is urgent to solve the problem of comprehensive utilization of manure. Therefore,ptfe compostmembrane manufacturerPTFE aerobic compost membrane came into being.

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Traditional fermentation engineering technology models generally adopt the tumbling or tank type. The tumbling method requires low investment, but must be equipped with tumbling The equipment is an open fermentation, which seriously pollutes the surrounding environment and is easily affected by environmental factors; the overall price of tank fermentation is more than 10 times that of other models of the same scale. Other forms of fermentation produce larger amounts of greenhouse gases, odors, etc. during the fermentation process, which can easily cause secondary pollution to the environment.

The core material of the coating system is a functional molecular film. The film has a three-layer structure. The inner and outer layers are polyester fiber protective layers, which are UV-resistant and resistant. Characteristics of corrosion. The middle layer is an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (e-PTFE) membrane. PTFE Compost It has excellent waterproof and breathable properties, and can also prevent larger-sized pathogenic bacteria, dust, aerosols and some harmful gases from spreading outward. During the composting process, water vapor condenses on the inner surface of the membrane to form a water film. Most of the exhaust gases generated by composting (NH3, H2S, VOCs, etc.) dissolve in the condensed water and fall back into the compost material with water droplets, where they continue to be decomposed by microorganisms. This structure of the molecular membrane can prevent the fermentation process from being affected by external rain and humidity, and can ensure the volatilization of water vapor, CO2 and other gases, while reducing odor emissions by 90%-97%, thus effectively solving the problems of conventional composting of chicken manure. The problem of odor pollution also improves the fertilizer efficiency of compost.

Composting refers to a biochemical process that uses microorganisms widely found in nature to controlly promote the conversion of degradable organic matter in solid waste into stable humus. Composting is a process of producing organic fertilizer. It contains relatively rich nutrients and has a long and stable fertilizer effect. It also helps to promote the formation of soil solid structure and can increase the soil’s ability to retain water, heat, breath, and fertilizer. It is also compatible with The mixed use of chemical fertilizers can make up for the shortcomings of the single nutrient contained in chemical fertilizers. Long-term use of chemical fertilizers alone will cause the soil to harden and reduce its water and fertilizer retention properties.

Compost materials need to be properly processed before composting. Compost auxiliary materials such as corn stalks, rice husks, and fungus residues are selected according to the actual local conditions, and then mixed evenly with chicken manure. The moisture content of the materials is adjusted to about 65%, and microbial inoculants are inoculated. According to the composting method, molecular film composting is divided into two types: stack composting and trough composting.

It is a ptfe compost film manufacturer that specializes in R&D, production and sales. PTFE compost film manufacturer is different from other manufacturers. Our company can according to the user’s requirements. By optimizing the combination of key technical parameters such as speed ratio, pressure ratio, and operating temperature, the air permeability, thickness, and void ratio can be adjusted online according to the ratio and pore-forming medium to meet your different requirements. Interested parties can enter the store for consultation.


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