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Shandong Garment Vocational College: Taking cultural inheritance as its own responsibility and promoting the integrated development of clothing majors

​Shandong Garment Vocational College: Taking cultural inheritance as its own responsibility and promoting the integrated development of clothing majors On December 30, 2022, the first “China Weaving Confe…

​Shandong Garment Vocational College: Taking cultural inheritance as its own responsibility and promoting the integrated development of clothing majors

On December 30, 2022, the first “China Weaving Conference” was held in Jinan, Shandong Province, focusing on the high quality development of the weaving industry, focusing on high-end manufacturing, Technological innovation, cultural creation, sustainable development and other hot topics will create a high-end platform for industrial exchanges to express insights and build consensus. As the only clothing college in Shandong Province, Shandong Garment Vocational College actively participated and brought a bright color to the conference.

At the meeting, Yin Guangsheng, Vice President of Shandong Fashion Vocational College, Zhou Jin, President of Shandong Fashion Design Association, Wang Yongjin, Director of the Science and Technology Department of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Bi Jingzhong, Marketing Director of Meta-Aramid of Taihe New Materials, Yantai Mingyuan Creative Life Chen Yizhong, chairman of Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and Li Hongfu, professor of the Chinese Academy of Arts, jointly announced the first release of the foreign translation standard of “Why Hanfu”.

Inheriting culture

Build a stable foundation for clothing talent cultivation

Shandong Fashion Vocational College features clothing majors, deeply explores the essence of traditional Chinese culture, focuses on the integrated development of design art and intelligent technology, and emphasizes the core value of humanistic spirit and national tradition in modern design art.

“As one of the first batch of demonstration schools for the inheritance of excellent Chinese traditional culture in Shandong Province, the college is committed to the inheritance and innovation of China’s excellent clothing culture. By participating in this event, we are more determined to pass on our excellent traditional clothing through our vocational education. As culture and handicrafts are inherited and developed, we must raise the banner of vocational education and cultural inheritance to make more young people love excellent traditional culture and devote themselves to the inheritance, research and development of traditional culture and handicrafts, and contribute to the Chinese Contributing to the continuous development of culture.” said Yin Guangsheng, vice president of Shandong Garment Vocational College.

Teaching and research

Build an advantageous platform for innovation and development

Cultivating high-quality technical and skilled talents is an important goal of talent training in higher vocational colleges and an important support for the talent demand in the textile and garment industry. The college is forging ahead on the road of building a professional system and service platform. It has built a “Costume Museum” as a popular science education base of the China Textile Engineering Society, which includes “Costumes of Chinese Dynasties”, “Ethnic Minority Costumes” and “International Typical Costumes”. “The exhibition areas such as “Folk Custom Costumes in Taishan Area” are important positions for teachers and students in the school to teach and do scientific research, giving full play to the important functions of the museum in scientific research and popular science promotion.

In addition, the college has also established inheritance and innovation platforms for higher vocational colleges in Shandong Province such as “Traditional Clothing Culture” and “Qilu Nvhong Skills”, as well as the “Modern Hanfu Digital New Technology R&D Center for Higher Education Institutions in Shandong Province” and “Taishan Hanfu Culture Research Center”. ” and “Xue Wei Qilu Nvhong Skill Popularization Expert Studio” and other scientific research and science popularization platforms have achieved the inheritance and development of traditional costume culture and traditional handicrafts through theoretical teaching, skill transfer and intangible inheritance.

Serving the society

Achieve mutual benefit and win-win results through the integration of industry and education

In recent years, Shandong Garment Vocational College has continuously carried out education and teaching reform and innovation, innovated educational concepts, reformed educational models, and explored a unique educational path suitable for the development of the college and conducive to professional teaching.

Xue Wei, a professor at Shandong Garment Vocational College, said that the college has carried out diversified innovative practices in traditional cultural integration, professional education and social service. In the process of education and teaching, we hire industrial professors, industry elites, skill masters, and intangible inheritance masters, introduce real work projects from enterprises and studios, and strive to improve students’ practical, innovative and entrepreneurial abilities, and provide the talents needed for the development of enterprises. .

Shandong Garment Vocational College will, as always, give full play to its advantages and characteristics, actively perform the social service functions of colleges and universities, actively integrate into the development of major local projects, and through the joint efforts of schools and enterprises, effectively cultivate high-level design innovation talents for the society, and contribute to the implementation of the Yellow River Basin Make due contributions to ecological protection and high-quality development and integration into the main battlefield of regional economic construction.



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