PTFE filter bag membrane chemical resistance

As atmospheric standards become increasingly stringent, emission standards are also getting higher and higher. Under this trend, bag dust collectors have been widely used in the production emissions of enterpri…

As atmospheric standards become increasingly stringent, emission standards are also getting higher and higher. Under this trend, bag dust collectors have been widely used in the production emissions of enterprises. With the use of bag dust collectors, the demand for bag dust collectors is also becoming more and more strong. Let’s take a look at polytetrafluoroethylene filter bag membrane.

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The pleated filter bag is a new type of dust filter bag that can be applied to pulse bag dust collectors, which can greatly increase the filtration area , significantly reducing the filtration wind speed without changing the main structure of the dust collector, and the modification workload is small. In recent years, through careful research, we have a deeper understanding of the pleated filter bag structure, pleat angle, filter material, bag cage structure, cleaning parameters, etc., and the technology has also been greatly improved and developed. Currently, pleated filter bags have been widely used. Used in the industrial fields of large-scale dust removal equipment such as cement, steel, thermal power generation, and waste incineration, polytetrafluoroethylene filter bag membrane is an alternative to traditional filter bags to solve the problem of high filtration wind speed and high operating costs. one.

The filter cloth of the filter bag needs to have appropriate pores to allow air to pass smoothly and prevent fine dust from entering the inside of the filter cloth. Once the fine particles of dust enter the inside of the filter cloth, they cannot be removed, causing the filter cloth’s air permeability to greatly decrease, the dust removal resistance to increase, and even the filter bag to be no longer usable. In order to solve this problem, you can choosePolytetrafluoroethylene filter bag membrane. This is also the reason why the fiber diameter of the dust collector filter bag is required to be thinner and the filter cloth to be denser. Although filter cloth made of fine fibers is more expensive and has greater filtration resistance at the beginning of use, it is relatively stable throughout the use period and has a long service life.

Poly tetra fluoroethylene (abbreviated as PTFE) is generally called “non-stick coating” or “easy-to-clean material”. This material is acid and alkali resistant, resistant to various organic solvents, and is almost insoluble in all solvents. At the same time, PTFE has the characteristics of temperature resistance and its friction coefficient is extremely low, so it can not only provide lubrication, but also become an ideal coating for easy cleaning of the inner layer of water pipes.

PTFE is one of the best types of filter materials. The polytetrafluoroethylene synthetic fiber filter bag is a filter bag made of a special material. It can withstand acid and alkali erosion in the entire PH value range under the continuous operating temperature of 240°C and the instantaneous temperature of 260°C. PTFE coated filter bags are mainly used in gas and liquid filtration. The application fields are very wide. PTFE dust filter bag is a dust filter bag made of polytetrafluoroethylene as raw material through processes such as acupuncture, high temperature shaping, dipping and coating, and slitting. Due to its excellent hydrolysis resistance, alkali resistance, organic acid resistance, mineral acid resistance, oxidation resistance and other characteristics, PTFE dust filter bags are widely used in the field of waste incineration, coal-fired power plants, cement industry, and laboratory purification. field.

Polytetrafluoroethylene filter bag membrane has the core filter material of bag dust collector, and the product has strong chemical resistance. It has strong resistance to hydrofluoric acid, alkali, etc., has good hydrophobicity and moisture resistance, and will not reduce performance due to cleaning. It has reliable grade filtration efficiency of H13-U16 or even U17. Interested parties are welcome to enter the shopConsultation.


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