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Clean room FFU filter membrane for clean engineering

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for product quality. Product quality depends on production technology and production environment, which forces…

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for product quality. Product quality depends on production technology and production environment, which forces manufacturers to pursue good production technology and a higher production environment. Clean room FFU filter membrane plays a big role in this process. In particular, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, bioengineering, laboratories and other fields have strict requirements for the production environment. The main technical indicators to measure the quality of the production environment in these industries include temperature, humidity, cleanliness, air volume, indoor positive pressure, etc.

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Therefore, reasonable control of various technical indicators of the production environment to meet the requirements of special production processes has become a clean project one of the research hotspots. As a kind of purification equipment, FFU is widely used in various clean projects. Clean room FFU filter membrane has also been widely used. The full name of FFU is Fan Filter Unit, which is a clean equipment that has a fan and filter connected together and can provide its own power.

Clean air enters the vertical air duct from the elevated floor under the side wall of the 100-level area, enters the static pressure box through the vertical air duct, and is sent through the FFU fan purification unit Circulation is achieved indoors. The upper FFU fan purification unit in the 100-level area supplies vertical air. The leakage between the FFU fan purification unit and the hanger in the 100-level area is the indoor flow to the static pressure box, which has little impact on the cleanliness of the 100-level area. The FFU fan purification unit is light in weight and adopts a cover-type installation method, making installation, filter replacement and maintenance more convenient. Shorten the construction cycle. The FFU fan filtration unit system saves significant energy, thereby solving the shortcomings of centralized air supply due to the large air-conditioning room and increased operating costs of the air-conditioning unit. The independent structural features of FFU can be adjusted at any time to make up for the lack of mobility in the clean room, thereby solving the problem of unsuitable production processes. Adjustment Disadvantages. The use of FFU circulation system in clean rooms not only saves operating space, has high cleanliness reliability and low operating costs, but also has high operational flexibility. System upgrades and adjustments can be made at any time without affecting production, which can be very good. To meet the needs of clean rooms, the use of FFU circulation systems in semiconductor or other manufacturing industries has gradually become the main clean design solution.

As a separation filtration material design solution provider, we are committed to developing and manufacturing high-quality Clean room FFU filter membranes and composite materials to protect people, processes and systems. Our company provides comprehensive, innovative air filtration solutions designed to control airborne particulate matter and gaseous contaminants in commercial, industrial, cleanroom and transportation applications.

The clean room FFU filter membrane obtained by thermally compounding the independently developed PTFE microporous film and imported non-woven fabric has H13- U16-level reliable filtration grade, low wind resistance and low energy consumption, it can be widely used in semiconductor, electronics, flat panel display, photovoltaic and other industries. Interested parties are welcome to enter the store and consult us.


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