Fabric Products,Fabric Information,Fabric Factories,Fabric Suppliers Fabric News At the end of this month, Chaonan Printing and Dyeing Park will welcome a number of companies to start production or trial production.

At the end of this month, Chaonan Printing and Dyeing Park will welcome a number of companies to start production or trial production.

On the morning of November 16, Zhang Xuelong, Secretary of the Chaonan District Party Committee, led a team to carry out an educational survey on the theme of “Don’t forget the original intention, k…

On the morning of November 16, Zhang Xuelong, Secretary of the Chaonan District Party Committee, led a team to carry out an educational survey on the theme of “Don’t forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind” and inspected the district’s printing and dyeing center, national and provincial highway environmental improvement, and cultural creation and quality improvement work. It emphasized the need to further increase supervision, consolidate responsibilities, increase human and financial investment in accordance with relevant standards and requirements of superiors, and ensure that the “six hundred percent” is strictly implemented.

Zhang Xuelong and his party successively visited the district printing and dyeing center, Shantou Longfeng Printing and Dyeing Intelligent, Environmentally Friendly, R&D and Production Base Project, Shantou Chaonan District Chuanghui Printing and Dyeing Factory, Shantou City Shengye High Efficiency and Energy Saving Water-saving weaving, printing and dyeing processing plant project, Xiaxin Highway, Chensha Avenue, Hehui Highway, National Highway 324, etc.

Passed Through symposiums, listening to reports, and on-site surveys, we will inspect the implementation of the “six hundred percent” on construction sites, investigate the situation of printing and dyeing companies that are planning to start operations and related preparations, as well as improve the quality of cultural creation and upgrade, and remove billboards on national and provincial highways.

Zhang Xuelong requested that all relevant units should improve their ideological understanding, increase supervision, further consolidate responsibilities, and follow the relevant standards and regulations of superiors. It requires speeding up the rectification of problems, increasing investment in human and financial resources, taking measures such as improving treatment facilities, strengthening flushing and dust reduction, and doing a good job in fencing, spraying, covering, greening, and road hardening. It is necessary to strengthen communication and coordination, give full play to the leading and exemplary role of leading enterprises, and start from now on civilized construction. It is necessary to further improve the long-term mechanism and strictly implement the “six hundred percent” for construction sites in printing and dyeing parks. For those who do not pay attention and the governance effect is not obvious, effective measures such as administrative penalties must be strictly adopted. It is necessary to speed up the construction progress while ensuring the quality of the project. It is necessary to strictly manage, standardize environmental sanitation management, and clean up all kinds of garbage and debris in a timely manner.

Zhang Xuelong emphasized that communication between enterprises and the government should be strengthened, and relevant departments should take the initiative to provide services, provide proactive services, and actively help enterprises obtain project funds and fulfill their obligations. corporate policy. It is necessary to coordinate and solve the difficult problems encountered during the advancement process, and strive to achieve early completion and early production of the project.

Zhang Xuelong emphasized that enterprises must strengthen their confidence, unite and cooperate, find their own positioning, continuously improve product added value, economic benefits and core competitiveness, and solve good problems. Funding and labor issues have brought the company back to a sound and healthy development track. It is necessary to grasp the key points, overcome difficulties, do a good job in environmental management on both sides of the road, and increase the intensity of road improvement to help create culture.

According to the “Shantou Daily” report: Chaonan District has combined with theme education to fully promote the construction of the main project of the district’s comprehensive textile printing and dyeing environmental protection treatment center. At present, about 91% of the total work volume of the main project has been completed, and the total PPP investment completed is about 2.8 billion yuan. While promoting construction, the park actively provides one-stop services for enterprises entering the park on approval matters from project establishment to completion acceptance, reducing application links and procedures, and achieving “the government represents the entire process, and enterprises have zero visits.” It is expected that nearly 10 companies will be able to start production or trial production by the end of this month, and more than 20 companies will be able to start production or trial production by the end of this year.

The reporter saw at the Chaonan District Textile Printing and Dyeing Environmental Protection Comprehensive Treatment Center Cogeneration Project that the main project has been basically completed, with The steam supply conditions can provide sufficient heat supply guarantee for the production of enterprises in the park. The combined heat and power project with a total area of ​​about 90,000 square meters includes a high-temperature and ultra-high-pressure circulating fluidized bed boiler and a 100,000-kilowatt back-pressure steam turbine generator unit. Currently, about 92.5% of the main project has been completed, and there are steam pipes for 5 general-purpose factories. The steam pipes connected to the steam rooms of each factory building have also been connected to the first batch of six self-built factories.

The general factory covering an area of ​​131 acres includes 10 standard factories and 1 factory management building, which can accommodate more than 70 printing and dyeing companies. Currently, 7 factories have been handed over It is used by enterprises, and the other three factory buildings are undergoing finishing work. According to Wang Qiuming, head of the GM factory project construction unit, 70% of the roads in the GM factory park have been completed, and the entire GM factory project will be completed by the end of November. Liao Zhicheng, the person in charge of Chuanghuihui Printing and Dyeing Factory in Chaonan District, Shantou City, told reporters that Chuanghuihuang Printing and Dyeing Factory is one of the first companies to enter the general factory. Since the factory was put into use in March, the company has invested nearly100 million yuan was spent to purchase nearly 40 large-scale equipment. In order to ensure the smooth transportation of large equipment into the park, the park office coordinated and communicated with road construction units and other parties in advance to open a green channel for enterprise equipment to enter the park.

At present, some enterprises entering the park are also accelerating the construction of self-built factories. Shantou Fengcheng Weaving and Dyeing Co., Ltd. is engaged in knitted fabric processing. At the end of last year, the company began to build a factory. The average daily production scale of the first phase of the factory is expected to exceed 30 tons. Zhong Jinfeng, the general manager of the company, told reporters that during the construction process of the factory, the staff of the park office helped them solve many problems and truly served the enterprise attentively. “For example, the setting of sewage outlets. In the early design of the park, each enterprise was given a sewage outlet. The sewage outlet that happened to be located in the middle of the main gate of my factory would have an impact on traffic and corporate image.” According to Zhong Jinfeng, the park After investigation, the office decided to add an additional sewage outlet to the factory according to the needs of each enterprise, which not only facilitates maintenance, but also saves the cost of laying pipes for the enterprise.

In terms of road network infrastructure construction, the printing and dyeing park road and municipal supporting construction projects include a total of 18 roads with a total length of approximately 19.6 kilometers, and many main roads are being connected one after another. “Now the total amount of road construction is about 70% or more. Our follow-up work is to carry out the construction of some branch roads to ensure that the roads for enterprises in the entire park are connected.” According to Liu Qinghua, the general contractor of the road project construction, the road pipe network infrastructure The project has completed the construction of 16,100 meters of rainwater and sewage pipelines, and the construction of 13,780 meters of water supply pipelines. The construction of road bed compaction and road concrete surface layer is intensifying. “At present, our focus is still on the road pipe network.” Wang Jun, senior manager of CITIC Environment (Shantou) Printing and Dyeing Environmental Protection Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd., said that the next step will be based on the progress of other self-built factory companies before they have the production conditions. , pave the roads and build the pipeline network to ensure that production conditions are met. </p

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