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The cotton sown area in Aksu region is 500,000 acres

Farming time waits for no one, and a moment is worth a thousand pieces of gold. In the past few days, various regions in the Aksu region have seized the favorable opportunity of rising temperatures and land moi…

Farming time waits for no one, and a moment is worth a thousand pieces of gold. In the past few days, various regions in the Aksu region have seized the favorable opportunity of rising temperatures and land moisture to carry out spring sowing and management of various crops such as cotton, peppers, and potatoes. All of a sudden, new technologies and equipment appeared on the stage one after another in the fields, becoming the “protagonists” of this year’s spring sowing and spring management. Pressing the “fast forward button” for spring sowing and spring management has allowed villagers to save worry and effort and increase their income.

This year, Wensu County plans to sow 520,000 acres of cotton. As the temperature gradually rises, cotton farmers take advantage of the favorable opportunity of fine weather and suitable moisture to carry out cotton sowing work in a timely manner. The vast cotton fields are full of busy scenes.

On April 8, walk into Gulea, Wensu County In the standardized cotton field of Tigan Village, Wati Township, four large cotton seeders equipped with Beidou navigation are slowly moving forward to lay mulching films, drip irrigation belts, precision sowing and other operations. Cotton farmers closely follow the seeders to check trenching and planting. , laying film, covering with soil, etc.

“This year, all 600 acres of cotton in my family are sown mechanically. The planting technology of one film, three rows and three drip irrigation belts has been adopted to make cotton planting more trouble-free, worry-free and labor-saving.” Villager Dai Wei said that as technology becomes more and more advanced, cotton farmers’ planting costs have been greatly reduced, and it is increasingly possible to increase income. Guaranteed.

Nowadays, 1.81 million acres of cotton in Kuqa City are also in full production Expect. In Akreke Village, Yaha Town, Abra Maimaiti, a large cotton grower, adopted a double-film covering sowing technology, that is, after the cotton is sown, it is covered with another layer of film, and when all the cotton seedlings have emerged, it is Peel off the film above, which will help improve the cotton seedling emergence rate and prevent problems such as uneven seedling emergence, rotten seeds, diseases and insect pests.

Abra Maimaiti said: “Double film covering sowing Technology can retain moisture to the maximum extent and ensure the germination rate.”

As a major cotton planting city in the Aksu region, in recent years, Kuqa City has vigorously developed high-standard farmland construction in order to adapt to the needs of high standards and modern agriculture, and promoted satellite navigation unmanned driving, double film coverage, dry sowing and wet seeding, and one film The application of new equipment and new technologies such as three lines of machinery has promoted agricultural efficiency and increased farmers’ income. According to statistics, it is expected that Kuqa City will complete the cotton sowing task in the middle to late this month, about a week earlier than in previous years.

Three points, seven points. During the visit, the reporter found that while various places in the Aksu region are busy with spring sowing, they do not forget spring management. Local villagers have seized the farming season and used new equipment to invest in spring farmland management in an orderly manner.

Right now, it is the critical period for winter wheat to turn green and grow. Topdressing Greening fertilizer and timely irrigation are the focus of winter wheat management. In Daqiao Township, Baicheng County, villages use new equipment such as drones to carry out spring irrigation and top dressing, helping villagers increase production and income.

 ”This year, Aowuqige Village planted…For 1,300 acres of wheat, we have prepared chemical fertilizers, supporting agricultural machinery, and agricultural drones in advance, and it is estimated that the top dressing work can be completed in 5 to 7 days. ” said Wang Qingfeng, an agronomist and member of the work team of the Baicheng County Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau in Aowuqige Village, Daqiao Township.

The reporter learned from the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Bureau of Aksu Prefecture that science and technology empowers agriculture, which not only promotes spring sowing and spring management in an orderly manner, but also lays the foundation for high agricultural yields and harvests throughout the year. Statistics show that, So far, the spring sowing area in various places has exceeded 1 million acres, including 500,000 acres of cotton, 200,000 acres of corn, 130,000 acres of spring wheat, 66,000 acres of vegetables, and 104,000 acres of melons, alfalfa, and sugar beets. Showing sowing High quality, fast sowing speed and other gratifying scenes.


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