Fabric Products,Fabric Information,Fabric Factories,Fabric Suppliers Fabric News Under the new situation of anti-epidemic, the Ministry of Commerce requires innovative exhibition service models, and the textile and garment industry has already started to do so!

Under the new situation of anti-epidemic, the Ministry of Commerce requires innovative exhibition service models, and the textile and garment industry has already started to do so!

Since this year, affected by the outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic, many large-scale exhibitions and local professional exhibitions held in the spring in the textile and apparel industry have been suspen…

Since this year, affected by the outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic, many large-scale exhibitions and local professional exhibitions held in the spring in the textile and apparel industry have been suspended or postponed. This has caused the majority of industry enterprises to encounter unprecedented difficulties in promoting new products, taking production orders, and expanding end customer channels.

How to seize the golden window period at the turn of spring and summer, meet the needs of enterprises, build a business platform, and regain lost losses? Recently, in the textile and clothing industry, a number of “cloud exhibitions”, “cloud publishing” and “cloud ordering” have emerged one after another, trialling new exhibition service models.

The Ministry of Commerce requires innovative exhibition service models

As the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic becomes normalized, the Ministry of Commerce proposed to innovate the exhibition service model and promote the accelerated recovery and development of the industry. In order to promote exhibition service innovation, management innovation, and business model innovation, accelerate the cultivation of new momentum for industry development, give full play to the important role of the exhibition industry in expanding opening up, increasing social employment, and stimulating consumption growth, and help stabilize the basic market of foreign trade and foreign investment, business The General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently issued a notice on innovating exhibition service models and cultivating new momentum for the development of the exhibition industry.

In addition to requiring regular epidemic prevention and control and improving emergency response capabilities, the notice specifically proposed to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the exhibition industry and hold “cloud exhibitions”.

The Ministry of Commerce requires that accelerating the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of the exhibition industry mainly include the following aspects.

First, actively create a new platform for online exhibitions. Promote the innovation of exhibition formats, actively guide, mobilize and support enterprises to hold online exhibitions, make full use of modern information technology means such as 5G, VR/AR, and big data to hold “cloud exhibitions” and carry out “cloud exhibitions”, “cloud docking”, “Cloud Negotiation” and “Cloud Signing” improve the effects of display, publicity, and negotiation.

The second is to promote the integrated development of online and offline exhibitions. Vigorously promote the digital transformation of traditional exhibition projects, integrate existing exhibition resources, create online exhibition clusters, encourage government-sponsored offline exhibitions to take the lead in online exhibitions, support professional exhibition organizers to open offline brand exhibition projects for online exhibitions, and explore online exhibitions. Create a new exhibition model of simultaneous interaction and organic integration.

The third is to cultivate leading online exhibition companies and brand exhibitions. Support cross-city and cross-regional exhibition cooperation, strive to cultivate a group of leading online exhibition companies with advanced exhibition concepts, operational standards, and model innovations that have achieved significant results, and support the creation of online brand exhibitions with strong market competitiveness and great driving effects. Effectively play the role of demonstration, leadership and radiation.

“Cloud Exhibition” brings rich and colorful new experiences

On April 16, the 2020 Hangzhou International Fabric Fashion (Spring) Cloud Exhibition and the Yuhang Home Textile Whole Industry Chain Resumption Launching Ceremony with the theme of “Breaking Against the Trend and Whole-Chain Innovation” were held. Held in the Zhejiang Home Textile Industry Innovation Service Complex.

This exhibition not only features millions of popular anchors visiting stores in various ways, big names sharing new trends in home textiles online, but also one-click experience on the online exhibition platform. This is the first time that Yuhang Home Textiles has appeared in the form of a “cloud exhibition”. It will promote the online and offline collaborative development of the home textile industry and promote the resumption of work and production across the entire Yuhang home textile industry chain.

In the Yiyibushe brand showroom, live broadcast influencers introduced new season products to online merchants in front of the camera. Yang Xinping, Administrative Director of Yiyibushe Brand, said: “This is our first time to try an Internet celebrity live broadcast, and the effect is pretty good. This novel method can not only enhance the company’s online popularity, but also bring some accurate potential customer groups. .”

Affected by the international epidemic, this year’s offline international exhibitions in the home textile industry have been postponed or canceled one after another. Companies’ conventional ways of expanding the market have been blocked, new product orders have been ineffective, and they are facing pressure from work and production shutdowns. In the era of digital economy, Yuhang home textile companies have tried new forms such as online display of products, online communication, and live broadcast of goods, exploring a new path of “Internet home textiles”, and Yiyibushe is one of them.

At the exhibition, Zhejiang Home Textile Industry Innovation Service Complex also innovatively launched an online exhibition platform. The purpose of setting up the exhibition platform is to help Yuhang home textile companies solve the problem of face-to-face interaction between merchants during the epidemic and create a home textile cloud. New Experience.

It is reported that this online exhibition platform brings together more than 100 brands in the complex for online display, breaking the limitations of time and space, allowing merchants and customers to visit the exhibition anytime, anywhere without leaving home. Click here to learn about the latest developments of major brands.

“We must make full use of the Internet model to create an ‘international event in the home textile industry’ that will never end.” The relevant person in charge of the Zhejiang Home Textile Industry Innovation Service Complex said that the online exhibition platform will present Yuhang in an all-round way New concepts, new trends, new technologies, new processes and new products in the home textile industry, relying on the thinking of “industrial interconnection”, will fully promote the transformation, upgrading and integrated development of the home textile industry.

After the three-day “Cloud Exhibition” ends, popular anchors from new media platforms such as Hulian, Douyin, and Kuaishou will conduct online live broadcasts and carry out cloud shopping and cloud shopping. Exhibition activities will be promoted onlineBroadcasting model has gradually become the norm.

Dual-track customized ordering opens up a new procurement model

April 27th~30th, as Shanghai Fashion Week to support original design The core carrier for brand trading and ordering – MODE’s 2020 autumn and winter clothing ordering fair is here.

The haze of the epidemic has not completely dissipated, and the global prevention and control situation remains severe. The second quarter is not only an important golden season of the year for the textile industry to receive orders, but also an important window period for companies to recover losses in the first two months after fully resuming production. This MODE exhibition has launched a new dual-track ordering model, namely the “cloud ordering” system + offline ordering meeting. The organizer has launched an innovative new exhibition format even though the epidemic has not completely dissipated. “This time we have launched a new ordering model with a dual-track system of offline product selection and online ordering.” MODE project director Zhang Jie introduced, “Buyers will scan the QR code or directly search for keywords during the offline ordering meeting, and then they can order on their mobile phones. When you see the product details page, you can collect and place an order for the desired product with one click. At the same time, brands can also automatically generate standardized electronic orders on the platform, which is more flexible and convenient than the traditional only paper order form.”

It is reported that this season’s MODE order fair will continue to be located at Shanghai World Trade Mall in Changning District. Many outstanding original designer brands will actively participate with new products. Major Showrooms have also brought their high-quality brands to join, a total of 150 A number of clothing and apparel brands from home and abroad will be present.

The founder of The Timeless brand said that participating in the MODE exhibition can provide opportunities to communicate with fashion buyers, better grasp market demand, adjust the company’s production and marketing rhythm, and cope with new market changes after the epidemic. . Brands such as MAISON J, JUNNE, MODERN MUSEUM also expressed their hope to use this opportunity to further build confidence in the industry and find room for development out of the predicament. Hu Chunhui, chairman of HCH, believes that MODE caters to the current needs of personalized consumption with high matching, multi-dimensional, high efficiency and all-round resource integration, and the holding of this dual-track customization and ordering fair is very timely and effective, which not only brings The novel ordering model also solves the problem of customers being unable to attend during special periods.

At the same time, MODE has once again joined forces with SF Express, which has had a cooperative relationship for many years, to empower brand creativity with a more efficient smart supply chain network. Through the online ordering platform, brands and buyers can experience full-process shipping services from warehousing to logistics. It is also equipped with a dedicated customer service window to provide targeted professional services, and a dedicated system is built to complete scenario-based service initiation and tracking, allowing many independent Designers can devote themselves to design and new product development without any worries. In the future, the online ordering platform will always become a part of the development and maintenance of MODE, and more functions and services will be launched online, which will help the entire industry buck the trend and unleash its vitality. </p

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