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Sheyang: Serving the sericulture industry and assisting rural revitalization

As a representative of the Ninth People’s Congress of Yancheng City, Sheyang County Haisen Sericulture Professional Cooperative Chairman Shi Zhengjiang shoulders the responsibility, fulfills his mission, gives …

As a representative of the Ninth People’s Congress of Yancheng City, Sheyang County Haisen Sericulture Professional Cooperative Chairman Shi Zhengjiang shoulders the responsibility, fulfills his mission, gives full play to the exemplary leadership role of the National People’s Congress representatives, and leads voters to increase their income and become rich by providing scientific and technological guidance, technical training and market information in all aspects of sericulture production and sales, becoming Teyong Town’s role in promoting rural revitalization “The winning formula”.

When mentioning Shi Zhengjiang, Feiyong Town, who got along with him, Chen Shixin, a deputy to the National People’s Congress, said: “Representative Shi is a very easy-going person in daily life. He is diligent in his work and very enthusiastic about voters. He helps voters actively solve the problems they raise. Everyone likes him very much.” August 16 On the morning of the same day, Shi Zhengjiang was having a cordial conversation with the voters in the Sanngle Garden of Teyong Town. While listening, he carefully wrote down the problems encountered by the voters. Shi Zhengjiang always placed the protection of the interests of the masses in a prominent position and led the sericulture in Wangcun. Representatives of the Industrial People’s Congress Representative Contact Point have strengthened all-round communication with voters. In addition to providing guidance on sericulture technology, they also actively publicized the cocoon purchase policy and provided on-site services at cocoon purchase stations to fully protect the interests of sericulture farmers.

  Walking into the home of a sericulture farmer, the silkworms are not yet fully developed. Silkworm babies came into view. Shi Zhengjiang squatted down, picked up a handful of silkworms and stroked them slowly, observing their growth and providing technical guidance to the silkworm farmers. Zhu Qiaoling, a sericulture farmer, said: “Representative Shi often helps us sericulture farmers solve breeding problems and is very patient with us. We are very grateful to him.” After watching the silkworms, Shi Zhengjiang hurried to the field to inquire about the situation of grafted mulberry planting, and carefully Checking the growth of grafted mulberry trees, “I have planted 50 acres of grafted mulberry trees this year. Representative Shi often comes to my field to inquire about the management of the mulberry orchard and provide us with safeguards,” said Zhang Jian, a grafted mulberry grower. Shi Zhengjiang goes to farmers’ homes every day to track the planting and breeding status, and guides the strengthening of field and silkworm house management to prepare for product maturity.

    In the smart silkworm room, all kinds of smart facilities are available , while doing a good job in guarantee work, Shi Zhengjiang vigorously promoted intelligent sericulture in Wangcun. This year, more than 20 households were added, and currently there are more than 70 households equipped with “Labor-saving sericulture integrated technology combination”, that is, facility silkworm room + wooden grid cluster + automatic cocoon harvesting machine + orbital mulberry feeding + mulberry cutting machine + powder spraying and disinfection machine, the work efficiency has increased nearly ten times, according to a moderate scale If a sericulture farmer has a mulberry garden of 10 acres, he or she can save more than 40 workers per year. This alone can increase the income of each sericulture farmer by more than 10,000 yuan. Through intelligent sericulture, the quality of silkworm cocoons has been effectively improved. The average output value of each silkworm seed has reached more than 2,000 yuan, which is higher than the national average. The whole town has achieved a total of silkworm cocoons. Sales revenue is 250 million yuan.

  Shi Zhengjiang has been engaged in sericulture seedling production for more than 10 years. It promotes the operation model of “cooperative + base + farmers” to help farmers plant seedlings, graft mulberry seedlings, set protective price contracts, and implement order production. It has driven 252 members and 900 sericulture farmers to plant mulberry and raise sericulture, and sold mulberry seedlings for 30 More than 100 million plants, generating more than 400 million yuan in revenue. From December 2022 to March 2023 alone, 15 million finished seedlings were cultivated and sold. At the same time, Shi Zhengjiang led a team to inspect and develop markets in Tongxiang, Guangxi and Zhejiang, and increased the price of finished seedlings from 0.5 yuan/plant last year to 1 yuan/plant this year. The output value of mulberry seedlings this spring is about 15 million yuan, the average profit per mu is 15,000 yuan, and the per capita income of farmers is about 60,000 yuan.

  To help rural revitalization, Shi Zhengjiang actively extends the industrial chain. At Shi Zhengjiang’s call, 41 town people’s congress deputies engaged in sericulture, seedlings and other production work served the people. The representatives took the lead in establishing projects such as silk product processing, mulberry leaves and mulberry food processing, and mulberry branches and mulberry root medicinal materials processing, achieving annual sales of about 30 million yuan in sericulture ancillary products. Production�Mulberry products such as mulberry leaf tea, mulberry wine, mulberry leaf noodles, and mulberry cakes, as well as silk products such as silk scarves, ties, pajamas, eye masks, and silk quilts, It is favored by consumers, with annual sales exceeding 50 million yuan. Talking about the next step of work, Shi Zhengjiang said that from “silkworms weaving dreams” to “breaking out of cocoons and turning into butterflies”, he will continue to promote the creation of a beautiful image of the countryside with “excellent ecology, beautiful villages, unique industries, rich farmers, and strong collectives” , serve the people wholeheartedly, and write a beautiful “answer sheet” for realizing rural revitalization.


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