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Reversal! Heavily fined 32.7 million yuan for driving up and reselling materials, meltblown cloth and helmet foam were all broken!

The reversal comes too fast, like a tornado. After missing out on the “huge profits from masks”, no one wants to miss any opportunity to make money. On Monday (May 18), the United States announced t…

The reversal comes too fast, like a tornado. After missing out on the “huge profits from masks”, no one wants to miss any opportunity to make money.
On Monday (May 18), the United States announced the success of vaccine clinical trials. U.S. and European stock markets soared, and crude oil also soared. But the rally only lasted for one day. On May 19, the US vaccine data was suspected of being “falsified”. The three major US stocks collectively turned negative, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted by nearly 400 points! Many investors who jumped into the market lost all their money.

Is it really so easy to make money on the trend?

Melt-blown cloth reduces fever, and the manufacturer was heavily fined 32.7 million yuan!
Specializing in real estate, speculating in pigs, speculating in stocks, speculating in gold, you can do whatever you can think of. However, every time there is a “speculation boom”, there will be people who lose their wives and lose their troops. How many people have jumped out of a building because they were “financed by speculation”, but there are still many people who enjoy huge profits.

Due to the epidemic, meltblown cloth once became a market star. From less than 20,000 yuan/ton, it soared to 1 million yuan/ton. The huge profits attracted a large number of merchants to invest in an instant.
With the abnormal and skyrocketing prices, the Municipal Supervision Bureau has repeatedly introduced measures to stop and even forcefully stop the production of melt-blown cloth, and conduct inspections on the production and sales chain and equipment of melt-blown cloth. However, the price of melt-blown cloth remains high. Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation sent a task force to Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places to investigate manufacturers and distributors of meltblown fabrics and severely crack down on price gouging.

On the evening of May 17, CCTV’s “News Network” reported: During the investigation, it was found that a non-woven fabrics company in Jiangmen, Guangdong, Was fined more than 32.7 million yuan! Some manufacturers also made a profit of 6 million yuan by reselling meltblown fabrics, spunbond non-woven fabrics and other products. After the initial investigation, there have been 9 typical cases, of which 4 suspected crimes have been handed over to the public security organs for disposal. Here’s a reminder: Taking advantage of the country’s crisis, those who maliciously drive up material prices will face severe penalties and high fines. The Municipal Supervision Bureau intervened, and the price hike was stopped, and the dream of meltblown cloth was shattered.
Wear a mask in the first half of the year and a helmet in the second half of the year!
The magical rise in meltblown cloth has made prices the focus of national attention. In the current situation, as long as there is a little bit of news, it is easy to affect the market trend. Recently, the mask craze has subsided and the helmet craze has come.

With the release of “One Helmet, One Belt”, the Ministry of Public Security requires that driving without a safety helmet will be punished from June 1. The value of helmets has skyrocketed. Among the top ten helmets sold on Taobao, 9 have increased by more than 200%, with the highest price increasing from 15.96 yuan to 199 yuan, an increase of 1147%. Netizens exclaimed: The price is adjusted five times a day. Usually, when you buy a car, you get a helmet, but now you can’t even afford a helmet.

Faced with hoarding and price gouging, the Municipal Supervision Bureau has begun an investigation and issued a policy warning letter to drive up helmet prices and disrupt market order. , serious cases will be severely fined 500,000 yuan, and criminal liability will be pursued in accordance with the law. Faced with the intervention of the Municipal Supervision Bureau, the helmet craze that just started in China has quietly subsided!

In addition, according to the latest document issued by the Ministry of Public Security on May 20: Starting from June 1, the scope of law enforcement penalties will be limited to Riding a motorcycle without wearing a safety helmet; there will be no penalties for riding an electric vehicle without a safety helmet, and publicity and guidance will continue to be the main focus.

The above announcement has once again cooled down the “helmet fever”. The price of helmets is expected to return to normal prices within this month. Do you still want to rely on it? Friends who have made a fortune with “helmets” wake up! The helmet bubble is about to burst!
The good news about the vaccine has reappeared, please be cautious when entering the market!
As the temperatures of melt-blown cloth and helmets cool down, the recent good news about vaccines has also become the focus of new profit-making outlets. Previous relevant news reports stated that vaccine vials are currently in short supply. Even if a vaccine is successfully developed, it will face loading difficulties due to the scarcity of vaccine vials. Therefore, many people have begun to turn their attention to the production of vaccine vials. The positive storm of vaccines has reappeared, but meltblown cloth and helmet foam have broken one after another. Can vaccines set off another wave of price increases?
There are numerous cases of price gouging and reselling, disrupting the market economy. The State Bureau of Municipal Supervision will investigate and deal with illegal acts of price gouging, and will punish those who are found to have illegal acts such as hoarding, fabricating and spreading price increase information, price gouging, colluding with price increases, price fraud and other price violations. , will be punished according to law. Friends who want to take a piece of the trend, please be cautious when entering the market. </p

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