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Which one is better, Fuanna or Luolai? Top ten home textile brands

There are many brands of home textiles in the market, but which brand of home textiles should you buy? Which one is better, Fuanna or Luolai? When we buy home textile brands, we must pay attention not to influe…

There are many brands of home textiles in the market, but which brand of home textiles should you buy? Which one is better, Fuanna or Luolai? When we buy home textile brands, we must pay attention not to influence our choice of home textiles. When buying home textiles, you must understand the top ten home textile brands, and then choose your favorite home textile brand.

1. Which one is better, Fuanna or Luolai?

1. Luolai Home Textiles

With Shanghai as the center, in East China has an advantage

The main brand of Luolai has maintained its position in the industry for many years, with brands such as Snow Castle, Escada, and Oriana ( Yolanna), Zucchi, Sheridan and other brands, the Luolai Kids brand focusing on the children’s market, as well as Saint Marc, Lovo and Fashion brands such as Lacasa;

Brand positioning: Luolai Home Textiles reflects the new trend of the European home textile market; has a deep understanding of Chinese consumers ; Fully meet consumer demand for a series of home textile products and services. Product style: Originated from European romantic and elegant design style; interpreting modern elegance and exquisite life.

Price system: This brand is a leading brand of domestic home textiles. The price is positioned as medium to high, with the main price range being 800-5,000 yuan ( Refers to the unit price of the basic four pieces of sheets, quilt covers, and pillowcases).

Operation*: The brand adopts a self-operated and professional distribution model, adopting a self-operated model in central cities and a self-operated model in sub-central cities. * model, actively develop county-level cities. Central cities include provincial capitals and economically developed regions such as Beijing, Guoguo, Tianjin, Nanjing, Wuhan and Xi’an, while sub-central cities are prefecture-level cities excluding central cities.

Currently, the self-operated model accounts for 50%-60%, and * accounts for 40%-50%. The self-operated model adopts the establishment of counters in department stores. , set up exclusive sales stores in central cities, and the first retail terminals include department store counters, brand stores, and specialty stores.

  Luolai Home Textiles

2. Fuanna Home Textiles

With Shenzhen as the center, in South China dominates

The company owns “Fuanna”, “Xinerle”, “Visha” and “Shengzhihua” With “Mrs. Laura” and five brands with different styles and positionings, the new children’s brand “Kuqizhi” and the upgraded Weisha were also launched on the market in 2012.

Before going public, Fuanna issued shares to key employees through private placements, forming employee stock ownership and employee incentives.

It has three major production bases: Shenzhen Nanshan Home Textile Production Base, Shenzhen Longhua Home Textile Production Base, and Jiangsu Changshu Home Textile Production Base.

The company’s future direct sales network will still be mainly in provincial capital cities and economically developed cities along the river, and it can basically maintain the existing and * The second-tier cities where businesses are located have separated development patterns.

The home textile industry has come to this day, and both the fabrics and the craftsmanship are almost the same. The main thing is personality and characteristics, brand and quality.

Brand positioning: the leading brand of domestic bedding products, reflecting a luxurious and elegant style.

Price system: The main price ranges from 500 to 5,000 yuan (referring to the unit price of the basic four sheets, quilt cover, and pillowcase).

Business*: The business model is almost the same as that of Luolai Home Textiles. Both are self-operated and independent, and the market is based on the same Mainly second-tier cities. The company has more than 20 subsidiaries and more than 1,500 specialty stores/counters across the country, and has fully entered well-known business districts in first- and second-tier cities across the country, establishing its leading brand position in the home textile industry.

  Fuanna Home Textiles

2. Top ten home textile brands

1. Luolai

Luolai Home Textiles is a representative of the most professional and high-quality home textile products in China. Luolai Home Textiles, which was financed and listed in 2009, is the first leading home textile company to go public. At present, Cawo, a German wool bath towel brand owned by Luolai Home Textiles, was launched in May 2012. The launch of this home textile brand has led the way in Europe.��Urban lifestyle style.

2. Mengjie

Mengjie Home Textiles was financed and listed at the same time as Luolai Home Textiles and Fuanna Home Textiles. At present, compared with these two listed home textile companies, Mengjie’s brand promotion efforts are relatively weak. In the near future, Mengjie’s home textile industry is facing a periodic development trough, and the company’s revenue may resume a certain growth in the future.

3. Fu Anna

Recently, in the home textile industry, the fashion brand Xinerle created by Fuana Home Textiles is the most prominent, launching a variety of new products, covering suites, quilt cores, pillow cores, home bags, towels, Curtains and other “soft furnishings” series for the home from the inside to the outside also make use of Xinerle’s existing strong market channels and brand appeal to produce such a rich range of new products in a short period of time. Of course, gold is indispensable for such a diverse range of categories. Fuana home textile brand has profound corporate heritage and strong development capital.

4. Mercury

As a Shanghai brand, Mercury Home Textiles, I think people are also familiar with it. In the home textile industry, Mercury Home Textiles was an early brand that implemented brand strategy. In the process of establishing and developing its own brand, Mercury Home Textiles also It has formed its own characteristics, a complete industrial chain, a complete value chain, and its own brand influence.

  Mercury Home Textiles

5. Boyang home textile brand

In the home textile industry , Boyang home textile brand is the originator of the concept of “home textiles” in China and the pioneer of the domestic home textile brand market. Chinese home textiles started from Boyang. Such a “first step” enabled Boyang Home Textiles to quickly occupy the home textile market, and the home textile industry The world also occupies a place.

6. Violet

Nantong Violet Home Textiles, as a Jiangsu brand, also has its own special features. For example, it has recently launched a new spring and summer wedding series. Most of the products are mainly pink, using a combination of peony flowers and ham patterns. The peonies are vividly represented using pink velvet ribbons, tatami mats and random stitch embroidery, highlighting the sense of sophistication. Set off a rich wedding atmosphere. Some newlyweds can’t put it down.

7. Kaisheng

Kaisheng home textile brand originates from Italy’s long textile culture. In 2011, the brand value of Kaisheng Home Textiles reached 2.095 billion, and it gradually ranked among the top ten home textile brands in China.

Kaisheng Home Textiles

8. Vosges

Vosges Home Textiles is China is currently the largest modern home textile manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of quilt series products, bedding products, and decorative fabric series products in China. The Vosges brand towels produced are outstanding and have ranked first in the market share of similar products for two consecutive years.

9. Yuyue

Yuyue home textile brand, as a key member enterprise of “China’s Cotton Spinning Capital and Home Textile Base”, “Innovation” has become the concept of Yuyue home textile brand. Currently, there are more than 600 specialty stores in cities across the country.

10 , Veken

Weike Home Textiles is a brand belonging to Ningbo and was founded in 1998. It is a subsidiary of Veken Holding Group Co., Ltd. The company’s professional home textile brands have developed at an extraordinary speed and become leaders in their industries.

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