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Are memory pillows good? What brand of memory pillows is good?

Memory pillow, also known as memory foam, can fully conform to the curves of the body according to changes in our body shape, making it comfortable to use. However, in recent years, the memory pillows on the ma…

Memory pillow, also known as memory foam, can fully conform to the curves of the body according to changes in our body shape, making it comfortable to use. However, in recent years, the memory pillows on the market have been so exaggerated that consumers cannot believe it. In fact, it is a relatively mature technology, and there are certain differences between different brands. Are memory pillows good? Which brand of memory pillow is good? Let’s find out together!

Is the memory pillow good?

1. Are memory pillows good?

1. Absorb impact

We use memory pillows, so that the force on the head and neck is more even, and it feels like floating when you pillow on it. On the water or in the clouds, there is no pressure on the skin, which is also called zero pressure. The pillows we usually use often compress the auricles, but this will not happen when using memory pillows.

2. Memory deformation

The automatic shaping ability of memory pillows can fix our heads and reduce the possibility of stiff neck while sleeping; the automatic shaping ability just fills the gap in the shoulders, avoiding common problems such as air leakage in the shoulders, and also effectively prevents cervical spine problems. Typically shaped pillows (also called butterfly pillows) fit better around the shoulders and neck.

3. Antibacterial and anti-mite

The slow rebound sponge can inhibit the growth of mold and can also eliminate the irritating odor caused by the reproduction and growth of mold. The effect is even more prominent in the case of sweat stains and saliva.

4. Breathable and moisture-absorbent

Since the shape of memory foam is similar to that of sponge, each cell unit is also interconnected. It has good hygroscopicity and good air permeability. However, it must be noted that memory foam cannot be wetted with water or left in the sun. Exposed to the sun.

2. Which brand of memory pillow is good?

1. AiSleep Dr. Sleep Memory Pillow

Dr. Sleep is a real pillow specially designed for Asians A natural, green high-tech sleep system brand. Dr. Sleep is not only a representative of scientific sleep, but also a model of healthy home life.

2. Xuikang Memory Pillow

Xiankang memory pillow has a unique design. During use, it is very comfortable even when sleeping on the side, and can improve sleep quality. It also has excellent waterproof and breathable properties, with fine fibers that prevent liquid water, oil, etc. from penetrating easily. Gas and water vapor can pass through, which helps us eliminate fatigue.

3. Jiaao Memory Pillow

Jiaao has been committed to the field of healthy sleep systems since its establishment. Its product lines include various memory pillows, memory mattresses, memory cushions, memory cushions, etc. Jiaao has been constantly innovating, researching and designing in recent years, which has greatly solved people’s desire for sleep.

4. 365sleep memory pillow

365sleep mainly focuses on sleep and related products for the middle class. It always advocates a simple and decent life* and achieves the ideal sleep state for modern urbanites.

What brand of memory pillow is good?

3. Which is better, memory pillow or latex pillow?

1. From the material point of view

Memory pillows are basically made of special memory foam materials. It was mostly used in the aviation industry in the past to relieve the pressure on astronauts. It has good slow rebound. Latex pillows are made of natural latex, and their properties are completely different.

2. From the perspective of elastic function

Memory pillows and latex pillows are very different in terms of elasticity. Due to its special material, memory pillows have complete slow rebound and can contact the body with the maximum area, giving people a feeling of zero pressure. Latex pillows have strong elasticity and good breathability.

3. From the perspective of smoothness

Looking at the finish, although both are molded, the finish of the latex pillow is obviously better than that of the memory pillow. However, when cutting the surface of the latex pillow, its finish and beauty are Latex pillows are not as good as memory pillows. The adsorption capacity of memory pillows is also very strong, comparable to bamboo charcoal. Although there is such a big difference between memory pillows and latex pillows, the sales volume of the two in the market is about the same.

4. From the perspective of breathability and moisture absorption capabilities

Latex and memory pillows are both very strong in breathability and moisture absorption. After comparison, memory pillows are better. Affected by its material, latex pillows basically require intensive drilling to enhance breathability and moisture absorption; while memory pillows are There is no need to drill holes for molding, cutting, etc. Its unique material has good breathability and moisture absorption capabilities.

5. From In terms of durability

Compared with memory pillows, latex pillows are more durable, and latex pillows have very good stretchability. During use, it is not easy to tear or deform. Usually good quality can be used for more than ten years. The material of memory pillow is mainly composed of memory foam. Memory foam is easy to tear because of its slow resilience. Its service life has also been shortened a lot, and a good memory pillow can last about five years.

Which one is better, memory pillow or latex pillow

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