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The second phase of Honggang Petrochemical’s 2.4 million tons/year PTA expansion project was officially put into operation

OnMarch3,2021,thesecondphaseofHonggangPetrochemical’s2.4milliontons/yearPTAexpansionproject,whichproduceshigh-qualitypurifiedterephthalicacid(PTA)products,wassuccessfullylaunchedforthefirsttime! ▲ The fir…


▲ The first batch of PTA products of Honggang Petrochemical Phase II are packaged and shipped out of the factory

PTA is one of the important bulk organic raw materials. It is mainly used to produce polyester fiber (polyester), polyester bottle flakes and polyester film. It is widely used in chemical fiber, light industry, electronics, construction and other fields.

In order to further enhance economies of scale, Shenghong Group’s “crude oil refining-aromatics/ With the comprehensive competitive advantages of the new high-end textile industry chain “Ethylene Glycol-PTA-Polyester-Chemical Fiber”, the Honggang Petrochemical Phase II project officially started construction in May 2019. It was successfully handed over on December 30, 2020 and entered production preparations. and trial production stage. During the preparation process for start-up, all departments cooperated closely and made careful preparations. They worked hard to overcome difficulties such as tight construction schedules, heavy tasks, and low-temperature freezing. They worked continuously overtime and strictly controlled the process to ensure that the project was green, safe, high-quality, and efficient and was successfully started in one go.

As an important part of the national “green factory”, the Honggang Petrochemical Phase II project adopts the world’s leading INVISTA P8+PTA patented technology. The process flow is more simplified and the energy The comprehensive utilization is reasonable and the level of clean production is high. The device can recycle the reaction heat of the system and heat the condensate to produce low-pressure, ultra-low pressure, and extremely low-pressure steam, which can meet all the steam consumption of these three pressure levels in the device and greatly reduce the steam consumption of the system after startup.

At the same time, the refined wastewater from the production unit is fully recycled, and the amount of waste residue generated and the production cost have increased significantly. Reduce and effectively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. The smooth commissioning of the second phase of the Honggang Petrochemical Project will promote the transformation and upgrading of the PTA industry and the improvement of green manufacturing technology, optimize the industrial energy consumption structure, and further improve the industry’s clean production standards and levels.

Continue to struggle and strive to be the best. The successful commissioning of the second phase of Honggang Petrochemical Project will effectively take over the aromatic production capacity of Shenghong’s refining and chemical integration project in the future, fully guarantee the supply of raw materials for the group’s polyester chemical fiber industry, and add value to Shenghong’s acceleration in building a world-class petrochemical industry base and green fiber production base. Brand new energy! </p

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