Application of new fibers

Application of new fibers Application of new fibers 1. SeaCell fiber (seaweed fiber): Zimmer Company launches: Seaweed contains moisturizing and mineral calcium, magnesium, vitamins including vitamins A, E, C, …

Application of new fibers

Application of new fibers
1. SeaCell fiber (seaweed fiber):
Zimmer Company launches: Seaweed contains moisturizing and mineral calcium, magnesium, vitamins including vitamins A, E, C, etc., and has a natural beautifying effect on the skin. SeaCell uses the carbohydrates, proteins (amino acids), and fats contained in seaweed. The fiber developed with the advantages of fiber, cellulose and rich minerals is made by adding finely ground seaweed powder to the spinning solution. Can be used in shirts, home textiles, mattresses, etc.
2. XLA new elastic yarn (FreedomFiberTM):
DOW Chemical Company launches: XLA uses olefinic hydroxyl groups as raw materials. It is a PE polymer with a special structure. It is catalyzed by Metallocence metal removal and uses INSRTE chemical technology to increase density and molecular weight and is melt-spun. After the olefinic hydroxyl raw material is spun, the low-crystalline raw filaments are cross-linked under a specific radiation intensity, causing local changes in the molecules. Non-crystallization causes interaction and adhesion between molecular chains to produce cross-linking effects, so it has various elastic properties. . This kind of elastic yarn can withstand heat up to 220°C, chlorine resistance, alkali resistance, and storage resistance.
3. LENPUR (planted wood fiber):
Texinpro company launches: This fiber is made of white pine (spun by viscose spinning method). It has high moisture regain, is not easy to shrink, has good washing resistance, has effective cleavage on the fiber surface, has a soft feel, and can be made into filaments and Staple fiber. The fiber cross-section has a special shape and structure, which makes it capable of absorbing moisture and drying quickly. It also has thermal insulation and good comfort.
4. New SILFRESH yarn:
Novaceta launches: SILFRESH yarn is a new cellulose acetate yarn made from pulp extracted from North American pine trees. It has developed two new fiber products, one is Situssa and the other is triclosan fiber. Situssa is a comfortable combination of cellulose acetate and nylon. It has luster, hand feel and comfortable finish. It can be machine washed at a temperature of 40°C, does not shrink and can be dyed quickly; the tricolsan fiber additive is quite An effective bactericide, which belongs to the antibacterial yarn, can prevent bacteria on clothes, and the effect remains unchanged after washing.
5. Crabyon yarn:
POZZIELECTA company launches: Mix the ingredients into the cellulose fiber raw silk liquid through the Jia Kesu mill, completely melt it and spin it into short fibers, and then blend it with other fibers to spin it into yarn. The yarn is naturally antibacterial, anti-allergenic, biodegradable and has strong moisture absorption capabilities.
6. BambooYarns (bamboo fiber):
POZZIELECTA company launches: Bamboo fiber stone is made from crushed bamboo and refined through hydrolysis, alkali treatment and multi-stage bleaching. The insoluble pulp is then denatured and transformed into bamboo pulp for soluble viscose fiber. It is made by spinning viscose and spun into bamboo cellulose fiber, which also becomes bamboo regenerated cellulose fiber. Another way to make bamboo fiber is to crush the bamboo and then cook it at high temperature, remove sugar, fat, sterilize, dry and other physical methods. The bamboo fiber is called native bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber has good toughness and stability, and is anti-shrinking, anti-wrinkling and anti-pilling, which means it has good finishing properties and anti-UV function. It will not cause allergies and is naturally environmentally friendly. ZgtNKlcMqK


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