B2B SME e-commerce strategy in Germany

B2B SME e-commerce strategy in Germany The weak will never get sympathy among the Germans, but the strong will get high respect, especially when you use their methods to prove your strength. The respect gained …

B2B SME e-commerce strategy in Germany

The weak will never get sympathy among the Germans, but the strong will get high respect, especially when you use their methods to prove your strength. The respect gained in this way can last a lifetime for the business.

Three points to note when promoting the Internet

A well-known domestic Internet marketing expert said this: Website promotion is a systematic project. This sentence is absolutely correct. What I would like to modify and add here is: Enterprise network promotion is an integral part of an enterprise’s overall promotion system project. Why should this modification be made? The following points should be emphasized:

What the company needs to promote is not the website, but the company’s image, technology and products and services. To be clear, we really clarify the soul of promotion, which is to accurately and completely convey product and service technical information, including the company itself, to buyers and potential target customers, and the website is only a kind of media, attached to online promotion. under the category of media. On this basis, we can also look at online promotion methods such as search engine optimization and keyword advertising more rationally, and judge whether they are under the guidance of this soul and whether they complement each other and cooperate with each other when they are produced and launched. .

Second, corporate network promotion is dependent on the overall corporate promotion system strategy and is an integral part of it. The purpose of clarifying the second point is to provide a warning to the phenomenon that in the current B2B industry, there is no systematic corporate promotion plan and various corporate promotion channels are disconnected from each other. Only online promotion activities with clear plans, functions, and positioning can achieve real success.

In the first half of this article, the author mentioned the fundamental strategy for the German e-commerce strategy: learn the skills of the foreigners and use them to control the foreigners! Then we can take a look at the application of e-commerce by German companies and learn from it the methods and strategies that can also be used by small and medium-sized enterprises in my country.

Domestic friends often ask me: German industry is so developed, how do they do e-commerce? There must be something unique about it. In fact, I have worked in a German Internet marketing company for nearly three years, and I do not feel that our German customers have more open ideas and more types of methods in online promotion than domestic small and medium-sized enterprises. On the contrary, China may be one of the countries where e-commerce is widely used. All small and medium-sized enterprises know Alibaba, Google optimization and bidding ranking. That’s a good thing, but it’s also quite worrisome. For example, whenever I introduce to others that I do online marketing planning, they often say: Oh, optimize rankings, right? It made me dumbfounded. It can be seen that, leaving aside the B2C fast-moving goods industry, the e-commerce application of the entire B2B industry is broad enough to appear prosperous, but not deep enough, so the organization is chaotic. Therefore, this does not make me think that the application of e-commerce in Germany is not as extensive as that in China. This is something that we Chinese can be proud of.

How do small and medium-sized enterprises in the German B2B industry arrange their own online promotion activities?

First of all, it is worth mentioning that in terms of strategy, it is highly unified with the overall marketing system of the enterprise. This unity is reflected in many aspects.

, budget unification. When e-commerce is used as one of the marketing channels, the budget for this item will be included in the overall budget of the company’s annual marketing department. The usual calculation method is that the total budget does not exceed 8% of the annual turnover, usually more than 5%. The budget allocation for each project is adjusted and allocated based on the proportion of each customer acquisition channel in the total turnover in the previous year and the ROI of each channel. The prerequisite for such allocation is naturally the mutual cooperation between the marketing department and the sales department. In each sales channel, there is a customer source and the amount of each order to be credited in advance.

Second, the unification of CIS. CIS is a corporate image identification system. The unification of CIS is reflected in online promotion, which mainly refers to whether the enterprise’s online image is consistent with the enterprise’s own CI system, and further involves whether the image displayed by the enterprise in various marketing channels is unified. The image reflected in online marketing naturally includes the style and concept of the corporate website design, the choice of colors and fonts, the way the website copy is processed, and also includes the presentation form of individual product pages on the website and the design and layout of online downloaded product materials. When a small enterprise does not have its own CI system, it must at least unify the website design style, color tone, corporate logo and product information printed materials, so that all external publicity channels of the enterprise have a systematic appearance, which will help improve the The company’s recognizability among peers.

 Third, the unification of layout. The unity of layout can be understood from both vertical and horizontal aspects. The unification of horizontal layout means that the enterprise’s online promotion must be unified with the enterprise’s overall marketing objectives. For example: If a company’s product sales target market is Eastern Europe, then its online promotion strategy should also focus on Eastern Europe and analyze and understand the online behavior of Eastern European buyers. The unification of vertical layout means that the company’s promotion plans for all sales channels in an annual marketing plan should be integrated and planned as a whole. Enable agent channels, exhibition channels, online channels and print advertising channels to complement each other.The preparation of the homepage has high requirements, which is another potential test for the qualifications and professionalism of the company. After passing the test, naturally the company has also taken a step closer to a rigorous and focused work style.

German buyers and Japanese buyers have one thing in common: contempt for the weak and respect for the strong. This is also the respect for long-term suppliers. When they select suppliers, the conditions they review are almost harsh, but once they become partners, the relationship can last for a long time, even if your price is higher than other competing suppliers. This valuable spirit of cooperation is based on mutual trust and win-win, and can truly help the growth of China’s small and medium-sized enterprises.


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