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“Traffic + Supply Chain” goes in both directions | Hangzhou Fashion Industry Digital Trade Expo grandly opens!

“Traffic + Supply Chain” goes in both directions | Hangzhou Fashion Industry Digital Trade Expo grandly opens! On April 9, the Hangzhou Fashion Industry Digital Trade Expo and the 7th Fashion Eye Tr…

“Traffic + Supply Chain” goes in both directions | Hangzhou Fashion Industry Digital Trade Expo grandly opens!

On April 9, the Hangzhou Fashion Industry Digital Trade Expo and the 7th Fashion Eye Trading Fair·2023 Autumn and Winter Product Selection Fair, co-organized by Fashion Eye, China New Retail Alliance, and Diexun.com, officially opened at the Hangzhou International Expo Center. prelude. Shen Moli, secretary-general of Zhejiang Garment Association, Yu Qiurong, chairman of China New Retail Alliance, Meng Ping, secretary-general of Hangzhou Women’s Clothing Chamber of Commerce, Wu Qingye, executive vice president of Winner Fashion Group, Li Zhenglong, senior consultant of Ai Magnesium Consulting, Kuaishou head anchor Vipshop Dameili , Yang Yali, the founder of Hangzhou Muyi Fashion Co., Ltd., and Lai Yonglou, the founder of the Hangzhou Fashion Industry Digital Trade Expo, together with many industry figures, business representatives and media friends, witnessed the grand opening of the expo.

Grand opening////


At the opening ceremony, Shen Moli, secretary-general of the Zhejiang Garment Industry Association, pointed out in her speech that the fashion industry is one of the eight trillion-dollar industries that Zhejiang Province is focusing on building. It is Zhejiang Province’s key to creating a global digital transformation highland with “Internet + fashion industry”. Strategic layout is also the future development direction of Hangzhou’s fashion industry. This expo follows the trend of the global digital economy, upgrades production factors, and builds new digital scenarios, models, and formats with high integration, high efficiency, and high value. It will enrich the industry’s value system and innovation system, and inject new vitality and innovation into Zhejiang’s economic development. new momentum.

Lai Yonglou, general manager of Fashion Eyes, said in his speech that the current development trend of the onlinee-commerce industry continues to be promising, and has put forward higher requirements and requirements for the online e-commerce supply chain. A new standard. The Hangzhou Fashion Industry Digital Trade Expo and Fashion Eyes Trading Fair·2023 Autumn and Winter Product Selection Fair is an exhibition “just for transactions” based on this new demand in the supply chain. “While focusing on new channels, new consumer brands, and new tracks, we will deeply explore the in-depth needs and potential pain points of buyers through traditional channels. Through three-day exhibitions, one-on-one accurate matching, offline targeted product selection meetings, and international Through business study tours and other forms, we provide a full range of services for both supply and demand buyers and sellers, truly becoming the indispensable right-hand man for supply chain and sales customers.

Fashion channel: 1000+ hot products on display////


This Hangzhou Fashion Industry Digital Trade Expo and the 7th Fashion Eyes Trade Fair focus on the clothing sector, and also integrate shoes, hats and bags, fashion accessories, trendy brands, live broadcast agencies, service providers, etc., to attract merchants into the 2023 The forefront of business opportunities in the year.

20,000㎡ exhibition scale, 8000+ popular products, exhibitors include Jinshixiu, Benisiman, Jiayu, Muyi, Huineng, Bonahui, Chenhe, Xingze, Alxa Left Banner Camel Velvet Association, Well-known clothing brands & source factories such as Xunyan Clothing, Jiayu, Yanwumumu, and Youlu Mingshan; and well-known footwear companies such as Huilima, Duren, Shimu Ailuoline, etc. exhibited hot products.

Women’s Clothing Ecological Conference: Gaining momentum depends on traffic and winning the supply chain////


The “Women’s Clothing Ecological Conference” held at the same time as the exhibition, with the theme of “Depends on traffic and decisive victory in the supply chain”, speaks for supply chain companies. From April 9th ​​to 10th, 4 consecutive “Women’s Wear Ecological Conferences” were held with a total of 18 theme sharings. With massive information output and knowledge sharing, it started a brain storm in the entire industry chain.

On the first day of the conference, more than 20 guests were invited to participate, and they shared how to do a good job in “the changes and new situations in the apparel industry”; in the era of stock economy, realize “AI hard empowerment to promote the growth of brand retail against the trend”; clothing How are the industry’s hottest products “produced”; how to promote the concept of “new consumption, new retail” in the digital era, and how to move from fashion to “fashionable lifestyle”; as well as platform leaders such as “Taobao, Kuaishou, and Xiaohongshu” The anchors shared “How to Play Live Broadcasting” and jointly focused on the industry to find a high-growth path of “traffic + supply chain”.

Business fair:Accurate docking and efficient transaction ////


On the afternoon of the 9th, the “7th Fashion Eyes Trading Fair” was held simultaneously in Hall C. The trading fair, with the theme of “Precise docking and efficient transaction”, deeply linked to market demand and injected differentiated business into the development of exhibitors. value.

According to statistics, 181 purchasing channels, including chain brands, anchors carrying goods, and private group leaders, have set up product selection booths and negotiated one-on-one product selections with 216 source factories.

Fashion Eye Award: Setting a typical benchmark////


In order to establish advanced and typical benchmarks, promote and commend enterprises and leaders who have made outstanding contributions to the industry, assist the digital innovation and transformation of the fashion industry, and promote the highquality development of China’s fashion industry, On the evening of the 9th, at the “Appreciation Dinner and Fashion Eye Awards Ceremony”, 12 industry awards were announced one by one.

A total of 73 industry representative companies and figures were honored and won the “Craftsman Spirit Award”, “Supply Chain Innovation Award”, “Most Commercial Value MCN Award”, “Most Creative Award”, “Most Popular New Award” respectively. Consumer Brand Award”, “Best Product of the Year Award”, “Digital Award with the Most Commercial Value”, “Design Brand Award with the Most Potential”, “Excellent Supplier Award”, “Brand Service Provider Award with the Most Commercial Value”, “Most Promising Design Brand Award” Awards such as the “Most Commercially Valuable Anchor Award” and the “Most Trustworthy Private Domain Leader Award”.

During the Sophora japonica season, Hangzhou is filled with flowers! Tomorrow, the Hangzhou International Expo Center will continue to be exciting, and the excitement is running after the anticipation. Many exhibitors in the fashion industry are looking forward to your arrival at the scene!



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