Fabric Products,Fabric Information,Fabric Factories,Fabric Suppliers Fabric News Explosive! Indian home textile orders are suddenly transferred to China: factory turnover soared five times, and production equipment increased by 60%!

Explosive! Indian home textile orders are suddenly transferred to China: factory turnover soared five times, and production equipment increased by 60%!

A big order dropped from the sky! Recently, according to dyeing and finishing professional websites, in recent months, due to the spread of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, many large-scale export-orient…

A big order dropped from the sky! Recently, according to dyeing and finishing professional websites, in recent months, due to the spread of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, many large-scale export-oriented textile companies in India have been unable to guarantee normal delivery. Many orders originally produced in India have been transferred to my country for production. Among them, There are large orders for towels, bed sheets and other products.

Subsequently, China Textile Network also reported that there have been multiple orders originally produced in India. The shift of production to China has caused many domestic clothing manufacturing companies to place orders until May next year.

Has China’s clothing and textile industry really experienced a blowout development? What products are included in the orders transferred from India to China? The reporter checked with many domestic textile companies for verification.

Data from the National Bureau of Statistics show that the total import and export of goods in the third quarter increased by 7.5% year-on-year. The picture shows workers of a company in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province rushing to make sporting goods for export in the workshop Transfer domestic

Wang Huan, the sales manager of Hebei Gaoyang Rongtian Textile Co., Ltd., happily received an order from India.

He told reporters that before, the company’s domestic trade and foreign trade business accounted for half each, and mainly produced towels, bath towels and other home textile products. “The company did not have many orders before the second quarter, mainly due to return orders from some old customers. Domestic orders began to increase rapidly from July to August, and in September, international trade orders began to increase suddenly.”

Wang Huan told reporters that since September, the company’s overseas orders on the Internet platform have begun to increase rapidly. “I am also surprised. In one month, the orders for towels alone have reached 2 million. Equivalent to twice that of the same period last year, most of these orders come from India.”

While the reporter was interviewing Wang Huan on the phone, he suddenly told the reporter: “I just came again. I placed an order for dishwashing rags and customized bath towels. Judging from the style and design requirements, it is obviously a foreign style.”

“Jianmu Qingyue”, another home textile company in Gaoyang, Hebei Province We also received big orders from India. Shi Songlin, the general manager of the factory, said that it was the first time the factory had received an order from India in the three years since it opened, and they asked for more than 5,000 bath towels.

Henggang Home Textiles, a private enterprise from Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, has received a large export order of hundreds of thousands of tablecloths from the international brand ZARA. This order was originally produced by an Indian textile company. Why was it suddenly transferred to a Chinese private company?

The reporter then got in touch with Shu Jiewu, general manager of the company. Shu Jiewu told reporters that ZARA’s order was indeed produced by an Indian company before. However, from April to May this year, the merchant asked the Indian company to modify the composition of the tablecloths from pure polyester to linen. The Indian company claimed that it needed 2 It takes about a month to complete, “but our factory can do it in one go in 7 days.”

“There were some early communications, and in June, ZARA suddenly This order has been given to us, and it is a long-term order, every month.” Shu Jiewu told reporters with excitement that this order accounted for more than 60% of the company’s production capacity, and also caused the company’s order volume to surge by 4~ in June. 5 times.

A listed company said it had not received printing orders

With private textiles Compared with the booming foreign trade companies, the performance of A-share listed textile companies has been amazing in recent days, and many companies have experienced a rapid rise in the bull stock market. Have they also received transfer orders from India?

According to Wind data, the textile and apparel index has increased by more than 9% from September 30 to October 16. In response to the question of whether Indian textile orders are flowing to China and whether export orders of domestic enterprises have increased significantly, reporters have successively consulted four listed companies, Jujie Microfiber, Wanlima, Blum Oriental, and Kute Intelligent, through public telephone calls.

However, many listed companies told reporters that there has not been a surge in export orders recently.

Jujie Microfiber staff told reporters: “We are also checking the reasons for the recent high stock price increases, because the market changes too fast and the specific situation is not clear. .”

Wanlima staff told reporters that the company’s stock hitting the daily limit is market behavior. We have not received news that the stock price has risen because of the transfer of Indian textile orders to the company. It may be a plate rotation.

Blum Oriental Securities Department staff told reporters that the epidemic in India and Bangladesh is still continuing to ferment, and there is indeed the possibility that some orders will flow to the country. Superimposed on the recent cotton price It is in an upward trend, causing the sector to be more active. However, the staff member did not respond directly to the reporter’s question “whether the company has received orders to return to India.”

The staff member further stated that from a practical point of view, the return of orders will have a certain impact, but currently everyone is mainly speculating on expectations. The impact of current orders may be greater this winter or next year. “Our company’s domestic sales and export sales account for about half each. The domestic market situation is quite impressive, but we do not feel particularly optimistic about the overseas situation. Coupled with the overseas epidemic, there is a second wave of rebound.”�Risks, there are still many uncertainties in the future. ”

Kute Intelligence staff also told reporters that the company currently has no orders from India, and the status of overseas orders will not be informed until the third quarter report is released.

The production equipment of some private enterprises has increased by more than 60%

During the investigation and visit, the reporter found that some Private textile companies are eager to return overseas orders, and some companies have begun to add new equipment and expand production capacity.

Wang Huan told reporters that the company added new equipment in September. We have purchased 20 circular knitting machines. There were 30 before, and now there are 50 machines in total. The number of precision packaging and packaging workers has also increased by at least 1.5 times this year, and sometimes some temporary workers are hired.

The reporter noticed that although the current export performance of the textile industry is excellent, some return orders are generally judged to be “emergency orders” in the textile and apparel industry.

For enterprises In other words, the expansion of production capacity may lead to an increase in production costs. Whether the overseas orders are sustainable and whether the company has the risk of overcapacity are still issues that the industry must consider carefully.</p

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